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  1. Smiler was running very smooth today; out of the 5 trains there were 2 that were very loud, 1 that was what I would consider to be normal, and 2 that were extremely quiet so they'd perhaps just had their wheels changed. It was running very very well, very fast and much smoother than normal!


    Apparently this thing eats wheels for breakfast, so that's why the roughness tends to vary day to day...

  2. Overhyped, gimmicky, "two Eurofighters bolted together" or otherwise, this is an absolutely fantastic coaster that Alton has needed for many years.


    Feel free to dislike it for your own reasons, but I simply cannot get enough of it and all the other new coasters I've ridden since (including Blue Fire, Expedition GeForce, and Black Mamba) have been way underwhelming in comparison.

  3. What I don't get is how Arrow were still building straight-line transitions well into the 90s and had quite a number of mess-ups (Drachen Fire, Pepsi Max Big One, that awkward and painful-looking helix on Orient Express, et all), while Schwarzkopf were already implementing heartline-oriented banking and other complex geometry on their bigger coasters. I've never actually heard of a Schwarzkopf ride that had to be retracked due to poor design.

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