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  1. SFOT is pushing back Aquaman Power Wave until 2022 as well, even though the ride was basically complete except for the queue and loading station. The reason for this, however, seems perfectly understandable. The new park management has made what, in my opinion, is a wise decision. They're adding the turntable loading station as well as an extra ride vehicle to increase capacity. This involves removing that section of track along with the footers and replacing them with the turntable itself. The loading station also has to be re-designed to accommodate the turntable apparatus. None of this would have been possible if the loading station had already been completed. So yeah, 2022 it is for Aquaman.

     What doesn't seem perfectly understandable is the delay for Catwoman Whip. The area was already prepared for the ride and the ride parts were already at the park waiting to be installed. Surely this could be done in time for a 2021 opening. SFFT, by contrast, was able to complete Dare Devil Dive which will open this year, I've actually ridden it. 

    I'm not really buying all this financial hardship and revenue flow business with regards to Catwoman Whip. I still believe this ride could have and should have been installed in time for a 2021 opening.

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  2. Here are some photos of the Texas Thrillseekers (TTS) ERT on Texas Stingray during our recent SWSA event. I'm in all of them, I'm the guy with dark hair and glasses. Texas Stingray is possibly the best GCI I've ever been on. The ride is fast and furious with great pacing on all the elements! At the end of the day, Ray Gonzales and the staff at SWSA surprised us with gifts of Texas Stingray wood! It's leftover wood from Texas Stingray made into souvenirs!


    NOTE: On-ride photos are by TTS staff photographer Nick Carlos.


    Trains look nice!


    This would be me!


    The dispatches were great! Excellent staff!


    Talk about a cool pic!


    With Trevor Eitel, head of Texas Thrillseekers!


    My own piece of Texas Stingray wood!


    I'm in fourth row on this one!


    Right behind my friends Mike and Jeff!


    Back row anyone!


    What a ride!!


    With Ray Gonzales, project director for Texas Stingray!

  3. ^ Catwoman Whip will be the park's "New For 2021" attraction, so no real surprise as to the lack of construction. Most SF parks are following this same path. Here at Over Texas, Aquaman: Power Wave is very nearly complete save for the queue and splash pool. But it seems that all work on the ride has stopped and won't resume until possibly next year. The only SF park that seems to have completed it's "New For 2020" attraction is Fiesta Texas. Their Dare Devil Dive ride is already operating.

  4. Some pics I took today.


    Hand sanitizer stands like these all over the park.


    A few mask selections were available.


    I chose this one.


    It appears that some work had been done on Aquaman.


    That building off to the left houses the electrical system.


    The concrete section is part of the water filtration system.


    Joker was running today.


    Riddler was down.


    Catwoman was only loading every other seat.


    Harley was running at reduced capacity.


    Aquaman seen from the Oil Derrick.


    The power building is plainly visable to the right of tower 1.


    Globe Life Field in the distance.


    Gold River is still the same condition as before.


    Texas Giant trains were running at half capacity making for long wait times.

  5. Screamscape is saying that Catwoman Whip, which had been intended for SFSTL, is being put on what they call "long term hold". It seems that other SF parks are having their "New For 2020" attractions put on hold as well. But it does appear that SFFT's Dare Devil Dive ride has resumed construction and is nearing completion. However, there has been no word on the fate of SFOT's Aquaman: Power Wave. The new Mach Rides Power Splash, which replaces the old Hopkins Chute The Chutes ride, was far along in it's construction when the park closed down.

  6. This is getting absolutely insane, my local Target is completely stripped bare and all the schools just closed for at least a week all for a virus that gives 90% of people flu like symptoms at worst. I understand that the elderly and immune-compromised need to take this virus seriously but shutting down society and causing people to panic is doing more damage to the country and the global economy than the virus. Needless to say the only time I remember people panicking as much as they are now is this:




    When was this?!!

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