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  1. Perhaps I am in the minority, but does anyone else think it's silly to be offering advice to a 14 year old about how to get a job? You will have your WHOLE life to work! Why rush being a student? In some countries, education is something non-existent so you shouldn't take it for granted. I am 21 and work part time as a full time student, but I need to because private universities are RIDICULOUSLY expensive for international transfer students. You live in the UK, where education is virtually free... take advantage of that!

  2. I really detest MTV. Was watching the VMA's (which I BARELY sat through) with my roommates tonight and came across these shows during the commercials...


    "I want to be Paris Hilton's BFF"

    "Shot at Love with Tila Tequila"

    "My Super Sweet 16"

    "The Hills"


    WTF is that and who would watch such trash? How insulting to viewers for MTV to think that people think this is actual entertainment.


    MTV is just awful now... I mean, just AWFUL. It isn't even about the music anymore and hasn't been for the last decade. The only thing I would even consider watching on that channel would be the "My Super Sweet 16: EXILED" where those brats are sent to the middle of nowhere to get taught a lesson on how obnoxious they are, and how they shouldn't take their parents for granted. That'll be hilarious... watching them get what they deserve (not some Mercedes or 100,000 dollar party)


    And also, during the VMA's, ALL of the "artists" that were nominated sucked! Britney Spears (who actually won), Tokio Hotel (they are from Germany and only 10 year old children listen to that garbage) Miley Cyrus, etc. Man... it seems like ANYONE can get a record deal these days. Just stick a pretty girl/guy on stage and have them lipsync and that qualifies as music. Maybe I should take all my clothes off and start singing about making out with dudes... it worked for that Katy chick (who sings the song "I Kissed a Girl"), and she obviously has no talent. By the way, she used to be a Christian singer but that didn't sell any records so she became a trashy whore. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Just goes to show what society values these days: SEX and MONEY rather than style, talent and originality.

  3. ^The words "of a" are missing in the middle of the title of that movie.


    These _____ Movie's are just a bunch of crassly placed subliminal advertisement:


    "OMG!!!!111ONE!11! Hannah Montana is dead" - some dumb chick

    "Goodbye my fans! Keep Rockin'! And don't forget to buy my two new CD's in stores now!"



    with irrelevant pop culture references and unfunny racial stereotypes. How could these moronic writers possibly think what they are writing is funny? I mean, from the trailer alone... they reuse the same "getting hit/crushed by something big" joke 3 times! I felt my IQ was lowering just from watching the trailer. To make matters worse, they are spoofing movies that are still in theaters. Didn't The Dark Knight, Hulk, & Iron Man JUST come out? Also, if they wanted to spoof a disaster movie, why didn't they spoof an actual disaster movie? (ie: Titanic, Armageddon, Independence Day, The Poesideon Adventure, etc.) This movie doesn't even know what it's spoofing! Juno? Sex & The City? Enchanted? WTF! What is that!


    Please, don't pay to see this mindless garbage! You're only encouraging them to make MORE! THINK OF THE CHILDREN MY GOD THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have to agree with the last two posts. Personally I haven't smoked weed as its really something I was never interested in. But from my experiences seeing others try it the only ones who made poor choices and messed their lives up were irresponsible to begin with. I don't think any substance is inherently bad, in my mind it simply comes down to how much self awareness and control you have. I mean I enjoy the occasional drink but just because I'm a student doesn't mean I'm obligated to go out and get trashed every night.


    I'm glad that you feel that way! Many people who do not smoke cannabis automatically judge it and I'm happy that you are a bit more open and understanding about it. America (as well as the rest of the world) should make ciggs illegal (as they are pretty much the number one killer in many countries) and make cannabis legal instead! Imagine how much better the world would be!


    I went into a local big music store and found ABSOLUTELY no Trance/Electronic/Progressive stuff. Not even Tiesto. Wow. Rap, rap, pop, rap, rock, rock, etc... My tastes are very European. Hybrid, Armin can Buuren, Tiesto, Daft Punk (kinda popular in the states, only because of Kayne West [their surprise Grammy performance was good though]), and some Celldweller. DJ's are really skipped over these days. Tis a pity.


    I couldn't agree more! Daft Punk, Sander Van Doorn, Justice, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, ATB, Above & Beyond, Deadmau5, Kaskade, Markus Schulz, Judge Jules, Infected Mushroom, etc (the list could go on and on!)... are all great examples of electronic music that I could easily see people dancing to and listening to! It pains me to see talentless individuals (ie: Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline. Yes, they both made albums and people actually bought them. Sad, no?) are capable of achieving fame, why aren't the world's best DJ's given more recognition in the States? It's strange because a lot of incredible House music originated in New York, Chicago and Detroit in the late 1970s early 80s after the Disco generation so I assumed that the genre would be embraced more openly!

  5. Well, my ipod can't carry that many songs... so as of now, I have about 200 or so, which is really annoying since I'm always having to delete songs to make room for new music. Thinking of getting the iTouch. Anyone have it? And is it worth the money?

  6. I met two great guys, and have been dating them both casually for about a month now. Unfortunately, I am falling for both of them. Too bad both of them aren't looking for anything serious... really not sure how I'll handle this.

  7. ^ I try not to be self-righteous but drugs make me sick. Anyone involved in dealing them should be given LONG jail sentences for the potential lives they could have destroyed/the ones they actually did. I was at a party a couple of years ago (only just turned 16 today too) and offered a joint which I took but had the sense to think "Bad idea, Kate" & give it back.


    I don't condone underage drinking or smoking, but at the same time, I really don't understand why marijuana is looked so negatively upon. I've read that if one were to get caught with weed in the States, the severity is equivalent to possessing cocaine or meth. How does this make sense? Marijuana is branded as such a dangerous "drug," when in reality, that is completely false.


    Annual Causes of Death in the United States in 2007:


    Tobacco 435,000


    Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,000


    Alcohol 85,000


    Microbial Agents 75,000


    Toxic Agents 55,000


    Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,347


    Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,000


    Suicide 30,622


    Incidents Involving Firearms 29,000


    Homicide 20,308


    Sexual Behaviors 20,000


    All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect 17,000


    Marijuana 0


    I know of some people who look down on my smoking weed because they think it's a "drug" and it's dangerous, yet they binge drink at parties and have the nerve to tell me that I have a problem. These same people who preach to me about how awful cannabis is, are also preaching about how it will ruin my life. Last I checked, I was accepted into an Ivy League University as a non-native English speaker, so I hardly find smoking weed damaging to my education or my future. If anything, getting trashed every night and then being hung over for class the next day is way worse than having a joint and chilling out to some good music before bed. I find it a bit annoying when people verbally bash or assume the worst without having any knowledge about marijuana. Don't smoke? Then don't judge someone who does and has it under control.

  8. The other day, I attended a lecture regarding racism in the gay community and found it really interesting. After listening to speaker after speak talk about how white people are detested and considered as racist, I find myself a bit confused as to why people think this way. In the past, I have encountered racist gay people, but from all nationalities.


    One of the speakers, a gay black man, said:


    "I am convinced that 99% of white men are racist. I grew up as as black child terrified of whites. Now, I am a black man just as terrified of gay whites. I am not sure that will ever change."


    Perhaps it is because it is not that racially diverse where I come from, but I found that statement to be a bit shocking as he was expressing fear in Caucasians. Racism exists in every culture and in every race, so it really is unfair to label all Caucasians (or most) as being racist when that statement in itself IS racist. Me personally, I have never dated a black man because the black community is quite small here in Germany and the opportunity just never arose. However, that doesn't mean I wouldn't date someone who is black! Quite the opposite actually, I would probably try to pursue him!


    Another issue that was being discussed was the fact that many gay Asian men date only white men. My boyfriend in moment is from a Japanese heritage and before we began dating, he told me that most of his previous lovers were from Asian backgrounds! There was a Chinese speaker who referred to white men as Gods for gay Asians. How terrible to say something like this as an Asian! Quite obviously, not all Asians think like that and it's offending to assume they do. This awful stereotype is probably coming from all of the sex tourism in Asia.


    I'm so naive for not noticing this problem of racism in our community earlier. What are your thoughts?

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