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  1. With this being a taller ride though will t be more on the thrill ride end than the family thrill end?? It looks like since my last post my wish for new trains have come through, Lethal Weapon is getting new trains, by the looks of things they're KumbaK trains... I don't live on the Gold Coast anymore so I can't get pictures but there are pictures on one of the Australian sites, not sure if I can post a link though?!?! They seem to have a lap-bar vest thing going on, similar to Vekomas new designs. So it seems the whole park is getting a refresh at the moment, the Bat Shop at the front is also now opened bigger and is now DC Comics, obviously preparing to link itself up for when Green lantern opens!
  2. The park has now set up a time lapse camera to show the progress of the new roller coaster. Batman Adventure The Ride 2 is closing on the 15th of October permanently according to the website 'to make way for an exciting new attraction' http://movieworld.myfun.com.au/Attractions/Attractions-Maintenance.aspx it kind of comes out of no where, and means to the 2 dark family rides at the park are now gone with Looney Tunes already gone and no sign yet of its replacement. For those not familiar with the park BATR2 was a simulator, however with what the park has and is doing I have faith that we will see a great replacement; no doubt still something to do with DC comics since that seems to be the theme of the front of the park. With all this updating of the park, maybe we will get to see Lethal Weapon get an update with trains thats won't give you painful headache each rides? Still on Movie World the park is starting their Halloween 'Fright Nights' this weekend and its looking pretty cool by the sound of things; which is a pretty cool thing since Halloween isn't anywhere near as big here as it is in America.
  3. Its interesting that SeaWorld want to expand their brand and are looking at China, because VRTP (Village Roadshow Theme parks) the ones that own Wet'n'Wild Water World Gold Coast-Hawaii-Phoenix and potential Sydney, Warner Bros. Movie World Gold Coast and of course Sea World on the Gold Coast and they have said their interested in expanding their brands to China. Interestingly a couple of years ago VRTP actually put forward plans to build a park in Melbourne very similar to Busch Gardens Africa and their Sea World already has a resort attached to it!! And to top it off SeaWorld Entertainment Parks & Entertainment parent company Blackstone just bought Sydney Attractions like Wildlife World, Sydney Tower and Sydney/Melbourne/Manly Aquariums from VRTP and they say they would like to see Lego and Madam Tussaud's here!!
  4. That guy who spoke to you in the beginning of those photos is Bob Tan and he's also in charge of new rides coming to the park! Also the exit of the Cyclone use to be the entrance and what is now the entrance use to be the exit been like that for a couple of years now. On another photo I saw another talking to your group and he was one of the guy out of the Dreamworld Insiders that upload videos onto the parks Facebook page about whats going on and coming to the park. I gotta agree Motocoaster's restraints, do get uncomfortable especially when you put them really tight, but I also find the ride get's rather slow towards the end, rumours were it was going to have a second launch like JetRescue but it never happened. I want to know what you guys thought of The Claw and Wipeout compared to other version especially bigger versions of The Claw in the US. I agree I like DW but I do feel it had a better feeling to it some years ago, what I mean is main street had more subtle Aussie colours, rather than the bright colours now and where Motocoaster is the Avis Cars used to be there with proper themed station and paddle steamer next to wasn't painted the bright colours and you would travel around it to watch the Bushranger Show which was a great experience. Along with the Goldrush area really buzzing with the mine ride going, however rumours are the next thrill ride will be placed in Gold Rush which should see some life over towards that area of the park.
  5. Glad to see you loved Sydney, I'm not going to lie I love the city, I think its beautiful! Did you guys take a walk through the Strand arcade and Queen Victoria Building, they have some great history in them! Also did you go up the Sydney Tower and one you thing you should have definitely done was go to Martin Place were channel 7 has their news studios, if you had of gone in the morning during Sunrise you could have gotten on TV!! But really awesome to see you loved it here and loved the people, I've got a friend from America who's not sure to come out or not because she thinks Aussie's wouldn't be friendly to American's.
  6. That guy in one of the first photos in the Dreamworld Education centre is actually one of the two guys out of the Dreamworld Insiders who post videos on the parks FB page when something new comes to the park, to go behind the scenes and to promote it, or to promote the park in general, kind of a cool way to to get extra advertising for free and let the general public whats going on!! One thing I wanted to know is what did you think of the Wipeout and The Claw, I know the states has similar rides to The Claw, but ours is a smaller version and wanted to hear how you guys thought it stacked up! Also what did you guys think of Tiger island, curious was the White Lion Exhibit open when you visited or was it still being constructed?
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