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  1. I'm not so worried about dating her.. I just don't wanna end up in the shitter cause of all of this, or for her to. And my brain is saying assert your position. But my heart is saying don't ruin things. I'm currently trying to sort it all out, maybe a third of the way there. But if it happens again.. Ugh, who knows. It's a matter of character. I'm trying to go against mine and it's proving rather difficult.

  2. Well I've dealt with it the other way around.. with him doing it to me.. lots of times. I've survived. And he knows and we're still best friends.. Talked about it and all. It's a closer friendship than most people can probably understand. The circumstances it were brought up under weren't too ideal, and she really isn't trying to create problems, and never has before. She's actually a nice girl, and I'm a good judge of character.


    The real problem now is that I'm kinda getting screwed over. Though I haven't done anything wrong I'm sorta getting the shaft... as usual. I've sacrificed a ton for my friend, and he's not grateful for it at all.


    My friend should be asking himself the same thing on who's more important.. It's also high school. And relationships rarely involve love, life still goes on, he's not going to be crushed.


    Gosh I'm going from confused to bitter..

  3. ^ Good luck! At least it sounds like things were broken off in the best way possible, without any fights, which is always a great thing!


    I'm kind of in a big predicament. My best friends girlfriend wants to leave him for me, and tried coming on to me this weekend.. Sorta completely clueless...

  4. ^ Well... good luck on that haha! Crazy teachers...


    Am making a commitment to be nothing but nice to people from now on... no yelling, no insults, only saying positive things. Hoping I can keep it up without having to repress anger... See, I've turned pretty angry over the years, and am hoping I can become the person I actually want to be, and used to be, before high school took its toll on my formerly good nature. Wish me luck!

  5. ^ That's quite an interesting idea! Is it similar to Disney's Soarin? (Can't say for sure having never been on it myself!)


    This is me very exciting that I've got my old project back on my hands to work with.. I'm especially glad that it's aged well since I last looked at it. I've had to change out foliage, but no major architectural or layout changes as of yet.




    Take a fly on Raven! An old school woodie sure to deliver maximum air!

  6. I caught The Prankster on today. I was seriously surprised by this movie. It took your typical high school film about growing up, the outcasts dealing with jocks and such, and actually made it believable and gave it some meat, opposed to resorting to crude humor and sex constantly. Was a welcome break from the same old teen movies that are entirely centered around these. There were actual conversations, and a big focus on character interactions. I didn't like the movie at first because I thought this was exactly what it would be, but it really grew on me as I watched.


    A really good lighthearted film which may appeal to a wider demographic than just high school kids.

  7. ^I've never really cared for Lady Gaga, but one of my friends I met in college has met her on several occasions, and from the stories I heard about her and her encounters, etc. I was actually very surprised to know how selfless she really is. She is *HYPER* dedicated to her fans, a major anti-bullying supporter, etc.


    I have to say I'm a fan of Lady Gaga. She's psycho for sure. But it's all in the vein of pop music, which the goal is of course to be POPular.. Media stunts etc.. simply come along with it. She just takes it the extra mile.

  8. The strangest idea popped into my head today... There are always people comparing rides to other rides. So I figured, what if I were to craft, within rct3, a 'best of' park. It would be a recreation at its heart, but one that brought aspects from many parks.


    For example, I'm already considering juxtaposing Kennywood's Racer over the lagoon, against Knoebel's haunted house, continuing it through to some of the surrounding awesome food stands, then juxtapose that against maybe a bigger steel coaster, to create sort of a collection of memories at the parks I've visited, hitting all the best things about the respective parks.


    It's a really experimental, almost artistic idea, but I think it could really turn out quite well.

  9. When they say stricter regulations, what exactly would they plan to do? Carnivals have been like this forever. Seems like they'd simply bump up height restrictions or throw on some more restraints, and continue to not give a damn.


    It's amazing that parents can't discern between what's safe and not. And maybe have some fear and respect for their own child's well being? Especially at a rundown carnival... I don't think I was on my first coaster till like kindergarten, and my dad held me down the entire ride. And it really wasn't till 4th grade that I even rode the 'big kid' flat rides when my parents finally found me capable of surviving them haha. I say we sue all three parties at fault (ride op, carnival, and parent) or maybe march them off into the fiery pit of death!

  10. Nicki Minaj


    Thinks she's creative with music and videos, really just comes across as ridiculously ugly and fake, with terrible music.



    NEW NUMBER 1! THANK YOU! I also hate Mac Miller SO MUCH!!!!


    Should also add that she comes across as a Gaga wannabe. With less talent.. And Mac Miller's from my city. I actually like his music, but he's just soo white. And tries to be soo gangsta.

  11. I don't think it's the fact their promoting the message, but HOW. They don't really seem to be doing a thing, yet they're still squandering donations. I'm all for getting rid of Kony, but by saying, let's all talk about him, that'll get him captured, isn't much better than, let's just forget about him, he'll go away. Plus, I don't think America in particular is in the position to help anyways. The organization is advocating violent means, and I certainly don't want a war just because some people who suddenly think they're activists posted a video, or hashtagged a crap ton. I think if Invisible Children were to hand over their donations to a charity willing to actually do something, it wouldn't be so bad, but they're likely not going to do that, and will use a lot of the money on themselves, or more propaganda. I find them overall to be a rather mediocre charity.

  12. Yeah, it seems obvious, though it sometimes helps to hear things from other people, so you don't think you're crazy haha. Really not much you can do but wait it out and keep your mind off it. And relationships don't happen just like that. I wouldn't recommend saying the typical will you go out with me? But just ask to hang and see where it goes... And put out so she knows you want to be more than friends.

  13. You just gotta chill out. Things don't go as planned if you're worried about what's going to happen. If you even have a plan at all, chances are you won't act yourself. But you've just gotta try and keep it off your mind as much as possible. It really just makes you paranoid and it's not a good way to go about a relationship!

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