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  1. I was there Tuesday, hot as the surface of the sun, but operations were pretty smooth. Black Widow was fantastic, frisbee's have always been my favorite flats, and this one was particularly intimidating and forceful. I was surprised how at the top of each swing, you were pressed into your restraint pretty forcefully. Intense, but not mindnumbing, or vomit inducing with the spinning. Back to operations... It was really weird actually, one second, a line would be empty, the next, it would be completely filled to 20 minutes or so. It went like that for a lot of the day. I got pretty lucky and didn't get stuck in a ton of long lines. Refreshment lines were much the same, long and then non-existent. Glad you can still get a free cup of water upon request. A lot better than $3 for a bottle. Prices seemed higher this year than I remember.. but it's probably just me. I noticed lots of little upkeep things, though I'm disappointed at the removal of the overlook for Raging Rapids. Also, anybody know how long it's gonna be to fix up Auto Race? Or what they're even doing to it?
  2. Well, I'd have more updates, but since the expansion, the parks been a little difficult to work with, I've tried taking pics, but they rarely take.. that or the game crashes as I'm staging a shot. I've got a half update today, just letting you know it's alive! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Exploring Updates - 1967 The park added a pseudo entrance to their pseudo kiddieland this year as well. Crazy paving breaks up the monotony. The centerpiece fountain still has its charm! Cyclone still thrilling, Snack Bar still tasty! Hornet can look chaotic.. but it's got a fairly simple layout! A great addition to the skyline.
  3. I always wonder.. does KidTums have a FAVORITE coaster?? She seems to love all of them!
  4. -------------------------------------------------- Arcane Lake Unknown Year - More Fun Stuff! There's also a beautiful Wave Swinger out front of Raven. You can also see the first couple major pops of air in the layout. Reverse angle. No park can be complete without food, drink, and of course, bathrooms! The midway has all the refreshments you could ever need. These littls sunken huts are called the Smokehouse Barby. They prove to be some of the most popular stands in the park. Any good park has a old style Scrambler in the mix! This one's been running since 1959, beating the trends by a year or so. The Raven station is modeled after an old Swiss church, complete with a working bell tower, though now only operated during the Halloween event to kick off the festivities each night. There's still plenty to see! Be sure to stick around! ---------------------------------------------------------
  5. Jack Rabbit, Kennywood, every dang time.. If that seatbelt's loose it seems like you're done for. Went a little past the comfort zone a few times on that one! That and Teh Big Dipper back when it was still open. I was fairly small, and I rode that alone. No problem, until the seatbelt came undone going up the lift and I struggled to get it back on in time before the first drop. Hung on for dear life the rest of the ride! Looking back I was probably fine, but as a kid, really freaked me out!
  6. Well you've got yourself smack dab in the middle of school picnic season, there's a good chance there'll be one then, just hope there's not too many major schools! But if you're there really early a good chunk of the lines are pretty short regardless.
  7. Arcane Lake - A Year In Progress! Once upon a time, a couple explorers were well... exploring. They were staking out some newly acquired territory from what you would know from the history books as the Louisiana Purchase. These explorers found numerous locations of interest, but one they adored most. They called it Arcane Lake for its mysterious fog and seclusion behind behind many hills and mountains. A few hundred years later, once society had found its way into the furthest crevices of the country, entrepreneurs began taking their stakes as well. The one we're concerned with is a man by the name of Thomas Digmund, or Diggy as he was sometimes known. He had the idea of starting up a small little getaway in this small little area known as Arcane Lake. Starting in 1907, he built it from the grassroots of small picnic groves and pony rides to a cherished tradition all the way up to his death in 1964. Today, the park remains, thrilling visitors just as it always had. Keeping true to form, though always providing something new and thrilling. We now arrive at the part of the story where you all get to see what this park is really like! Always full of life, these German/Swiss buildings were added, if I recall, following WWII as a sort of reminder that while ravaged and broken, Europe was still beautiful. While a bit primitive, the Carousel holds its own amongst the newer thrills. Head Rush, the parks resident drop coaster, falls underneath the parks main midway from a height of just under 200 feet through 3 perilous inversions. Along with its sister rides, this makes one hefty skyline. Charming fountain. The park gem, The Raven, is a really old PTC ride designed by the one and only Herb Schmeck. (Phoenix-Knoebels;Comet-Hersheypark) It packs more airtime than any coaster you've ever been on, guaranteed! What you've seen today is a mere fraction of what this park has to offer! Until next time...
  8. Well I'm glad I stand corrected! I knew very well they help, though it had slipped my mind completely about Leap the Dips actually, and any of their helping really. Stupid post by me? Yup. Should have thought it through a bit more.. Not a knock at ACE since they've actually helped I now remember.. Waldameer's always been a nice park, loved Ravine Flyer II when I was there. Been going there since I was fairly young, it's grown a lot since then!
  9. Here's a grand idea, instead of sitting around eating doughnuts, why doesn't ACE give the park some money to restore the Blue Streak instead of just giving them a fancy plaque and a pat on the back? The park's had a rough history, I hope it doesn't crumble, it's been pretty lucky at staying open despite virtually no funds.
  10. I'm not always one to comment, but I do watch intently, and I would certainly want to see it finished up! Lag can be taken care of with the Park Cleanup Tool which a quick google should find.
  11. 1967 - Welcome the Hornet It's me, John. Last summer I got a bit caught up in my work, but this year I'll be sure to get to the park as much as possible. There's always new surprises, and this year has got quite a few! The fountain was recycled from the pool, and still holds beautiful in its new location. A scenic lagoon overlook has been added as well as an Octopus ride. Keeping true to style, they don't overwhelm the park too much. The monster of a ride that is Hornet looms behind the new bathrooms. One more pic of Octopus before braving Hornet.. Once again, it isn't too overwhelming. Presumably as its not the most permanent of fixtures. It gives a totally new contrast to the parks existing atmosphere. It's mechanical, fast, sleek, and thrilling. Don't fear! The park still has all it's old charm. Not my picture, but shows the newly opened area. Try the bumper cars! One of a kind experience staged in a Middle Eastern building.
  12. I love that metro! Those drops look just huge.. Been a really long time but I've finally got East Side ready to roll! I think RD should still be pleased. Can't have tomes and griffon hogging up the rct3 spotlight for too long now can I?
  13. I don't really have a problem with him riding, though the clearly posted signs say that he can't, and the fact that he's pulling all this whiney bullcrap is what makes me think that they were right to refuse him. Sounds to me like he's sapping it up for the publicity and the (possible) money. Discrimination? Hardly. It isn't like they refused him entry to the park, or required he use a different restroom or something. It's a shame that the public takes such notice to these stupidities. It'd be like me complaining that I can't get on a ride because I'm a little person, hypothetically. I'm not tall, that's how it is. But I'm not gonna blame the park for discriminating against small people. That'd be totally ridiculous. Most people think of height as the only thing that governs if you can get on a ride, and ignore the others cause they don't apply to them. But if it's clearly stated that you need to have hands to ride, then you need to have hands. There isn't any amount of political whining that changes the regulations set forth. It's not discrimination, it's for your safety. I don't see many midgets suing over discrimination, why is this guy?
  14. I don't know how prog you'd consider it, but along the same lines as Avicii, I'd call Madeon a genius at the whole scene. He's just turned 18 this past week or so and has already played clubs in front of tens of thousands, including Coachella. \/ That's the money right there! Same for me, though I don't consider it 'proggy' though everything Madeon's done is amazing.
  15. A distant friend revealed that they were going on a Carnival Cruise this summer. Had to hold back a chuckle or sly comment!
  16. Haven't posted a thing in a while... Nothing new here, though I don't think I've ever showed the completed invert in the first place.
  17. It looks really fantastic! Lots of details. It'd be nice if you could put together some renders instead of the sketchup default interface.
  18. Well when you get right down to it, beer is a drink. And when you are talking about a mostly family park, the people who will be consuming it are just using it as that, a drink. Not a drug. Anyone looking to get drunk will likely find it much easier to go to a bar than to pay 30 some dollars to get into the park plus an extra amount on the beer itself. The amount of money that someone would have to pay on beer to actually get drunk seems like it may be astronomically high compared to that of a bar. Even younger drinkers I highly doubt will be there just to drink. It seems a bit ludicrous. Beer tastes good. People will prefer its taste over pepsi or coke or tea I'm sure. And the added price will bring in more revenue. Seems like a no brainer if they can pull it off.
  19. There's plenty of bands that know what dubstep is, and do a fantastic job putting their own spin on, Pendulum for instance, who knows what dubstep should be like. I don't have a problem in general with dubstep, but I can't stand when people follow the mainstream model of having a 'drop' which is just random sounds and pitches in a very haphazard rhythm. Muse is pretty close to doing that, and I really hope that the rest of the stuff on this album has some more variety and uniqueness to it. Though that's just my opinion of their new song, I'm fully aware that other people may enjoy it and that's totally fine with me. And of course, I'll still probably be buying their new album anyways.
  20. As if my day couldn't get any more screwed up, Muse posts a dubstep song.. like.. seriously Muse?? Are you trying to piss off the tornado gods?? A band that does their own thing ALWAYS, now decides to go along with the biggest trend in creation, and comes late to the party by about a year? The song was damn fine without it. [/majorannoyed]
  21. It should be noted that the file is rather large and requires multiple landscape/tree sets which I'm not fully sure which were used. Though if you don't have them, you should still be able to enjoy the track.
  22. Has there been any updated word on when Black Widow is opening? OR if it already has? I'm going Saturday, it'd be cool to have it open by then.
  23. I had just started getting into Beastie Boys literally about a week or two ago.. And hearing this just as I'm starting to really like them is very strange.. Tragic is well. Hard to see it. Listening to their new album MCA still sounds so young!
  24. Ahh, it's so difficult! Wasted so much time back in the day trying to make Kennywood... I did end up last year building Thunderbolt pretty well and it took a good long time.. I hope you know what you're getting into! A whole park requires spot on proportions or it will not fit right. I think that's probably the hardest part to recreating.
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