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  1. ^ Highly familiar! Discovery's my favorite of their's for sure. The movie that goes along with it, Interstella 5555, is animated gold as well! If you haven't seen the film, I recommend finding it! Basically the album plays in the background, but you get visual accompaniment to it. Pretty much the director's vision of the 'story' behind the album.

  2. Thanks guys! The theme for Inverted Coaster 1 is castle-like (it's station is actually housed inside the castle) It's not so much a Dracula's castle corny spook theme, but more of an Edgar Allen Poe "The Raven" theme, with the stuffiness and such.. I imagine a story similar to an old man toiling away in his castle and accidentally reveals a dreadful evil, a potion that reveals a person's worst fear, and you've just stumbled upon his lair! Something of the like..


    Not even close to having shown all of this park, there's still many secrets and new things you've yet to see. For example more in-depth looks at the coasters and their layouts and station buildings and such.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Much appreciated!



    Arcane Lake - Widespread Panic!




    Widespread panic ensued today as a mistake in the shipment of the garbage cans spurred a full evacuation of the park! Apparently, the problem wasn't noticed till around noon, but once the public knew of a dragon being loose in the park, they sort of lost it!




    Though of course leaving the park empty for great uninterrupted photos!




    You can bet your bottom dollar that you'll be seeing this shot with peeps at some point in the future.




    Apparently using 6 trains on a Schwarzkopf isn't the most efficient thing! Massive stacking issues stranded this train right at the top of the lift!




    Free food!




    Ok, can't really explain this one... it valleyed maybe?




    Ok, so some jerk stole this rides sign! Now I can't remember it's name... Sign makers wanted! (For real, I need one bad!)

  4. Yupp, they're not Millenium Flyers per-say, but on a short historic sidenote..


    The older style coasters that started were typically out-and-back style, or had some wide unbanked turns, hence they had 6 and 8 seats per individual, but as twists got really insane, designers had to innovate new trains that could maneuver them. They came up with the articulated style with 2 passengers per. Cyclone is an example of what they'd often refer to as a Bobs style with the 2 passengers per. When GCI came along, they had similar turns and layouts to an extent, and when they designed their Millennium Flyers, the first I 'think' were for Lightning Racer which was a throwback to Cyclone's age in Hershey's Midway America, so they introduced cars very similar to what used to be found on rides like Cyclone. So there's your more explained link! Apart from the Hershey connection, it's accurate to the best of my knowledge.


    Last update of the season should be coming along soon, I'm gonna start rocking and rolling with this park cause it's crashing like mad and I've really gotta streamline soon.

  5. The custom supports on Hornet are, to be precise, magnificent. Excellent job with that- as I don't think I've seen customs like that done so precisely before.




    Haha, to be honest, I kinda winged the whole thing! I did a little research and saw that the Jet Stars didn't have the trusses connected to each other, but that's about it!


    I've been having trouble with the file so the quality on the pictures is pretty bad since I had to use the snipping tool to get them.



    1967 - A Continuing Saga




    Cyclone looks as tall as the Ferris Wheel.




    A peek at the path layout.




    Still hiring bands to play! East Side's apparently a firm believer in sounds!




    I love how Cyclone's station splits the trees here. Though the park may need an update to the landscaping here!




    Cyclone got some more retracking recently. The finale was streamlined a bit and is now much less likely to destroy you.




    A bit of Hornet...




    A look at the layout. That building in the center will soon house some electronics.




    The pool looks much less important since the moving of the central fountain.




    A peek at some of the first airtime hill on Cyclone to close the day.

  6. Haha my latest park was a full 12 months to the day of work till I posted it! And East Side was quite a lot... I used to fall into the trap of over-updating, then I had a strong urge to improve and realized that you can't do it unless you take your time. And the time I'd usually work towards taking screenshots and writing an update went into actual work. Word to the wise, the game eats your time! Ration it wisely or you'll never get anything done!


    As well... why are there so many self entitled and obnoxious kids these days???

  7. Fat Lip, Underclass Hero, In Too Deep, I'm a fan of the Hell Song, mainly because of the video! Past that I enjoy most of their songs, but they've yet to leave a lasting impression, and I don't really know any by name. Great band, I just haven't gotten really 'into them.'

  8. ^ Wish I could like Sum past their famous songs, but I struggle to grasp them!


    I always love finding 'new' bands to like. Turns out Foster the People is ten times better than Pumped Up Kicks makes them out to be! Notably.. Life On the Nickel.

  9. Geez, what a sorry bunch of complainers! So what if there's some pain from the restraints? Bruises aren't gonna kill you.. It's a first of its kind ride, you can't expect everything to be perfect right away. I found everything else pretty much flawless on the ride. And I sucked up the pain for the whole maybe 2 or 3 minutes I was in contact with the noodles. Seems like people are intentionally being pessimistic about this ride as if it's the worst ride in existence cause you get a little leg pain..


    You all want insane airtime.. but then they give it to you and all you do is complain about it hurting. Look on the bright side. At least the only real adjustment they have to make is on restraints, rather than having a terrible ride layout or needing excessive trims. Jeez, people always find something to complain about! I recall Storm Runner and Fahrenheit having similar problems when I rode them a few years back, but they were very easily corrected and nobody even remembers them by now.


    I found the ride fantastic. I've never felt such strong ejector air or intense g forces. I loved the simple yet effective layout, a perfect blend between what people expect when it comes to a great coaster. Intense g's along turns, some great laterals even, jammed with airtime, smooth (as in not jackhammering or headbanging) and personally I really enjoyed the QDC's. Plus, for having one train, the line moved quickly and I never waited longer than a half hour.


    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but before you make concrete judgement on the ride you still have to realize it's in its first month or two of operation and you can of course expect things to change over time.

  10. Was just at the park today. Had a great time. Weren't any major operating problems that I saw. Sky rush was down near the end of the day, but I caught it just as it opened up and got a fantastic night ride in the front seat. I can see where the mixed opinions are coming from. I just bit the pain and enjoyed it. Maybe a bit exaggeratd but I think it might be the best steel coaster I've been on. Amazing transitions, a plethora of air, and some really intense turns. The restraints are surely fixable and Hershey has a world class coaster on their hands. Oh and sooperdooperlooper is fantastic with all the work and new trains!


    Strangely enough I spotted someone in a west coast bash shirt. Haha I recognized him but couldn't put a name to it and he was off just as I recognized him!

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