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    1968 - East Side Lagoon Amusement Park




    Midway Games have finally came back to the park! The fifties had them briefly, but they quickly fell out of favor for whatever unknown reasons..




    A better look at what's happened to Cyclone. Been brightened up a bit. Originally the scheme was to be orange and purple, but that was scrapped as it was said it would have too much of an impact, and that the modest roots of the ride need to be preserved however possible.




    Can't get enough of the Ferris Wheel! Already forgotten about Caverns? Soon not! Rumors of a new dark ride exist




    A fun little Test Your Strength ride has cropped up next to the ferris wheel.




    The pool was extremely crowded today.. and every day. Those pesky peeps just love to beat the crap out of it!




    That old ramshackle building across the way was finally demolished. Years of gangsters completely trashed the place! They say that upon teardown, they actually found a corpse under the floorboards! Though that's just a rumor...




    And a final shot of Hornet now two years in operation.

  2. Hasn't every coaster ever built been complained about by someone from just seeing the construction photos? Such as Intimidator, Skyrush, and I haven't been around enough to remember more. Rides which ended up amazing anyways? Unless there's some guy punching you in the face with the exact amount of g forces this ride is gonna have, you shouldn't judge it so harshly! I mean... it's got freaking barrel rolls!


    Even though I'll never likely ride this mammoth, I look forward to seeing more of its construction and am really glad RMC is taking the reigns here!

  3. Really liked iDNA! Seemed oddly similar to enVy though I really enjoyed the layout still. I do think you may soon need to alter your shots. It's holding you back that you have such a knack for only focusing on the track. Build up a pathway atmosphere and you can gather so much more depth and atmosphere shooting from the path itself. It will also feel much more natural and humanist. Something about your paths just feels a bit off. They feel perhaps a bit incoherent and maybe a little awkward. I think that's a combination of the fencing you put around it and your path covers. On enVy I used a lot of Moby's fences and invisible paths. Perhaps you could try and utilize that to your own style. If this park is to be more futuristic, Old Spice's Epcot paths will do you wonders!


    That is all for now, keep up creating excellent layouts and keep plugging away at your scenery, though always be sure you're putting just as much emphasis on the scenery as your track and the two will mesh very well!

  4. 1968 - Left Unscathed


    So the new year is here, and it seems there's been no major teardowns.. for now. The park received extremely extensive renovations this year.




    First up is the new logo and paint job! And if you have a keen eye you'll see that the gardens at the front have also been redone.




    A minor sacrifice, the cookie cutter eating pavilions that were once here have been replaced by a lush garden walkthrough, giving better views of Cyclone. And the keen eye may notice safety improved stairs on the ride. One of many fixes the ride got over the winter.




    The gardens extend past the Snack Bar and all the way to the Paratrooper which also received new paint, not bad!




    Some of those great views I mentioned.. Shows you a little bit better how messed up this ride's finale is.




    New paint on Thunder Bobs and catwalks for Hornet! Both still running in top shape!




    And I'll leave you with some minor architectural changes to Cyclone. (The pillars at the end were originally situated on the side wall.)

  5. I don't think he complains much about lag. Though I do know he has a beast of a computer. Of course, RCT3's engine is basically garbage which I'll certainly give the leg up there to RCT2. I can almost guarantee that my computer wouldn't be able to handle that file. So lag on an above average computer would probably be fairly high.


    Though again, to many of the people on forums, they play to make pretty pictures and stories for others, so the playability of the file for NGT I don't believe is an issue.

  6. I can't resist commenting on this anymore.. Obviously both games have their advantages, but to me, I prefer RCT3 in terms of realism. And this is coming from a realism junkie. It's a lot more work to have it look nice, but in the end I feel the result is more satisfying. Yes, loads of CS is required at times, but I don't have a problem with this. The fact that it's custom shouldn't mean anything. A good RCT2 park uses just as much in-game scenery, it just so happens that they made it a lot better. RCT2 parks use custom scenery too though.


    The game dynamics are smoother in 2 than in 3, but for me, I don't usually build a park just to watch the little peeps run around and spend money. The game for me is creative release, not so much business or logistics release (if that's even a thing...) I just prefer to make parks that look good! I'm not super interested in how it functions, though when designing my parks I still do keep that in mind.


    The limitations are nearly endless in both games, but my preference lies in RCT3.

  7. I saw TDKR and was thoroughly impressed. As a whole, the plot has a really different feel from the original Dark Knight, but nonetheless was still stunning.


    As for the soundtrack, I was getting goosebumps from start to finish. And for the villain, Heath Ledger as the Joker was simply too fantastic to be topped. Whoever acted as Bane did an amazing job, but he falls ever so slightly short of Ledger's performance. The original Dark Knight as a whole I think is my favorite of the trilogy, but as a whole, the trilogy is one of the best ever crafted, and TDKR follows suit with the other two films and doesn't disappoint. It's a rare must see in my eyes.

  8. Slightly delayed.. But the park cooperated for this update, which is great!



    Rumorville - 1967




    Racer still grabs the crowds, though lines aren't ever really that long.




    It's a maintenance nightmare. The track gets beat up pretty bad through it's convoluted layout!




    The letters that were intended to be sent were back-ordered and the park eventually cancelled the order altogether. Strange..




    There's always a market for coasters, though people always want more!




    With the addition of Hornet I really hope it doesn't cost us an old classic!




    Contemplation picture...

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