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  1. 1971 - East Side Lagoon Amusement Park


    The park has been relatively quiet lately. Summer goes on and on. The nights are cool and the days are blistering. Pittsburgh seems not to notice the noise from up on the hill. It goes about it's business and East Side goes about its own. The gentle laughter of the park gives a certain warmth to the place. The picnic groves which once dotted the park have all but been replaced in favor of inviting planters and shaded groves.




    Life goes on as usual for the refreshments business at the park. This welcoming view of the Falls is assurance that the old traditions have not gone at an easy price.




    Though we can all appreciate that many of these traditions still survive. The old can still coincide with the new. This antique Carousel carries on the spirit of the old East Side Pleasure Park.




    Once overcrowded and in disarray, the parks midway has become a welcoming symbol to all who enter the front gates.




    To break the train of thought.. rumors have been floating about saying that they may extend the layout of Cyclone by a few hundred feet. Its layout has been extended once before, after its first year of operation, but no drastic changes were made. Should this classic be tampered with? Or left alone?




    They also claim that the land behind Cyclone is to be home to another steel coaster at some point, similar to Hornet. Perhaps built interacting with the extended Cyclone layout? Only time will tell... It has laid as an empty plot of dirt for a while now.




    The park is no stranger to changing layouts. 'Dragon Coaster' has changed layouts twice before, and Racer was drastically overhauled once as well. Oh if only they'd get it right the first time!




    Look at those new trains! Hopping over this new airtime hill. Seriously, Dragon Coaster is one of the most intense 'kiddie' coasters out there!




    Backside angle.




    From 60's style open pathways to this back to basics look, the park loves changing the way things are.




    This part of the park is almost unrecognizable compared to just a year ago. Too many plants!!

  2. Glad to see you back too. I was beginning to think you abandoned this park. Good to see I'm wrong.


    Haha don't worry, this park will be around until it may literally die of old age. My gosh, it's been around on forums for well over 2 years.. plus about 6 months of initial construction. Jeez it's so old!




    1971 - A Whole Slew of New


    There's been tremendous change this year at the park. It's been mainly infrastructure things, but nonetheless, makes for a much better park experience.




    Ahh, always glad to be back!




    The huge ferris wheel has been entertaining folks for years now. As the first thing you see driving up to the park, it's really becoming a recognizable part of the park.




    Always keeping the gardens pristine..




    A little slide has been added next to the water. It's a cool little thing for the kids to enjoy.




    The whole of Kiddieland has more or less been destroyed. The rides have all been moved. The tea cups have a nice temporary home behind Cyclone.




    The sea storm has been moved next to the games building near the Falls.




    Speaking of the Falls, they've planted a few saplings around the splashdown which will eventually grow to shade the area in the coming decades.




    This is certainly one of the more odd additions to the park, but I think it to be quite valuable. After the last cafeteria was converted into the Bumper Cars, there's been a need for this for sure.




    The always changing coaster now called simply 'Dragon Coaster' has received yet another facelift. New tracking, new station, and new trains are going to ensure this ride never falls off the pages of history.




    I'm very glad that this ride has stuck a little closer to Japanese heritage.




    This lovely little lagoon has brought so much good to the folks of Pittsburgh..

  3. Wow, why did I not check this out in so long? It's even better than I remembered and I absolutely cannot wait until you get to present day with this.


    Well glad to see you back!



    1971 - Asian Sensation?


    It's been a fantastic time for the park and they are certainly taking advantage of all the resources they can.




    This cursed area behind the Falls has been revived once again, this time in a characteristic Japanese style.




    The centerpiece, a beautiful Japanese style cafeteria, was financed heavily by the Society For Japanese Americans who also donated these ornate dragons.




    Oddly enough, much of the landscaping has not been done in a Japanese style. Apparently this was done to keep this area in tune with the rest of the park, being careful not to deviate too much from the already well developed landscaping in the park.




    It's staggering how much this park has changed in the past decade or two.




    But it's fate is never guaranteed... The park has always got one eye on rival park Kennywood..

  4. 1970 - Last of the Season




    Always fun to get angles of this.. Hopefully by next year this side of the park has something new..




    Hornet is always a ton of fun. The possibilities with steel are endless, I hope that at some point another steel coaster gets added.




    Paradise Falls gives some great views of pretty much everything.




    Crowds were light early in the day...




    But the mid-day crowds were insane..




    The games booth gets pretty busy at night..




    And crowds usually lighten up around sundown.

  5. 1970 - Nighttime


    I stuck around for closing tonight, it was the first time in a while. I never get enough chances to see the park in its full cycle. Usually the kids aren't up for staying till close.



    People love a good night ride on Cyclone. It's always that last hurrah to close out the day. I've got some strong memories attached to this one..



    You get one of the best views around from that lift hill up there. Gosh it's hard to believe how old this thing is! Over 60 years now?? Wow..



    Of course it's had its fair share of modifications.. This view was way different when I was a child.



    It seems as all the food stands are closing up shop for the night.



    Paradise Falls has been closed for hours now.. Though it still lights up nicely.



    The guests must really respect the park, it's great to see how open this is, but not a flower out of place!



    The bumper cars building lights up red at night. It can get quite eerie over there sitting at one of the secluded benches.



    Scope yourself out a nice staring spot at the lagoon as night draws in.. The view is spectacular.



    I like how the keep the park relatively dark at night, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!



    It's great that Hornet is bringing in new crowds, I just hope that these new steel coasters don't cost me my classics!


    And on a totally unrelated note.. Kennywood's Thunderbolt has really caught Pittsburgh's eye recently... One of these days I'll have to go and check it out!



    To the detail oriented, ignore that that sign on Thunderbolt wasn't added yet!

  6. No, there should not be a built in CFR maker, that'd be nearly impossible, plus, that's why we have sketchup and blender and 3ds max and all those programs to make them. But that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of capable of individuals willing to make things that the normal 'out of the box' players aren't and then import them. The huge amount of Custom cars and flat rides in rct3 should be evidence enough that there should be some easy way to import custom flat rides and coaster cars.


    That's why there's an exchange, so people can download what other people make. It's been the basis of the community since day 1. To me, it's no different than the scenery objects which require just as much work as flat rides to make in some cases.


    It's not getting greedy in my eyes, I think it's valid to assume that in 10 years, the same flat rides will not be commonplace, same with coaster styles. If it's being marketed as customizable, I think that the basis of the game, which is the rides and coasters, should be able to be updated and changed with the times. RCT3 has been around for 8 years, and without custom flat rides and coasters, it certainly would not be.


    And again, nobody is forcing anybody to download anything, if people don't feel like downloading CFR's, they don't have to. But I can guarantee that much like RCT, people will find their own ways to get these custom things in the game regardless of whether or not it includes an importer for them. And just because it's an acronym doesn't mean CFR is all that fancy and high tech!


    But... all in all, it's up to Pantera to decide what goes in the game or not!

  7. Racer's gone!? ... ... no... ... It was my favorite through the whole story... RIP: Racer, you will be missed :'(


    Believe me, it wasn't an easy decision!





    Um... In that second photo, I think that mechanic took a wrong turn


    Anyways, great job on another great update. It's a shame Racer had to go, but oh well, hopefully a reincarnation returns in the future.


    Thanks! Racer was the one ride that really helped me get this park to where I wanted it to be, but as always, new rides come along!




    1970 - Filling in the Holes




    You may be wondering just what happened in my year off.. Well frankly, it wasn't a good year to miss!




    Management had to scrap Racer, saying that with Hornet grabbing the crowds, it just wasn't worth all the trouble anymore!




    Knowing that the public wouldn't take too kindly to this, they really had to follow through with the additions in 1969. And the beautiful new brickwork is just one of the few great things they did!




    They also went all out in getting their infrastructure nice and pristine. These bathrooms are probably cleaner than the ones at your own house!




    Well anyways, as I'm writing this I'm getting distracted by a bit of nostalgia..




    I'll never forget coming here in middle school and having the time of my life with this fantastic girl I'd gotten to know throughout the day.




    It was all a bit childish, but it's the simple things like riding the old Caverns at the end of the night with her that truly make this park something I'll always remember...




    *sigh* Well we all know that good things don't last forever. You never know when your favorite ride is gonna turn into a big pile of dirt. But there's still knowing that that big pile of dirt is gonna rise up into something better and hopefully lead to some new memories..

  8. Thought of another to add...


    Much like the ability to place a track piece and then manipulate its properties afterwards, I think that the same should be with buildings and vegetation. So instead of having all different heights of walls and curvatures, which often requires massive amounts of separate objects and eats up space and leads to lag, we can have a few base objects that can be altered before and after placing them in the game.


    We place a tree, and can then choose how full we want the branches, or how tall we want it to be. Or we place a wall and then can alter its texture and height. This is common in nearly every architectural program and makes it possible to create pretty much every building that ever was!


    I really enjoy the molding aspect of coaster design you've implemented, and I hope it carries over into other aspects of the game.


    And still, above all, user customization is what this game should be about. It looks like you're appealing to the 1% and not so much the mass public, so I hope that the game allows for us to add pretty much whatever our heart desires.

  9. So should we post our suggestions in this thread then?


    If so, I think the most important thing is that the game be easy to add your own content to. It looks as if you're allowing for custom objects, but I think that everything tangible in the game should, at least on some level, be easily manipulated. For instance, when turning a park to fall colors, being able to change the colors of the leaves instead of swapping out all the trees, or repainting the ground texture. Same going for winter and snow. A lot of people like crafting storylines, but when winter or fall comes around it's a huge task to transform things to a different season.


    The same going for changing out paths or lights, there has to be a better way to change out a pavement or lamp style rather than deleting and re-adding them again.


    Allowing for custom coaster trains and flat rides to be added I think is the biggest thing I would hope for. There's plenty of talented folk willing to model and import their own designs. As well, it'd be much easier if we were able to swap out textures in-game rather than have to create an entirely new Custom train with different textures, as is currently the case in RCT3.


    And to allow for easy sharing I hope that the object creation and installation process is fairly streamlined as well.


    Oh, and an undo button! This is a MUST!

  10. Where did you get the art deco scenery? I like the art deco look and think this looks great, can't wait to see more from this park.


    The art deco is primarily Vodhin's City of Oz sets, with some random types of walls thrown in.


    Ok guys... I apologize for the super extended wait (4 months, wow!) The park was not cooperating and it really drove me from the game, in combination with life getting in the way and such. Meanwhile, I've been working on all sorts of other endeavours, from video games, to music, to more art. All of which have hopefully translated in some way to my abilities in rct3.


    I'd also like to say that the park has underwent some drastic changes, so it maybe isn't sticking as close to my original storyline as I'd have liked, but it was either make a few compromises or fail to ever have the park updated again, and I'm not even close to ready to close up shop with this park.




    1970 - A New Decade



    We're back in business!




    ...By Spock's beard! They've ripped out the pool!




    AND the Racer! Must... repress.. rage...





    Ahh, much better... happy thoughts...




    Oh well, at least Cyclone still delivers.




    And don't forget our Dipper! Weird without Racer in the background..




    Still early in the day.




    Mmm, atmosphere...



    -John Stafford

  11. Short answer, yes. The exporter will read all squares as two triangles, and by reducing the number of squares you reduce triangles, and hence polygons will be lower.


    Depending on the surface, a ton of defining edges aren't necessarily needed. You could cut down that nose indentation to probably about 6 triangles on each side and the majority of people won't be able to tell the difference. I'm sure you know the trick, before extrusion you can go into identity info and change the number of edges. You really don't need a ton. But be careful not to make it look too blocky when you do this... There's a happy medium! And also make sure that all your faces are white, not that darker tint, you can just highlight them, right click, and select reverse faces to do that.


    I'm not sure how familiarized you are with sketch-up, so I apologize if this all sounds really dumbed down! Oh, and I really like the CTR, looks accurate by my eyes!

  12. Arcane Lake - More Fall!




    Fall, fall, and a little bit of autumn!




    Willard's Whizzer, an old school Schwarzy stays open for Halloween as well.




    You won't be able to get this shot once the next haunt goes up.




    Some modern architecture, and a tightly packed area.




    The first turnaround on Raven. Looks pretty intimidating from behind.




    Raven and the mighty tower in the background.




    Fall and the Raven. Together like peanut butter and jelly.

  13. Well guys.. I finally have an update. There's areas you've yet to see, but I think it's really cool that you're gonna be seeing all of them in the fall setting instead! The park looks so much prettier in my eyes covered in oranges and reds.




    Arcane Lake - Fall Is Here!



    Fall has set in, and as the Halloween festivities are being kicked off, Arcane Lake is sitting back and waiting its turn.



    Raven sits dormant as it awaits its first spooks of the season.



    Hundreds will fall from atop this intimidating precipice in just hours time.



    Hidden secrets lie behind every door.



    A favorite to all, it's true colors come out on Halloween.



    Strange things have been known to happen this time of year...



    Tread lightly.



    And beware what lurks in the shadows..

  14. 1968 - A New Direction




    As 1968 dawns, the park has had to ask itself many questions. Perhaps most importantly, where do we go now?




    Surely a park that has been around for 68 years can't expect to live on the same tricks day in and day out.




    When are they required to leave behind their legacy and start a new one?




    Is the past nothing more than progress towards a new beginning?

  15. A moan? Not yet! First day of senior year and I love my schedule and I'm next to or close to a really good friend in all of my classes. Plus.. how can you go wrong with 3 arts, and 2 periods worth of CADD all year long??

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