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  1. Sunburn - Muse I feel like this is the only band I've listened to in the past 2 weeks... I can't get enough!
  2. Thanks! I've taken a lot of inspiration from CD5's parks. I love his simplistic style that doesn't require loads of detail to be pleasing. And I've always tried to keep my parks as open to community criticism as possible, so the interactivity seemed a logical choice. And the historical accuracy is where a bulk of the work for this has gone. It's very hard to create a historically accurate park when you go back this far. There's very little in the way of choices. So I'm glad you like the park! I hope you stay involved with it as it continues to grow! Haha, yes they are! I had to make quite a few layout changes to keep them compact. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Breaking the Lucky Streak "Sir, you'd better come quick, we've got a problem!" "This better be good.. Nobody interrupts my lunch break!" "Ahh crap! Why couldn't it have been the coaster that's just sitting there like a damn lawn ornament!?"
  3. We aren't angry, (at least I'm not) it's just that there's a point where guessing is just that, guessing! Random picking of a coaster isn't what the game is about. I mean, we are all coaster nerds, it's hard to stump us, but give us some sort of clue
  4. First of all, I apologize for the delay. Summer is a very busy time for me and rather than my random free time going into the game as it does during the school year, it goes into friends and guitar etc.. I've still got lots planned for the park, and while I haven't worked on it for quite some time, I've got at least 15 years of updates ready to be made. And I apologize that the last two updates' photos aren't uploaded to TPR, I haven't enough time currently to upload them here, this project is barely staying together currently. I know, I know, you're spending the time to look at my updates, the least I can do is upload them here. I'll do it soon. --------------------------------------------- Boy, only a few weeks into the season and things are turning out to be a huge pain in the arse to handle. Never would I have thought that one day you'd get 1500 admissions, and the next only have about 100. Operations are running the same as they've always had. We're a little more cautious and gentle on the ride systems, but all seems to be good apart from a stray break down every other day or so. Food is selling alright, not much to say profit wise. We're getting a lot of picnickers still. Cleanliness is going up seeing as we've currently only got about a third of the park to watch out for. Vandals are so far non-existent, we're hoping the trend continues. Well, enough chit chat, let's see how the park' doing today. The Caverns is seeing a boost in attendance today. Kids love it. People don't seem to be bothered by the overall raggedy feeling of it, I guess it helps the atmosphere! The midway is flowing really well, one side goes to Racer, the other to Twister, very little opposite way traffic. Thought I'd give you some behind the scenes shots! Unfortunately we're still running the beat up trains, I'd like to have that fixed real soon! Ahhh, true beauty! I wish we could have salvaged this view... This stretch of track is impossible to spot from the midway, and provides one of the best airtime sections in the park. Contrasting with the airtime, I love this immediate dose of Traver genius dubbed hells salad bowl, that follows. It's adjusted many of necks over the years... It also serves as the crossover point allowing there to be one continuous stretch of track. Perhaps not the most comprehensive picture, but a sign towards the future?
  5. I agree. Seriously, on every single wood coaster in the world that isn't painted you could take that exact picture. There are zero identifying features there. Give us a little more than that...
  6. I don't like how overused and generic the overall majority of Dubstep has become. The only dubstep I can listen to anymore is Big Chocolate. It's heavy, it's melodic, and most importantly, it's different. I honestly prefer to stick to my time tested techno with some of the true geniuses like Benassi who've made tracks that no dubstep can come close to.
  7. Saw Harry Potter tonight. I hadn't seen part I and was skeptical about going, but they did an excellent job tying both parts together. There wasn't a ton from part I that dragged over to confuse you, and if there was, it was explained in a manner that wasn't too direct, but you still could understand it. The sound I was impressed with, and the effects consistently have gotten better throughout the series, this is no exception. I wasn't a huge fan of the ending even in the books, but I'm glad they changed parts of it up so it didn't seem to drag on forever, and there was still an aspect of unexpectedness, despite knowing what happens. The acting was very good, especially knowing the younger childish versions of the characters and how they matured. I wish they snuck in more humor to what was such a dark movie though. There was a lack of comic relief except in some exclusive parts. I do recommend it if you haven't seen it already.
  8. Just made a last second decision to go see the last Harry Potter with my friends and by some odd fate I ran into one of my best buddies and his girlfriend in the same theater, which had about 5 or 6 other people in it. It's odd because we were half a second from going to a later showing. And we also picked going to the most secluded and unpopular theater in the area. By the way, the movie was great! Another upside, this comes 2 days after ago going to Kennywood and the day after going bowling with some more good friends, and then to a house party. And in 2 days I leave for 10 days to the beach. Boy things are looking up for me lately!
  9. Best Western Not too pricey and you still get a big room. I'd also say Marriot is pretty close.
  10. Going to Six Flags and paying 20 dollars for that meal. What's worse than riding a roller coaster with Tom Brady?
  11. A ride on Mean Streak. What's worse than a tornado blowing down El Toro?
  12. If you're into Dubstep, this guy is top of the feeding chain. If you're sick of the same boring, overused dubstep, this guy is for you. He's also vocalist for Disfiguring the Goddess any of you metalheads..
  13. PS: I found the video on your youtube! I went through the teasers to your channel. Set to private next time! Haha, but seriously I will be downloading the track and playing around with scenery and lighting for sure! Great work I'll say again.
  14. Your face goddamnit! Me and my friends have been saying that a lot lately.. Uhhhh, what are we doing here?
  15. I've probably not played enough games to make a fair judgement, but I'll give a decent list. Not in any real order. 1. Crash Bandicoot (All the old PS1 games) 2. Hot Shots Golf (Probably the most frustrating game ever) 3. Star Wars Battlefront 2 4. Need For Speed Most Wanted 5. Bust A Move (One of those old school bubble shooting games) 6. Mortal Kombat (Series) 7. Pokemon (Basically the whole series) 8. Roller Coaster Tycoon (The original) 9. Donkey Kong Country (Super Nintendo) 10. Call Of Duty (Series, Never owned, but love!)
  16. I found it the cheap way, but I won't tell. Excellent work on it! You filled a huge gap in the archives, I liked all of the video. It didn't feel empty as most recreations do, you filled in all the gaps. And the supports look a ton like the real thing.
  17. That's my type of show! Impending Doom's came around my time plenty, they've always been in a really shotty venue so I've been unable to convince my parents to see them. Would have loved to see them with Whitechapel, Oceana, and Miss May I last year. And last saw A Day To Remember, you're all right, they're certainly worth seeing! Even if you're not a huge fan of the music.
  18. Knoebels + Six Flags Great Adventure You'd get fantastic atmosphere, cheap food, 15 second dispatches, and an excellent mix of fantastic new thrills (Mostly El Toro and Nitro) with old historic rides and classics (Phoenix). Best of both worlds! \/ Would be quite interesting to see! They seem extremely compatible, almost one and the same. Rewind K-wood ten-fifteen years and they basically are the same!
  19. It's very close for me between El Toro, Phoenix, and Thunderbolt. All three give amazing rides, but which would I like to ride for the rest of my life? A little too difficult to decide! If we'd have to wait in line, I'll say Phoenix. If we don't get old and brittle, I'll say El Toro. If our brains don't turn to mush and we can remember our first coasters, I'll say Thunderbolt.
  20. Drop towers... Ach! I hate the going up.. Basically any ride other than a coaster that goes up in any way I get freaked out by. Such as skycoasters, ferris wheels.. etc. I ride, but I don't enjoy the going up! I thankfully figured out a way not to get psyched out going up lift hills.
  21. Ahh, I misused my arrows! I was talking about HHnfan's post! Not yours!
  22. ^^^ There's nothing to comment on. You placed a pre-made ride into a flat green park map, with the intention of attention, rather than criticism or to preview, as intended. I've got one area left, nearly done here!
  23. Has anybody noticed the ride reviews on their website? I find it comical that Sheikra is better suited for kids than coaster enthusiasts.
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