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  1. Remember, its all about 3 things: 1) Atmosphere. 2) Atmosphere. 3) Atmosphere. So small plants and details really go along ways. For example, on your 'sky ride' building, try adding a small window shrub under the window. Fill in those empty spaces!


    Actually, you're 1/3rd right: 1.) RIDES 2.) SHOWS AND ATTRACTIONS and 3.)ATMOSPHERE. Without the first two, you won't have #3.





    I'd put atmosphere over rides and attractions any day! I'll take Knoebels over Six Flags every chance I could.


    As for the park, I think the monotony of the buildings as a result of using mostly one set for walls, in combination with the lack of ground textures is what's holding it back for me. I'd recommend Weber's sets to help bring out a really nice display of foliage and buildings. http://velvetskyemusic.com/RCT3_files/Rct3_Land_a.html He's got tons of useful rustic sets and vegetation enhancers!


    I think the park has got potential, but with every park, there's always little things holding it back which could make it great!

  2. ^ You're gonna wanna use Fisherman's Ghost Mine sets, thrown in with some Main Street sets, possibly Ralvieh's Beaver Home Set, Catfish Cove possibly, Vodhin's Vermont Set. There's not really much to that exact theme, but blending sets can give you something a little more believable.


    As for me, I'm looking for anybody who has Old-Spice's Sheikra Dive Machine BETA. There is no download that I've found (Yes, I did look quite hard!) I had a hard drive crash and need that CTR to open my park.

  3. Some good/bad news to everyone. My hard drive crashed, all my parks and tracks etc. have been saved, but I am without any custom content. It will be a little while before I can either re-download it all or recover it from my hard drive. Recovering it would mean another absence.. So the park is still 100% intact, but since there's no content, it would be entirely empty if I were to open it. Again.. give it a little time and you'll have the park back.

  4. I had this same exact problem. You have to either find and restore, or re-download the qedit file. (From a reliable site!) OR you can do system restore to a point when you still had qedit running. Either will do the job. Restoring is safer, but takes longer, but by downloading a file, you always have the chance of a virus, so be extra careful! Especially since you would be downloading a core system file.

  5. Busy work is awful. What purpose is their behind spending over a week naming 100's upon 100's of different chemical compounds and writing their formulas repeatedly? Not even to accumulate anything.. just practice. WHY?? I've got 50 or so more to do tonight, and a quiz on only 40 tomorrow.. It takes a full period to do 40, I've got 50 for homework.. REALLY?? Can teachers think of no better way to teach than with endless worksheets that are all basically EXACTLY the same?


    Also, girls in high school are waay too emotional. Loosen up.. Saves the rest of us the trouble of dealing with your garbage.

  6. It annoys me when things take forever to get themselves figured out. Why take 2 or 3 weeks on a simple decision? People in high school take things way too seriously. Worrying about relationships.. and friendships as if you'll be stuck with them forever. It's high school. Have some fun my gosh!

  7. Finally getting back to this. MAYBE you'll see it posted by Christmas.. MAYBE. Here's some more work on the layout. Trying to figure out how to fill in the empty spaces. Ideas appreciated!




    That looks really good, though that pool is in an akward location, a small kids area can fit there easily.


    Huh, that's an interesting angle! You may be right on that actually.. I'm sure I could work it in without much fuss. I'll see how it looks.

  8. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    1963 - All Is Well on the Surface




    Record attendance today... things going almost too well...




    Just some casual park-goers, unaware of any hidden dangers...




    Some very important business is no doubt going on upstairs...




    Nothing like lounging away your troubles on a hot summer day...




    Nothing to see here...




    Huh, I wonder how that gun got so far from the shooting gallery! Let's just slide that into the lagoon...




    Ahh, back to the old family fun...

  9. Haha thanks for the comments guys! As for the whole run by the mob thing I figured.. why not? Obviously it's not exactly 'feasible' in the real world, but it's a game and I figured, why not spice things up? The typical setup for running a park has been done thousands of times. I've got some neat ideas that you'll be seeing soon which are meant to set my park apart from the typical park. As of right now.. I guess you could say we're only in the rising action!

  10. 1963 - Who Said Rodents Are Bad?


    It's been a few years since we last spoke. The park hasn't underwent many changes. It's still relatively unchanged. There's been some touch ups here and there. But the only big addition is this year, with the addition of a new coaster.



    The Mad Mouse. A relatively simple wooden mouse ride. Isn't technically new.. It was picked up from a failing park in Ohio. Nevertheless, it's another great addition. It took the place of Thunder Bobs, which is likely to be placed in the park again in a different location in the coming years.



    The old house still sits in its original spot. It gets a coat of paint every once in a while. As well as a landscaping touch up every few seasons.



    A dominating attraction. It's been doing well. Presumably because of its dominating position, despite being in the corner of the park.



    Many have wondered why the park has no Kiddieland. It's hard to say for certain, but the park has smaller rides scattered throughout. It's very likely that in the future there will be a growth in these smaller rides.



    Now called the Little Dipper, it's got a cute little station.



    This picture has always seemed odd to me... I'll never know why the park decided to put its most dominating ride right behind the ferris wheel.... Maybe they'll get a bigger one someday.



    Rumored expansion?



    The park layout as of 1963. Looks very different than from its early days!



    Not often discussed, but you can't forget about the backbone of any amusement park in these times. If you aren't interested in riding, you can still picnic and meet new people.


    The status of the business is looking shady at best.. The public seems suspicious of our activities. Our strong business standpoint has earned us a lot of cash, but also made us some powerful enemies.




    To those who haven't picked up on it, the park is run by the mob!

  11. Thanks for all the kind words! If it isn't the best one you've ever had yet... I hope that soon enough it will be! I've been occupied lately, but this park will not be dying anytime soon, don't worry!



    1960 - Flat Ride Alley


    As the season wears on, and Labor Day quickly approaches, I will be finally be getting to the last remaining undiscovered new attractions for the new East Side.




    This new ride was just created this past winter by Reverchon. We had to make accommodations for it, but the guests seem to really enjoy it!




    The Roll-O-Plane. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done!




    People again seem to love the addition of these 'fair' rides. This Round-Up, unlike all the other new fair rides, was bought second-hand from another park.




    The pride and joy of all of our new flat rides. Cost us a bunch, but well worth the money.




    A rather boring part of the park, this pathway takes you from flat ride alley up to the swimming pool.




    If you've been curious about what has been done to Chase Thru the .. err I mean, Sky Streak, it has been converted into a Little Dipper ride. It's a perfect step for kids without enough courage yet to brave Twister!

  12. Paranormal Activity 2... waste of 2 hours of my life.


    I assume you meant PA 3?? Because it is pretty clear what happens at the end of the 2nd one.


    The fact that they're so similar that you can't tell the difference between 2 and 3 should be a good indicator of how good the movie is. Haha. And no I meant 2. I know what happens at the end of 2, but it just felt really stupid and forced..

  13. Paranormal Activity 2... waste of 2 hours of my life. Only reason I sat through it was because of the woman on my shoulder haha. I mean c'mon.. literally nothing was explained.. they move into the house and some unknown things happen (strings attached to stuff pulls people and objects) and then the movie ends.. Stupid. But I guess if you throw in 5 minutes of some possessed lady and a dog barking it makes it scary I guess.


    Silence of the Lambs on the other hand... Fantastic, Hannibal is possibly my new favorite movie character. The acting was fantastic, so many scenes were suspenseful, and it did that insanely rare thing where a horror movie actually felt like an actual movie and not just a scarefest. Definitely recommend this to anybody who hasn't seen it already.

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