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  1. 1964 - A New Image


    We've got mysterious, rapid construction going on over at East Side...



    Large empty planters surround fancy new futuristic pathways.



    The parks 'midway' has been almost entirely stripped of its once lush foliage and rustic turn of the century atmosphere.



    All the parts remain, but a transformation on all fronts is surely going to make this a different place to walk around in come Memorial Day.



    Will be interesting to see what the park looks like in a couple months time...

  2. Middle school/freshman girls need to stop dragging upperclassmen into futile drama. I didn't think it was even possible to be considered less mature than a freshman... Seriously. If you're in this demographic, please, leave us alone! And for god's sake, we know more about how things work than you do, don't argue with us! You're wrong!

  3. It's kinda sad that he died, but it's too bad that he will be known as a coach who did little to prevent a crime


    It seems to me there is still overwhelming support for him despite the incident. If anything he'll be remembered as the coach who was brought down unfairly by the mistakes of others.

  4. I don't see rapids rides going anywhere myself... Kennywood's are doing just fine. I absolutely hate the ride experience, but for everyone else, it's a must ride, multiple times in a row. As long as you've got sun, these rides will always be a hit. I imagine ripping apart acres of landscaping, filling in a gigantic void and having to replace it with something equally as large a footprint is quite expensive. I think Intamin had the right idea with these rides. They'll be around a while.


    As for what I do think is going, coaster wise I'd bet that Arrow loopers aren't sticking around much longer. I'd give them 5 years, maybe closer to 10. Outdated beasts that were mostly slaves to record breaking. And the ones that weren't... Can't say they had much going for them in the first place. If parks can muster the funds to put in something like a Gerstlauer or a Premier that's going to make the public just as happy, they'd probably go for it. They are just maintenance nightmares really...


    Another flat I don't know why it's so popular are those spider, or monster, or whatever incarnation of animal they are, contraptions that give you a relatively boring ride cycle of random spinning,and then suspend you in the air for an extended period of time in the hot sun waiting to unload for longer than the actual ride. I believe they were conceived in the 60's, and I'd really hope they kick the bucket soon.

  5. The key to making a good storyline park is that as the storyline progresses... so do your skills. Each year you can make a change here, and a change there, and it'll all build and before you know it you've got a good looking park! Take as much time as possible getting your layout, terraforming, and initial structures in place. They will act as the guide to where your park goes. Hard to sell that your next year's expansion is a new mountain! Keep it small and simple to start, then gradually build to the more complex things as you feel more confident in your skills. This is the method I used when creating East Side Lagoon, and it's worked pretty well.


    As for me... I'm considering a new path to East Side. A new storyline, new management (yet again), and finally a shot at the big time. I can't seem to make the final jump to what I hear a lot of people consider 'CD5 level'. And I blame my storyline. Which has severely slipped lately.. not sure how I let it happen. But any big ideas to get me back on track would be appreciated.

  6. ^ If you really worked at it, you could get some decent .3ds models in there. Wouldn't be perfect, but would at least give you an idea of what it'd look like indoors and such.


    And now.. me presenting.. some sort of Schwarzkopf!




    It's not your typical layout, but it's got the main parts twisted about to give something different from the usual Schwarzkopf styles you see. It pulls about 5 g's at the bottom of the loop and in the proceeding helix, only for a moment or two though. No two turns go the same direction not counting the first drop. I feel pretty confident with this layout...


    Feel free to rip me apart RD! I'm about ready to start researching his layouts and park implementations.

  7. Thick, lush, tall foliage or clean, open, 60's space age-y foliage?



    I'd go for the open space area. It is the 60's after all! And it would serve as a nice picnic sort of area in the middle.


    Also to add... Do you think I should keep the (really expensive in real life) tiled path or go with a simpler asphalt? It's not a huge hassle to change once the paths and borders are already in place.

  8. 1964 - End Of Season


    The days left in the season are dwindling, and we don't have much of an idea about what the park has planned for next year.




    We can speculate that we'll be getting some much needed infrastructure upgrades, but some insist something major is in the works.




    The pool is getting pretty old, but you can't tire of one on one of those hot Pittsburgh summer days..




    There's an endless flow of cars coming here it seems. The parks really been on the map since it reopened despite not adding anything truly major since then.




    The ferris wheel may be a big part of the rebirth of this park. It's a shining symbol of progress and the first ride in the parks history that's visible before driving up to the park.

  9. 1964 - Progress Ahead




    You may be happy to hear, the park is really in a good financial position right about now. The Space Wheel is really attracting revenue, and the rally behind the space race is helping tons with publicity. It's awaiting that perfect sign which may make it truly recognizable for miles around.




    You may also want to hear that the park can finally do some upgrades to its layout. Some parts of the layout work really well, others have their flaws, which we intend to work out. A major flaw is the pathway clogging Mad Mouse whose days are already numbered. It's served its purpose, it's gotta go soon.




    As the park gains a new staple, it loses a tradition, the old ferris wheel has been removed, unfortunately no park wanted it, and its been sold for scrap. Finally though we get some great views of Racer, and the paths are infact going to be rerouted to help consolidate those views.

  10. 1964 - Staying On Track


    Time has passed... The bad blood remains, though much has been done to squash out Kennywood. This is the largest year for the park, the park's assets are showing the largest percent increase in history. All being accomplished without a new coaster.




    A huge new parking lot has been placed at the front of the park providing more ample and convenient parking than to the former lot across the street which has been sold off at a high cost to make room for a shopping center.




    Guests no longer have to risk crossing the ever expanding freeway. They now have a chance to build anticipation over the park, instead of worrying about the hassle of street crossing.




    The entrance has been updated. Despite the visible change, a better turnstile system has been implemented, as well as a remodeling of the buildings interiors.




    Standard wood replacement has been done on Cyclone, various re-tracking as well.




    The Snack Bar has been seeing unimaginably large crowds. It is likely that a remodeling and expansion will be done here soon.




    And I'll leave with a teaser for the real action that's coming soon...

  11. Any sort of bee/wasp/hornet/beedrill.. I seem to have a nasty habit of stepping on their nests and getting stung.. 4 or 5 times. Always in places where swelling is maximum possible and crippling. I was actually once trapped in a tree as my idiot friend took a piss on a ground bees nest, what proceeded was a frantic (and sketchy) escape to a neighboring rooftop. Luckily for me, most ground bees are unaware of the fact that they can actually leave the ground.

  12. 1963 - Muscled Out?




    Today will surely be remembered as a bad day for the park... Not only because of the loss of a classic attraction at the park, but a family has been torn apart.




    As it stands, the park has no plans of restoring the Caverns and will instead demolish it and leave the land for further development in the near future.


    As the narrator... I know... But as far as the public is concerned there was merely a fire injuring one of the mechanics.



  13. I posted yesterday... dunno what happened to my post, I suppose I'll repost it.


    [MOD EDIT: Chances are you posted a link to somebody's site without clearing it with a moderator- or the person who MADE the items in the first place. R.D. GFMT]


    Yeah, Invisible Doodads is the way to go. I'd use them for your paths as well. The concrete doesn't work with the rustic theme. You can use the ground textures and you've got virtually an unlimited number of options. Keep experimenting! Just about every set out there can mix with the rustic theme in some way shape or form.. Add in different windows, walls, etc. Brick works, rock works, stucco works. Variety is key to the rustic theme.

  14. ------------------------------------------------------------------


    1963 - More Strange Happenings..




    Happy people taking the surprise drop under the bridge..




    Another strange person walking about the Caverns. A mechanic no doubt, but what is he doing??




    Seen now on the roof, with mysterious boxes marked 'TNT.' This can't be good!




    Is this park ever going to be free of the meddling grasp of fate?

  15. An Odd Man - 1963



    ^ A mysterious character was spotted at the park today... Little is known about his identity, what is known is that he enjoys french fries and 'taking it in the rear.'



    He's seen here exchanging a mysterious unmarked package with an African american. The Mexican following is suspiciously afraid...



    Boarding Racer in the front... now something is really odd here...



    Off it goes... soon to be engulfed by the trees and the deep valley.



    I appreciate the patience... I've got the park working. Some things aren't exactly the same, I'm trying to avoid showing the empty parts until I can fully accumulate all my scenery again.

  16. Not all fo them get better once they get out of high school, ask me how I know


    Oh out of high school I'll get an entirely new set of problems to deal with! Joy! Hopefully they're not by cause of meddling friends or other nonsense... I always have the worst luck. I swear we're all better off with nothing but coaster porn and donkeys...

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