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  1. Maybe a backward coaster? I believe the Intamin Ball coaster goes backward?
  2. Interesting point, the red seems to be the same found on Dragster..hmmm
  3. I would have thought they already knew that these kind of coaster would have a rollbacks. TTD is only the second rocket coaster at that time, so that could be an excuse for them to be shocked. There is no need to be shocked over a rollback, I mean obviously they knew it was coming....
  4. XC?? Haha...who knows, though I heard its a bit better now.
  5. I'm surprised they arent using the new trains like their rocket coaster, considering how horrible the one on Colossus are.
  6. I heard that Colossus is not doing too good so far this season, supposedly its the weather. Also, I am surprised Slammer is actually open.
  7. Wait, so its $12.50 now?? It was $10 back in 2001.
  8. Wow, they are putting the themeing up faster than I thought.
  9. Maybe some trees/flowers/shrubs would be better..... Whats in store for the future?
  10. How could you compare a COMPUTER POV to the real thing?
  11. Wow, its amazing what a new paint job could do.
  12. I heard they are still doing modification on Jubilee...such sadness.
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