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  1. thanks for the suggestions! I had a feeling Behemoth had the edge, I've been on every other B&M of this kind in the USA so adding Behemoth, Leviathon and Goliath at La Ronde is going to rule and Diamondback is my favorite out of those so it's going to be cool to see how these 3 rank with the others! I'll probably have a PTR of my visit, and I'll report crowds for whoever else will be going in the near future!

  2. oh man, this was totally one of my favorite parks when it was around, definitely more when it was Six Flags, obviously when it became CF they started shipping away almost every coaster to other parks. The location of it, the beauty of it and not to mention the SICK coaster lineup! X-Flight, Knight Flight, Superman, Big Dipper (such an out of control woodie) Villain, etc, it was an amazing place to get some solid credits! When this was open it honestly made Ohio the most dominant state for coasters in my opinion with CP, Kings Island and this place, not all too far from each other, I took a vacation for those 3 parks and it still ranks as one of my favorite trips I ever took, deeply miss this park, these pics rule so thank you for putting them up and starting this thread!

  3. WOW, what an addition for CP! I was always wondering when B&M would make its way back to the park (saying that Mantis was the last installation in '96!), and what a huge way to do it! I love the name, adore the layout and absolutely blown away by the keyhole over the gates, definitely going to grab guests coming in that way! I agree with BlakeCoaster about the ending though, it seems like the MCBR isn't totally necessary because all the ride does is the helix then pull up into the breaks, similarly like the ending to Intimidator, but it sure hugs the ground so I'm sure that thought will leave my mind when I ride it, way to go CP & B&M!

  4. unbelievable, I was at the park yesterday and had a wonderful day, pretty eerie that I was there just a day before this!


    On the note of Mach Tower, I got on it yesterday and had a fun ride. It's not the best, the effect at the top was quite lame and the drop, while very quick (and some say pointless) was fun, I was most thankful that the breaks worked , overall a nice addition because they needed a bigger flat to go with Darkastle

  5. Personally I'm not very interested in seeing the next Disney/Marvel film THE AVENGERS....but we'll see!


    How are you not interested in seeing this? It combines all of the AMAZING movies over the past few years, they tied them together so brilliantly, Captain America was the final piece to get The Avengers ready, it's going to kick so much ass

  6. ^ absolutely well said. I have been on IW (way back in 2002) and thought it was a nice, decent stand up. The bottom line is, it's a new coaster for SFA and as said they can absolutely turn this ride into a nice, refurbished, themed stand up that adds to their nice coaster line up. When they moved Chang to SFGAdv they definitely refurbed it, painted it and tacked on one of Riddler's Revenge's trains, it's running very well this year compared to my ride on it at SFKK in 2009, so I'm optimistic to see how this will go!

  7. also, I'm not a regular but from my CP experiences if Dragster is running early in the day, go to it. Just like Kinga Ka here in Jersey, you never know when that thing will be up or down, if you see it operating, I suggest going there first. I'll be there next month and am going to go by that motto, I did it the year Maverick opened, my dad and I got on it when it opened towards the evening time, thank goodness we did because it was closed all day the next day. Just a suggestion, have a blast!!

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