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  1. emo.


    This is by far the, the best "NEW WORD FOR ME OF 2005". I love it. The link in this post to the dictionary tends to relate it to depressed teens... There were over 600 definitions! Too many to post.


    It is quickly making it into the slang of the 21st century yuppy... I will personally see to this! There are MANY emo 20 somethings and 30 somethings. I think I know half of them!

  2. I so don't celebrate Xmas. But I do remember loving to see "Rudolf" and Mr. Ives (remember "Silver and Gold"???) as a snow man making snail trails in the snow...


    I also liked "Frosty". When they show his fire place it is full of upside down icicles; although that may have been the "jack frost" xmas special... it has been so long.

  3. ^You know Eric, that was pretty darned convenient! I almost always spell check everything before I post, but in the "rant" thread it just seems like I shouldn't. I dunno why... But yes, I have learned two words today that I will *never* spell wrong again. You can quiz me on it next week! LOL


    As I recall you (were) are very anal about English??? Thx, for not going off on my awful spelling - I'm really not a dunce people, really... 8)

  4. all i want are some cinnomin pop tarts... i don't deserve then b/c i cannot spell them correctly...


    but i want 'em!




    Enjoy your tarts.


    I did...

    I so did the whole box. If I were balimic (cannot spell that either) I would have done the second box too... It took 2 stores to find them. Every thing about them is so wrong and so right. I think I have a CINNAMON pop tart fetish. I don't toast them or freeze them or do anything but tear open the box and throw down...

    All other flavors can eat me. Esp. S'MOREs...

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