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  1. The owner of In-N-Out told me in September of 2010 the plan was to open them in June. Hope they open sooner!


    Saw this a couple weeks ago:


    Alerted by reader and intrepid photo-snapper David Franks that In-N-Out Burger has a revised opening date for the Frisco and Allen locations on its Facebook page, Karen Robinson-Jacobs checked in with In-N-Out veep Carl Van Fleet. "We originally said we were hoping to open by the end of May," he wrote in an email, "and it now looks like we will be ready closer to mid-May."





    EDIT: I went to their Facebook page, and this was posted today:


    In-N-Out Burger: No dates yet, Heather, but we hope to open both locations (stores in Allen & Frisco) mid-May. Thanks for your enthusiasm!
  2. So I would be coming from California for my first time in Texas. Robb mentioning a few people trying to pull off Fiesta Texas on sunday has my mind spinning because I would absolutely love to hit both of these parks in the same trip. Could someone share with me the plans on how this would be happening. Fiesta Texas is 5+ hours from Over Texas how in the world could this be pulled off on Sunday.



    You tug really hard...


    Anyway, if anyone wants to go, im down for it!

  3. Yes, this is the same video footage, just instead of screaming riders, we have techno for the audio. (for what it's worth, the audio ended when the video switched to the reverse POV on-train shots, cause they used cameras without mics for that part) It was all raw sound. From what I understand, they had mics set up on the train to record that they were planning to use for the "real" sound anyway...


    Also the quality is definitely inferior to the original post.

  4. Cross-posting this from the Texas Giant rehab thread


    I saw this on Vimeo the other day. http://vimeo.com/21412628 (don't know how to embed this type of video)


    I wonder where this person got the b-roll footage, taken from the commercial shoot... Anyways, this makes NTG look so awesome. I need to go and ride it when it opens. Looks insane. On the reverse POV's you can just see the airtime.

  5. Living in Waco, between DFW and Austin, I usually drive about 75-80 going up to DFW, and get there in about 1-1.5 hours, assuming I don't hit rush hour traffic. (I may be wrong, but as long as it's not between 7-9 AM or 4-8PM traffic isn't awful) and about 2 hours going to Austin going pretty much 80 the entire way. (It's easier to speed going south, I don't know why...) Anyway, assuming that you go that fast, that's 3.5 hours from DFW to Austin.


    I always go straight through Austin when going to San Antonio, and plan for a 3.5 hour trip, (going 80) but usually get there early.



    Hope that helps some!

  6. I'm TOTALLY IN!!!

    Question though, I have a PLAY PASS, not a season pass (though for all intensive purposes, its the SAME!) does that count though for the season pass price?


    Don't hold me responsible if I'm wrong, but I want to say yes because I believe the only difference between a season pass and play pass at SFOT is that you don't get the coupon book with the play pass.




    That, and season passholders have more exclusives like ERT weekends and whatnot.

  7. ^But if that's the case, don't you think someone would have seen the teal and/or black train being tested at some point? Just a thought.

    Well, considering the first test run ever, and the first full-train test were both on the teal one, I'm willing to bet that it's probably done most/all of it's needed runs, just in testing things like the rider clearance envelope/window (Noob question: What is it actually called, anyway?)



    That just leaves the black train.



    Hmmm...I wonder if they're going to get named, nick-named, numbered, or just called by color? I always thought nicknames gave coaster trains a bit more of a personality...but that's just me...

  8. well, I finally wander over here...


    I am webgoof, AKA Seth. 22, currently living in TX, close to DFW. My first Theme Park/coaster experience was the fall of 2007 when I flew to CA to visit a friend, and we went to Disneyland. I rode Big Thunder Mountain, then Space Mountain. First time on Space Mountain, I screamed in pure terror the entire time. The whole train nearly died of laughter.


    Since then, I've been to California Adventure, Magic Mountain, and SFOT. Not much experience yet, but I fully intend to change that.

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