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  1. I was there two mondays ago, and it was a quiet, ride-what-you-want kind of day, with the longest wait being for Shock Wave, as it was a double-ride day, running one train. (They put the 2nd train on the track right when I was next to ride...)



    I'm not sure how busy it'll be tomorrow, but I'd also recommend going to Gotham, because, as Jake said, they are tried-and-true favorites that people will always want to ride...also it gets really hot in the queues for Batman and Mr. Freeze (irony?)


    Also, if you are interested in Casa Magnetica, each show runs about 10 minutes, and takes in about 15-20 people max each time.


    I didn't see the Texas Justice shows, but a friend told me that they are fun in the old western-movie way.


    The park closing show is very much meh, unless you want to see the cheerleaders up close. I would personally spend the time on rides. (They even lip-synch the SPEAKING parts...)



    Random ride I recommend, is the ACME rocket by Tony Hawk's Big Spin/Big Spin/Pandemonium....it's easily one of my favorite flat rides ever for simple, but intense ride. Be sure and empty you pockets of change and stuff before hand though, cause it'll fall out!


    in terms of food, most people like the BBQ place there, but if you want to dodge the theme-park markup, there's a Subway within a block of the park...

  2. Here's a trick related to the wet towel around the neck...if you go to your local garden store, there are these crystal-type things you are supposed to mix into potting soil, they absorb a lot of water, and slowly release it over time...Example from Home Depot



    If you or someone you know is useful with sewing machines, you can whip together a tube long enough to tie around your neck, and sew some of the crystals into it. Soak it the day before, and refrigerate it overnight, and over the course of the day it'll slowly release water, staying damp and cool.


    Be careful not to use too much of the absorbent crystals though, cause they swell up BIG TIME, and could pop the seams...

  3. Well, for those of us City Folk, it doesn't make much sense nor is it comfortable!! And if we're riding in cars, why is there a saddle thing!?!?



    I'm sure the saddle horn is there for themeing purposes. I usally have my hands in the air for the entirety of the ride, I have never attempted to hold on to the saddle horn at any time. I'm not sure if it works or not. Funny thing though, last time I rode the back seat the guy sitting next to me couldn't figure out what to hold onto either. During the first drop he promptly grabbed my outstretched arm!! Made me wish there had been something for him to hold onto.


    While I do agree that the concept of theming the seats as saddles, but placing them inside of '61 Caddies is kinda odd, I for one never questioned the idea of hanging onto it. I love the arms-up approach but every now and again, especially if the lap bar was a bit loose, it's good to grab onto. It is fun to imagine it as some vague sort of imaginary wild bull rodeo idea...


    Come think of it, considering the extreme ejector air, that could have been quite fitting theming...instead of cars, have the trains be bulls or something similar...

  4. I have a private message I've been trying to send, but it keeps landing in my outbox, and just sitting there...I'm feeling pretty dumb cause I usually can figure these things out, but I can't tell if it's sent or not, and if not, how to make it send...I've got other messages that I've sent that are in my sent items.....kinda stumped on this one.


    As an enthusiest who lives for the summer, I'd love to make a living off of theme parks. Unfortunately jobs are few and inbetween....does anyone know of anything else in a related field that would work as a full time job or an adequate field of study? As of right now, I'm working slowly on a Communication degree while working as a Gameroom Attendant at Chuck E Cheese....


    From my experience you got to move where the full time jobs are. With this industry being as small as it is you must go to the jobs and can't hope and wait for a job to open up around you. My best recommendation would be to move to Orlando or SoCal where you can go full time in a front line position. Disney, Universal and Sea World all have programs to help groom people for leadership (at least here in Orlando) and if you work hard you could move up to a lead probably after a year and a manager after two. Get some management experience and then move to a park elsewhere. Where is a park like Coney Island or Kings Island by you may have only one full time opening a year if that, the year-round parks are always looking for management at all levels in all areas.


    So, I'm interested in backstage work at theme parks, like stage/show management basically...currently I'm a manager in a restaurant, and live fairly close to SFOT...I'm pretty sure most such jobs there would be seasonal, yes?


    So, do you think it would be better to stay where I'm at until I get some debts paid off, and can afford to move to SoCal or Orlando/Tampa, or do you think it would be better to get experience in the park industry, and then try and move?

  6. Is Robb the new profile pic for SFOT's Facebook page? If it's not him, it sure looks like it.


    I'm pretty sure it's not...when I was out there during the commercial shoot, I was talking to Aaron in their PR department, (he's also one of the Facebook page admins) and he told me who it was that they took that picture of...it was a park employee, I'm pretty certain. I don't remember the department though...



    EDIT: there's an extra quotation mark in the link for the new commercial mentioned above...here's the corrected link http://affiliate.kickapps.com/_TEXAS-GIANT-COMMERCIAL/video/1565125/151061.html

  7. Yes, La Vibora, Big Spin, and Superman (the combo tower) all have single-rider lines that usually cut wait time by a lot!


    Assuming you don't Q-Bot, hit Batman and Mr. Freeze 1st...they're probably going to be walk-on. I'd go for Runaway Mountain next, as it gets more and more popular as the day gets warmer. (if you have a q-bot, you can play with the order a good bit) By mid/late afternoon, Titan seems to not be as busy. You'll need to play NTAG by ear, but for comparison's sake, assuming the ride runs efficiently, as it has been so far, and barring breakdowns/etc. it takes about an hour to go from the old Chap house (now just a red building with the switchbacks) to the station.

  8. So no Flames so far?

    They weren't there yesterday.


    Every time I got off the NTG, there was a supervisor at the end of the exit ramp, pushing the ride pictures. Every time I encountered a new one, I would ask about the rumors of flames, etc, and they all basically confirmed that flames will be there eventually, it just took longer to get the permits, as the fire marshal was (understandably) a bit leery of putting fire next to a wooden coaster.


    On that note, apparently the oil derrick from (Bizarro I believe?) wouldn't fit at SFOT for some reason, so they had a new one custom made, and just pulled the flame units.

  9. 90 minutes seems to be the average wait today...they only let about 2the trains worth of people in the station at a time, so back row was walk-on at that point. I saw a phone or two in the ground under the track, evidence of a disbelieving rider

    the only stacking I saw was actually my ride...there was a slow guest holding up the dispatch of the train in front of us, but it pulled out just as the 3rd train pulled in behind us.


    In other news, I didn't get royally pinned down by the. ops! Makes me wonder if I was an exception or not...

  10. Just hopped in line for the first time today. All the other rides in the park were walk ons so far with max wait of 15 mins. About half of the switchbacks are not in use on NTAG atm. I predict about 1.5 hours...ill update when I get there. The only negative comment I heard was from a guy who says his favorite ride is Judge Roy Scream back row cause it shakes so hard. Someone put him in a paint mixer please! :-/

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