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  1. BUT on that note, being as JL was an expensive investment, do you see any new rides for the park next year, or will the next one come in 2017? Keep in mind they have placed new attractions in 4 of the last 5 years.


    I would wager on something "small but mighty" in way of "new things" -- Honestly, short of multi-million coaster additions, SFOT has a solid line-up of stuff, IMO. Maybe a refresh of the Loony Toons ride whose name I can't remember...maybe something new in the old Batman Stunt Show/haunt theater?


    On the other hand, i wouldn't be surprised if a clone of SFFT's B:TR makes its way to Arlington.

  2. As JL is located in the old (Adventure?) theatre building, a large part of it has an extremely high ceiling. In some of the constructions pics where the building is an empty shell, the whole area was open right up to the ceiling (which looked to be in pretty average condition). So, my question is, does most of the ride open out to this high ceiling still? Or did they install a false ceiling that is closer to the tops of the sets? I note the old Scooby show building that is being used for the St Louis version is significantly lower height-wise. Also, does anyone know what part of the ride fits into the existing building and what part takes place in the extended building at the back?


    I can't speak for what parts of the layout are in the original space vs the add-on, but the full ride (at least everywhere I noticed) has a dark "acoustic tile" drop ceiling, but you really don't notice unless you specifically look for it.


    I saw your question and rode the ride 2 more times before I remembered to look during the ride. (Single rider is super-fast on this attraction, since each car has 2 rows of 3 people)

  3. Park is pretty quiet today. Just some school groups mainly. After my recent trip to CP, the ops here make me sad lol.


    That being said, they're not terrible. Just. Meh.



    Titan and the Go Carts are both down for the day. I presume Titan's tunnel hasn't finished draining. The cart track for sure is still slighly flooded. Everything else seems to be going as normal.


    The go carts weren't even in the station...I'm curious where they store them. Wouldn't it be fun to drive the go carts through the park?!


    The go cart track is still draining. This pic was taken after ShockWave was fully stopped and stacked.


    The creek is still flowing over the access road to the back of the amphitheater.

  4. Power came back on about 10 minutes after the park closed today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day.

    Another note. Wicked Twister was testing all day as if it was about to open. Still not sure if the state has inspected and approved it yet, but it looked like it could very well open tomorrow. I hope so, because Wicked Twister is lots of fun. Also, Maverick was having issues all day and never opened. I really hope I can ride my favorite coaster at the Point at least once on this trip!


    Maverick had to evacuate at about 6PM on Tuesday evening, bet it's the same issue, whatever it is.


    On that note, what is it about Maveric that makes it especially sensitive?


    Have you been to Cedar Point before? I ask because it's in your signature and your answer could help me give you a better answer. For now, I'll answer as if you haven't been to the park.


    Lol I was updating my siggy for the first time in years earlier tonight and figured I may as well put CP in since I'll be there in a week, and likely won't update my profile for ages again.

  6. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but it seemed more sensible than re-hashing the information discussed above...


    So my husband and I are planning to go to Japan in July for roughly 10 days, with 4-5 of them dedicated to TDL/TDS. (2 of the days would be arrival/departure days)


    1. Is there a significant advantage or reason to stay with an official Disney resort property as opposed to the aforementioned Hilton Tokyo Bay?


    2. If we have 2 days to spend on each park, do we need to really worry about a "gameplan" or have to rush for fastpasses anywhere?


    3. Not knowing much about Tokyo/Japan personally (the husband is the fanboy for the region, I'm the fanboy for the parks), what are some non-Disney touristy things you might recommend? (Theme park or otherwise?)


    4. I thought about Fugi-Q but it seems like it's too much stress to subject my only moderately coaster-enthusiast husband to...but are there some other parks that might be a "can't miss" opportunity?


    5. Are there any specific restaurants (Especially if they're hidden in the resorts) that are highly recommended?


    Thanks in advance!!


  7. It's like cheerleader day or something, good luck with the crowds!


    Incidentally I've usually not seen the parking tram run until at least an hour after park opening, it's part of the Get Healthy Texas initiative.


    I suppose the health initiative make sense, if only they would designate walking paths with people so that they wouldn't get squished. I almost ran over several people who were walking right down the middle of the road rather than crossing it, and they were angry at me for driving 5 miles an hour. Apparently even that is too fast LOL


    Add to the crowds, I actually basically gave up before I even really got started, as I really was only really wanting to ride Judge Roy to see how the retracting went. Obviously I try and squeeze in a ride with the Giant, and Titan. Considering that I accidentally left my pass at home, I spent an hour or so in line with guest relations to get a new one, and then when I got to the full Plaza, I was like screw this. I can come back another day LOL.

  8. At the park today. They have RRE listed on the "closed ride" sign at the front.


    It's a cloudy semi dreary day. Minimal crowds.


    Anyone else coming to the park?


    I wonder what the threshold is between the cold and warm ride programs for Iron Rattler.




    Observations: they added lights to the IRAT tunnel and the bottom of the Skyscreamer chairs. (Or have I not noticed them before?)

  9. Hey guys! some friends and I are traveling to CP for the first time in May. We're staying at Hotel Breakers, and will be arriving on Sunday, leaving Wednesday, leaving us Sunday afternoon, and all day Monday and Tuesday at the park.


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but what with the early entry from staying on-property and all, this should be plenty of time to ride everything without worrying about fastlane, yes?

  10. There's nothing except a good view on top the derreck. It's JUST a viewing platform. Cool view none the less.


    La Vibora is one of my favorites, personally. It's a bobsled ride...I'd recommend watching a POV online to decide if you like. It's a bit rough with the brakes, and ops are slow there. The line generally gets long in the afternoon, so I'd hit it early or really late if you go for it.


    It does have a single rider line that makes it easier if you want to do that.


    The train ride is pretty cool, just a standard "go around the perimeter of the park" kind of thing.


    I've not really seen any of the shows...

  11. It'll be pretty warm in June, so you'll enjoy Yosimite Sam's for the A/C if nothing else.


    Sky Screamer is a lot of fun, but line moves SLOW usually.


    I like Runaway Mountain, but it's overrated by visitors, and ops on that ride are usually pretty slow. If you see a line sticking out from outside the front of the ride, it's going to be at least a 30 min wait.


    I'd prioritize it below New Texas Giant, Titan, Mr. Freeze, and Shockwave.

  12. ^^^If the lady didn't raise the issue until the train had already stopped in the station, maybe already loaded a few guests, then I can understand sending it empty. Some parks have policies such as not having operators check restraints until gates are closed, not re-opening gates, etc. It's actually very possible that if the issue of not wanting to ride red train wasn't brought up until the very last second, then the best decision was to send it empty and have ONE row of riders wait a few extra seconds for the next train, instead of making EVERYONE in line wait for them to find riders to fill the row, possibly re-opening gates, etc., before sending the train. That doesn't get maximum efficiency, but it increases it as much as possible in a capacity-harming situation. In a perfect world, the lady would have brought the issue up earlier and found 2 riders to take her place instead. But this isn't a perfect world.


    She didn't say anything until the red train pulled up, emptied, and the gates opened. She balked at that moment. I wouldn't be surprised if the ops really even noticed the situation until they were doing restraint checks. It just bugs me that her ride partner (who was trying to convince her to get on) didn't invite the party behind them to skip. *shrug* people be crazy

  13. ^ The Red train was in the accident but has been back but I believe they took it off again. Probably won't be back till after the court stuff. It's Six Flags though, I doubt we will ever see them run 3 trains again. Even before the accident, they only ran two.

    Red train has been back in action since late September. Black train has disappeared to the maintenance place, I assume. We rode red train last time we were there. It was when red train appeared that they shortened the trains. Not sure if just a coincidence or not.


    Last time I was at the park (in October) the red train was in action. In fact, there was a lady who refused to ride it, when it came up to her turn. Superstitious, it appeared. So, in typical SixFlags efficiency, instead of the people behind that couple hopping in, they ran the train with that row empty. (the line was about an hour or so, maybe towards 90 minutes)

  14. Video from "A Frozen Holiday Wish" - New castle lighting show which opened today!



    Gotta say, I really enjoyed it! I wasn't sure what to expect, but this definitely exceeded whatever it was that I wasn't expecting. Now if only Olaf "talked" hehe


    I especially got a kick out of how at about 5:00 in, they reproduce the trademark twirl that she does. Although she does seem to get a little...burlesque with her mannerisms for a minute right after that, hehe

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