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  1. Wow, that looks kinda small. I like the teenie-weenie Immelmann and Overbanked turn like Silver Bullet's!
  2. Last Sunday I went to the park with my mom, sisters, and cousins, and the park wasn't busy at all! Although it was a Sunday (church day) and it was pretty cloudy, so that kept people away. only about half of the front parking lot was taken up. Also: The new Carousel sucks! THEY pick your row for you! What the hell? HINT HINT: NEVER I mean NEVER sit in the inside, you barely go up and down.
  3. That's kinda funny. I got back from going to SDC yesterday! (Friday) It wasn't even busy when I went
  4. Sad.. I never got to ride it even though I passed right by it in Florida.
  5. Did KidTums like it? Great update! Hope you're having fun in Aussie!
  6. Thunderbolt at celebration City in the backseat on the OMFG! part. I was sitting there getting ready for the OMFG! part going , but as soon as we flew down that 30 sumting feet of OMFG! I was going
  7. What coasters do you think need Rocky Mountain's Topper Track? Here are mine: 1. Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun 2. Mean Streak at Cedar Point 3. Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Oh wait...never mind....)
  8. Timber Wolf at worlds of fun needs this rehab. Anyway, texas Giant looks frickin' awesome! Even though I don't have man boobs, my skin might bounce on this!
  9. Do you think it will have as much problems as the other Intamin Accelerators?
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