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  1. I was at opening day as well, but I didn't enjoy it as much. Patriot was running one train all day and for some reason I decided to wait 2 hours for it. Although, Prowler's crew made up for Patriot's. I was able to get two rides in under half an hour, and they were moving the trains through surprisingly fast. The staff were typical - not really happy or thrilled to be serving the guests, but that's not any different than before.


    SteelHawk fits well with the rest of the park to be honest. I always thought the tower would stand out, and it does, but in a better way than I originally imagined. I figured it would make the other attractions seem puny, but it doesn't appear to be much larger than Mamba or Detonator. I also liked how you could see it from literally anywhere in the park!


    I'm excited for its opening day. It should be a solid fit.

  2. Well my WOF trip that was scheduled for the 19th is off due to finances. Really sucks because I have not been to WOF since 2006


    That's a bummer!


    On another note, has anybody heard anything or seen anything signifying something new for next year? We're getting close to that time where you start seeing markers and clearings and all that.


    I'm probably not gonna buy a pass next year if nothing new comes around. I've been bored out of my mind this year at the park already, so what's the point of going if there is nothing new to do next year. Please don't let us down..

  3. Sweats


    Underarmour sweatshirt

    Laptop case, mouse, and USB drive-thingy

    A whole cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory

    A huge poster of a monkey on it

    Modern Warfare 3

    About 10 cards from a bunch of family members

    2 board games I forgot the name of



    Nothing to do with theme parks or roller coasters. Although I found out I'm going to Branson (Missouri) for a week in June (it's like a tradition that we didn't get last year or the year before). So yeah, thats pretty nice. I'll get to hang out with my cousins some more and shoot some RAW footage.

  4. The layout of your ride is, if I might be bold, one of the -finest- layouts I've ever seen for an RCT III coaster- EVER. There is a fluidity, grace and style that isn't seen many places- whether real world or not. It's flawless in every way, and would make for a great junior coaster if not a drifting coaster.


    Most excellent work there.




    And by the way, I love your username.

  5. Hey everyone! I haven't been on TPR too long, but since January. I rarely ever post anything on this website, but I'm going to try to post more.


    That's enough about me, let's get to the ride. Crystal is my newest ride, which is also a Drifting Coaster. The theme is gonna be kind of generic, but I'll try to make "generic" seem good. I'll show you three pictures of the ride so far:


    It's very easy to see Crystal from all over, despite being drowned in foliage. This picture was taken near the lift hill.


    This is just another shot showing more of the ride and the areas that need more work done.


    Here's an overview of Crystal so far.


    Yeah, the ride's not very close to being done. I still have to do more foliage, a station and queue, a midway with some rides and attractions, plus some other little details. After that will come the video. Enjoy these pictures!

  6. BUMP.


    I went to Worlds of Fun on Sunday evening with a couple of my friends. When we were riding Prowler at night, on the turnaround I saw some parts for something that sort of looked like B&M track in the back parking lot. Since it was dark and the ride was fast, I couldn't see a lot, but I could still make out some interesting things.


    It'd be amazing to get another B&M, but it would be better to get an Intamin... for certain reasons... . I guess we'll have to find out around the beginning of September...

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