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  1. " If you are a big guy, and you are doing a theme park trip, you have to be prepared that there will be rides that you will not fit on. And that's just the reality of the situation." Robb. That is it.With that thought in mind A big guy can still go have fun and enjoy themselves.
  2. I'm 6'8 and 285 and have found it all comes down to leg length and how flexable one can be with crossing your legs and how far you can shift down into the seat.. A lot also comes down to if you can get the lap bar down far enough to click and lock so the attendents will clear you for the ride. Funny how many times a support group in the line cheers you on saying come on man you can do it, squeeze down more,pull your chest in.
  3. Just wanted to get a clarification on if its necessary to join TPR club to attend this year's West Coast Bash. Attended in years past without being a club member. Thank you for your time and response on this in advance.
  4. Keeping My hopes up that you guys can work your magic and fit in WCB this year. Had a excellent time at Knott's and met alot of really nice people. Best of luck and losts of fun to your other tours. Hope to see you At knotts.
  5. Had an excellent time and thx to Rob and Knotts for a great day. Met some really good people and hope everybody made it home safe. Chris and Shawn thx for the help and letting an old guy tag along with u thru the day. Send me a message here . Again thx to Rob for a great job..
  6. Thx for a great Time all, met alot of nice people and if health permits will do it again next year-- Hope Shawn and Chris made it back to texas ok and send me message here if u guys get the chance .
  7. Hello Mr.Alvery. Just thought I'd ask if you need help with anything thru the day. I'm 6ft8" tall and 365lbs so I dont fit on to many rides much any more like my younger skinner days, but I still love theme parks and rides and will be attending the wcb at Knotts for the first time so if you need help with anything that day let me know. Ill be easy to spot. thx
  8. Hello Folk's My name is Christopher and my nephew got me hooked on Theme Park review a few years ago. Been a big coaster fan for year's and ride them when ever I get the chance. Tho I don't get to ride many due to not being able to fit on some( Not to many out there built to handle a 6'8" 300 lb guy) I ride what I can and enjoy ever min of it.
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