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  1. Those Bob Marley bananas are prizes from games in Islands of Adventure and Universal, and my store happens to be the package pick-up store, and when we got about six of them the other day for storage we had to put them up by our stocking shelves because we just didn't have the space, I have a feeling those bananas are going to give me hell one day.
  2. Breaking a cheap but irreplaceable family heirloom. What is worse then coworkers who ruin an entire days happiness?
  3. Universal Studios Florida, and Islands of Adventure have some pretty fast dispatch times, most of the times you have to wait is because everyone is strapped in you just have to wait for the train to reach the next block brake, which usually isn't a very long wait at all.
  4. Still people complaining about speed, ugh. I'm just grateful for the fact that there is an Intamin in Florida, we've needed one forever!
  5. After work yesterday at Islands I went on Spiderman with my friend who works over in HP, and we had a blast just walking 5 minutes onto everything, I heard about the Despicable Me ride earlier in the day, but I heard nothing about Spiderman, so this definitely makes me really excited! Can't wait for this! -Oreo P.S. I'm really excited to see what the hobgoblin section looks like when he says "trick or treat smell my feet, time to blow you off the street," and all that fire blasts in your face!
  6. True story. A lady comes into Dervish and Banges (HP store at IoA,) and puts 7 different wands on the table, the guy rings her up and starts to strike up a conversation and says, "Oh, so you're a really big Harry Potter fan?" The lady responded, "No I just see a bunch of people buying these and I have no idea who the characters are, but I assumed I needed some if everyone is getting them." My facilitator for orientation told us about that as we were going over the types of guests, there were some other things as well and I hope they come back to me because they were gold, but I just woke up so maybe it'll hit me later. - Oreo
  7. Awww yeah! Now that is what I'm talking about!
  8. The Incredible Hulk goes 65 MPH, and it seems like you are hauling some butt on the ride, it's all about perspective, seriously though, I'm not disappointed with this at all, I believe this is the first Intamin in Florida, and I'm excited just to ride it because I've never been on one.
  9. ^ Exactly, I didn't mean it to sound mean, I just didn't like how the rules were not clear. I also don't mean for you to "disect the files," but rather see if Kumba9 could fix it, (it is his file after all.) For your first contest run on this site it was a good effort, and now you know for future reference. Again congratulations to CC9, and sorry for sounding harsh. - Oreo
  10. Well I mean, I just wouldn't want all that effort gone to waste, I figure you could at least try to fix the files more than just once, he could probably figure out a solution to it, I'd just hate to see that talent gone down the drain for nothing. In other news 'grats CC9 on winning!
  11. I really like the look of this park! I love the idea of using the flume ride as a waterslide. My only critique is maybe a bit of foilage or terrain work under that Schwarzkopf (I probably just butchered that name...) But other then that nitpick great work!
  12. /startrant Did you at least try to sort the problem out with it not opening on your computer? For the time it must've taken Kumba9 to build that ride it seems like you're not even giving it the time of day. There wasn't any "deadline for voting is May 14th" or anything like that either, you just flat out ended it, I honestly think Kumba9 should be considered, or appreciated, instead of "oh sorry it wouldn't open on my computer" type of blow off, that's extremely unfair to him. /endrant To all who entered your rides look amazing, good job to you all, and congratulations to the winner. - Oreo
  13. I'm about to go watch the 7:20 show to Thor in 3D tonight, really excited! I don't have any expectations for the movie though so it should be good. (I find that when I don't have any expectations it exceeds what would've been my expectations as a movie. )
  14. Rode Revenge of The Mummy at USF with my orientation day 2 class for the scavenger hunt at USF, and found two references to King Kong while on the ride for the scavenger hunt.
  15. GROAN... That was -terrible- Iduno... I thought that was a KILLER joke. That was so punny I about DIED from laughing.
  16. I had mexican night the other night at my house, I really want it again. We basically put meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, salsa, tortilla chips, and all the fixings to a burrito, and pretty much make our own burritos Chipotle style. .... Crap, now I really want Chipotle too ...
  17. Oh this'll be fun! Whether I'm going into work or coming out, I could go hit up some mini golf over at Citywalk. Wonder what the prices are going to be like, and if Universal employees get a discount or not.
  18. Is it possibly ADware, or maybe an ad from something else that you closed out?
  19. Am I the only one who looks at the art and thinks of a ballpoint pen?
  20. I305. Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey or Spiderman?
  21. I quite like the potter benches, the seats have a nice dip in and support your body very well, plus the restraints are super comfy too.
  22. I hope the 1,000,000th post is something along the lines of: Megalites are awesome!
  23. Mmmm... smack that one onto my list as well, along with practically any chocolate.
  24. ^ Sporcle is for sure one of mine. My other one being Harry Potter. =P
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