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  1. I went to the park today and some parts of the park had peeling paint like the old Barracuda Bay entrance house, the Potato Works stand had at least one column with paint peeling, and also Viper's station. I took a look at Tantrum and it looked it was operating only one train like all of Darien Lake's coasters for the last few years. The only ride I've notice today that was running more than one car/train was Shipwreck Falls. On a semi-related note, not only is Sleigh Ride's canopy is off, but the ride's sign as well and the Pirate Ship was closed like it has been all season. My guess is that Sleigh Ride and Pirate aren't going to be there in 2019. Also I kind it weird that they're still selling Pepsi products in a Six Flags park, but I assuming that Darien Lake would get back with Coke in 2019 like all of the other Six Flags parks. A certain set of defunct water slides was moved to where the old "Batman" roller coaster tracks where and also that area was fenced off possibly to ward off anyone who wants to take a photo of those slides.
  2. I can't imagine Viper's trains being wrapped up in advertisements for anything. I'm pretty sure that Six Flags will try again with Darien Lake and make the park look less like (trailer) trash and more like Six Flags America.
  3. That would be kind of ironic since that thing was built originally to house a roller coaster and then a Batman stunt show among other shows before Darien Lake decided to just abandon the building.
  4. What? I don't get the second part. Campground passes/access will be checked I presume What's going to happen to Motocoaster? You have pass through Darien Square in order to get to the ride's entrance and exit.
  5. ...Six Flags Over Texas has no place for a toilet. Darien Lake just announced a ride...
  6. I can't see Darien Lake doing Holiday in the Park with Western New York's somewhat brutal winter season.
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