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  1. If you go back to Santa Cruz boardwalk, there are some nice groves nearby. I recommend Big Basin, profiles at www.redwoodhikes.com It's almost as nice as the North Coast redwoods. It's further from SF than Muir Woods, but closer to Railblazer. There are also old growth remnants in Massachusetts. I've seen a grove on Mt. Greylock on a steep slope where it was hard to cut the trees. They grow slower in the cold than coast redwoods. Massachusetts' Mt. Greylock - Backpacker The Hopper Trail climbs through old-growth spruce, and the Cataract Trail leads to an impressive waterfall. ELEVATION: The reservation dips to 900 feet at its southwest fringe, and tops out at 3,491 feet on Mt. Greylock. Search domain www.backpacker.com/stories/massachusetts-mt-greylock-2 https://www.backpacker.com/stories/massachusetts-mt-greylock-2 National Natural Landmarks - National Natural Landmarks (U.S ... The Mt. Greylock Old Growth Spruce site contains potentially virgin, pure stands of old-growth red spruce. Occurring on the steep, northwest slopes of Mt. Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts, they are the only old-growth, red spruce stands known to occur in southern New England. Search domain www.nps.gov/subjects/nnlandmarks/site.htm?Site=MTGR-MA https://www.nps.gov/subjects/nnlandmarks/site.htm?Site=MTGR-MA
  2. Fun fact: the tallest redwood has been measured at 380 feet. Three hundred and eighty. It is in Tall Trees Grove in Redwood National Park. Muir Woods and other Bay Area groves are impressive but not the champions. www.famousredwoods.com www.redwoodhikes.com www.mdvaden.com www.redwood-ed.com https://orionmagazine.org/article/a-day-of-discovery/ finding the largest redwood
  3. Went on 12/26. Definitely appreciated the advice to be there at opening (5 pm). Got there a little early and waited for the rope drop. Railblazer had a short line at first. Got a couple rides in before the line got long. Wow, that is an incredible ride. The park got crowded, but probably most of the crowd were families with small kids looking at the lights. At 8 pm Railblazer's line was over an hour. Patriot was a walk on, a modest improvement over Vortex but not that great. Flight Deck was awesome as always and the line was short. Still not a fan of Gold Striker, it was rattly in the last row and I prefer airtime to curves, especially on wooden coasters. Demon and Grizzly were closed, but that wasn't a loss. The Mouse was open but didn't ride. The drop tower was closed, that would have been a great ride in the cold with the lights. Railblazer was in some ways even more intense than the other RMCs (including SV). It does not have a millimeter of wasted track. Intense, Intense, INTENSE.
  4. "Worst RMC" seems like an oxymoron to me. Perhaps "less spectacular than Steel Vengeance" is a better description. Joker is great. I like that every element is airtime, inversion or overbanked curve.
  5. I've ridden all seven B&M standups. The only two I dared ride in the last row were Georgia Scorcher and Riddlers Revenge. The last row of Scorcher had great airtime, the dropping feeling that is not merely being lifted out of one's seat (or off one's feet as is the case here). It was comfortable in every row, unlike the five other stand ups. (The only floorless conversion I've been on was Mantis -> Rougarou, which was a headbanger for me. One and done, especially with the RMC nearby.) I hope Scorcher isn't converted to a floorless.
  6. IND to Kings Island = 133 miles. Might take a little longer than that ... If I was traveling across an ocean to go to KI I'd try to take some time to visit CP and ride Steel Vengeance, which I think is better than anything at KI or anywhere else.
  7. 11 pm was a nice time to ride SV this August. I'd be happy if they moved up the opening time to be later in the morning if they need to cut an hour for the staff, especially the maintenance crew who get there before sunrise.
  8. They are omnivores. But I agree they are not that aggressive unless you annoy them. My encounters have been anticlimatic. Grizzlies are more aggressive than the average bear, if you're in the northern Rockies.
  9. Or maybe Goliath with the second half of the ride added on ... I liked Goliath a lot, but it did feel incomplete.
  10. I live in a state with a bottle bill, which reduces (a little) the proclivity of some to leave trash like this. I would like to see CP resume using washable, reusable cups, plates, etc. (as was done everywhere until a few decades ago) to replace use-once stuff that becomes trash. The only place I saw at CP that served food on washable plates was Melt. "Waste is a terrible thing to mind." Steel Vengeance is the best ride I've ridden, by far. Maverick, Toro, Skyrush, i305, Voyage, four other RMCs were great, but SV is my #1. I can't imagine what RMC could do to surpass this masterpiece.
  11. I'm curious why SFMM seemingly chose two car (12 people) trains for the new coaster instead of three car (18 people), at least according to the animation video. Did any park officials mention this at West Coast Bash?
  12. I've ridden Joker a number of times (closest RMC for me) and they've always had the "ops push down the lap bar" rule. I rode Goliath last month for the first time and they had the same rule. It was also the shakiest of the five RMCs I've ridden and the only wooden one (shaky coming out of the stall). If I hadn't just ridden Steel Vengeance I would have loved it even more ... Twisted Timbers (which I rode in May) and S.V. seem to both benefit from the extra set of wheels (double instead of single) under each car. Extremely smooth.
  13. I loved El Toro but I liked SV far more. I was also impressed how much that turn around section sways, viewable especially from the Fast Pass line. The end of that turn around into the second inversion felt like a right left right zig zag, but upside down. Brilliant!
  14. Probably about as likely as buying dishwashers and reusable plates, cups, silverware for the eateries. "Waste is a terrible thing to mind" --- On the coaster front, my previous favorite - Twisted Colossus - is no longer that, having just ridden Steel Vengeance. TC is more interactive (when the trains are dueling) but SV is an even better ride.
  15. SFDK sent out an email today that ERT on harley quinn crazy coaster will be this Monday, July 30. 10:30 - 1 pm Diamond and Diamond Elite Only 1 - 2:30 Gold Plus, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond Elite 2:30 - 6 Members and Season Pass Holders 6 pm - all guests bring your membership or pass card "While unlikely, as with all new attractions, unexpected delays may affect attraction availability; we appreciate your patience."
  16. On a totally different topic ... does anyone has experience, positive or negative, with any of the campgrounds around Sandusky? I'm not looking for national park quality, just a cheap place to legally sleep after seeing if the SV hype is justified Preferably not in a toxic waste dump or super noisy. The ones I've found on line also have cheap cabins, in case it's raining harder than a tent can handle (but might be reserved in advance). Hotel Breakers is nice but much more expensive than it used to be
  17. Nah thats a risk I always accepted. As did everyone. Again never happened to me or anyone I've ever known in all my years of coastering, but true that IS a risk. A super small one, but one yes. The park is still covered. All those signs and announcements "not responsible for stolen items" is all ya need. I'm with just give people the option, if they wanna risk their stuff getting stolen let em go for it. Then people online can say "haha you took that risk and now are complaining, shut up pls!" and they would be totally in the right to do so Its deff sad we're at the point that this discussion has to be had, like we've had phones for ages, people weren't taking them out on rides, sad its even become that much of an issue. And while I've never imagined items flying out as much of a problem, I guess on a ride this extreme its certainly more possible and that does pose a risk. My only issue is if someone has closed pockets, I think ya know that fear is removed. But whatever, irony is I cant say I really care. Long as it stays for just this 1 ride its fine. I'll gladly cave and spend the 2 bucks on storage, spend some time marathoning SV and Maverick then get my stuff and continue for the day. I've rarely carried anything that needs stowing, but my interest in stowing in a cubby declined after seeing several instances where other people left soda containers that spilled over the rest of the bin. Theft isn't the only concern. Of course, we live in a society where some people drive or even bicycle while texting, so the idea that holding a cell phone to record a shaky video on a roller coaster is dumb is hard to grasp for those with a poor understanding of Newtonian physics.
  18. I have a strap that says Cedar Fair on it, bought at Kings Dominion. When I was there earlier this year the i305 attendant checked to make sure I had the strap. (I was waiting for the front seat and didn't want my eyeballs careening through the course without some sort of protection.) Same with Twisted Timbers, which I assume has comparable airtime to SV. My main issue with the l o c k e r s is I don't trust their security, especially with keys and wallet when I am very far from home. 99% of the time it is probably fine, but 100% of the time my zippered pocket has held them just fine. Skyrush. Toro. A couple RMCs and Intamins. I don't keep a cell phone in my pocket most of the time because I don't want the uplift force to bend the device, but the few times I have had it I've made triply sure it's not going anywhere. I'm curious if any park has studied whether putting a box of busted cell phones at the start of a line has made an impact on people holding cell phones out on a ride. I don't know how that would be measured.
  19. Joe Ahh yes. Joe Draves. Very cool, thanks for sharing! Having that team (Alan Schilke also works at Ride Centerline) behind the design definitely makes me more excited! A couple parts of the ride look similar to RMC segments - the turnaround at the far end of the ride resembles the dive loop on Goliath (SF Chicago), the stall inversion, the final inversion (stall on Twisted Timbers and the Raptors). I'm most intrigued by the big inversions, looks like some sections of straight down 90 degrees. Reminds me of some doodles I did when I first discovered coasters a long time ago. As for football, it will probably boost attendance and perhaps the team is helping to pay for the theming. I'd theme the ride to g-forces, the decline of the nearby steel towns in the area, something like that -- and go bankrupt ...
  20. I would enjoy the ride much more if they did that, but I doubt they would have much return on investment for changing the first turn into a Millennium Force style overbank. I rode i305 the first time in 2010 when the trim was on the first drop and the first turn did not cause grey outs. Now the trim is on the "airtime" hill as the ride returns toward the station and the curve feels like it is causing damage to one's body. If pulling out of that curve did not cause this I would like i305 even more, but suspect the park feels they've already spent enough redesigning the ride after opening day. I thought Twisted Timbers was great, more fun in some ways than i305. On one of my rides, I saw someone toward the front of the train (I was near the back) holding their cell phone out to record a shaky video (at night!). Maybe KD would also benefit from one of the "busted cell phone" boxes showing the wrecked devices for all in the queue to contemplate ... that seems to get more attention than signs, policies, threats, etc. My favorite example of this was in the Diamondback queue, it was fun seeing fellow riders look at that and realize their precious devices could suffer that fate.
  21. I assume that Crazanity is increasing the noise impact on the adjacent speculative development. Having people scream high in the air will not be an amenity for the new housing (nor would seeing photos of the fires last year, but I digress). And SF obviously won't be putting up noise shields for their new ride ... I'm not sure that SFMM "needs" a new coaster but it sounds like that is what they're installing, with a larger version of Time Traveler as the best guess. It's a style they don't have, making SFMM the world's largest rollercoaster museum.
  22. I like nearly every ride more at night, it is usually cool out and I like that more than riding on a hot day. Although I thought Beast at night was over rated - fun but not spectacular (no airtime). My last coaster ride was Twisted Timbers at night, after a rain storm. Excellent. One of the few coasters I enjoyed more in the daytime was Wild Eagle at Dollywood. The views added a lot to the experience and there were too many flashes for the cameras at sundown. The only other negative of night rides is they are usually possible at parks on busier days ...
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