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  1. I am kind of lucky with this problem. I normally go at off times to parks so I don't deal with excessive lines. My longest was 90 minutes for Toy Story Mania at DHS. Fastpasses were out at about 12:15. The line seemed like it could not have had more than 800 people in it so I was very frustrated by the poor capacity. At least it was well themed and the employees were trying their best to keep the line moving.
  2. I hate when i see billboards for Kissimmee here in Orlando and they have a picture of Dragon Kahn or, when in one of my textbooks it says thunderbolt (Kennywood) is in Argentina. There are none that I remember being exceptionally good though.
  3. I was waiting for the "Like a Boss" and it never came. The end almost made up for it though.
  4. I enjoy: The Dark Knight (SFGADV) Hurler (KD) Zamplera Flyer's (CW is only one I've been on) Shock Wave (KD) Wild Mice in General The 9 yr old in me enjoyed the one boomerang I went on... 3 times! (HP)
  5. Tower of Terror at DHS. Acrophobia has good intentions but it... hurt a little.
  6. I find Kraken very overrated. I just can't seem to like it, I give it maybe 7/10 for the front row. I can't really describe it, I just don't enjoy being on it that much. This is really the only overrated coaster I can think of as I have a pretty good idea of what i'm getting going in.
  7. 1. Georgia Cyclone 2. SOB 3. Mean Streak Nothing surprising.
  8. Nice Pics... Looked insanely crowded. Snoopy is holding his dog-bowl! As a Snoopy enthusiast I must clear this up.
  9. I 've found no equal for El Toro yet. (Only Pre-fab I've been on) The B&M hypers mostly have pretty consistent floater air. I didn't get any on behemoth for some reason. Magnum's return trip is pretty sweet too.
  10. Manta has to be the best! Dueling Dragons is now depressingly boring compared to its former self. Forbidden Journey isn't bad as a little strange though, it has a themed entrance and themed tunnel that lead to a bunch of themed outdoor switchbacks then the throughly themed rest of the castle. I'm also sad to see how bad HRRR's queue turned out its a bunch of switchbacks with painted walls and very annoying tvs. Mission space is also pretty good as I like seeing the horizons tribute. Manta's line is more if an attraction then a queue IMO.
  11. ^I sure hope it does run again. I never got to ride even though I drove right by it twice. I had heard so many good things about it, sad to see it go.
  12. Hmmmm, if I on something called Splash Mountain I expect a splash. I wish they could do this on a seasonal basis, like from spring break time to Halloween have the splash and the fall/winter not. I am rather neutral on the splash though.
  13. Playoffs!!!! I went to game 1 to see Magic get blown out vs. Atlanta. What are your predictions? I see the Lakers just barely escaping in a 7 game series against OKC to get to the finals then winning against what ever team they play.
  14. I am totally not surprised by this. The residents didn't want to take what they presumed as a chance if whether it would be a problem for them noise or light wise. I'm not sure how much you can blame them as they just want peace and quiet. I would have loved to see how this turned out and the prospect of as many as 15 new credits.
  15. The site says on 8/3/10 RIT wins new contract for construction in Colorado. According to RCDB the last coaster to open in Colorado was in 2007. If that has any significance.
  16. Wow the park still looks great, this seems like a very realistic move! Love to see what it looks like!
  17. As previously stated Forbidden Journey first. (Park opening helps) The water rides are not something to be missed Jurassic Park and Dudley-Do Right occasionally have single rider lines if crowded enough or if they feel like opening them. If you want the credit Pteranodon Flyers can be just as hard to get on as Forbidden Journey. Most of the highlights have been stated so again: Hulk, Dragon Challenge, (Kills me to say that) Spider man Water Rides, I personally like Cat in the Hat but it's not really an necessity.
  18. I was on ROTM at USF by myself with a totally empty queue. My family was there and we kept trying to get our own car for a picture but after 3 or so rides they gave up. I went on again to my own car! I might have been on an everest ride by myself at a special event also Volcano at KD I don't remember if there was anybody else on the train.
  19. Where is a Hamburger $2.50? I think they left the 1 out in front. This is not a bad idea though...
  20. Anything with airtime. (Zero G rolls, hills it doesn't matter!) B&M Pretzel loop is by far the most intense element I have been on. (I haven't been on a 4D coaster yet)
  21. 13/20 Most of what I missed was about the Virgina Reel. There seemed to be a great variance of difficulty as stated above.
  22. Manta narrowly defeats a number of others. Honorable mentions: Expedition Everest, Sheikra, Dueling Dragons (both sides) Rip Ride Rockit. The previous rides were in no order. Maybe this poll should have been after Cheetah Hunt? Opinions may change.
  23. That Johnny Rocket's looks HUGE! It looks almost as big as the theater! Looks great as always, as happy as I am to see the park it makes sad to think the end is getting near.
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