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  1. I hope you have better things on your bucket list than CP.


    Way to put down someones opinion You only make yourself look like an a$$. I personally love Cedar Point. After spending most of my life in Southern California, I have learned to love CP and the friendly(unlike SMM) atmosphere provided. Not to mention the amazing coaster collection. It sits in a beautiful setting on Lake Erie and is located in an area where there is so much more to do outside its confines. There is nothing wrong with an enthusiast having CP on their bucket list. Just like there is nothing wrong with "anyone" having "any park" on their list. It personal preference and I think he will love his time at CP. Hopefully he will bless us with a trip report to give us "his" opinion.


    Nice picture by the way. You look like a person that would make the sort of post that you did.

  2. I agree about the park needing new lighting. But I have to disagree with you on thrillseekers only being a small percentage. I doubt that people go to cedarpoint for just the food or shows. The coasters are what put the park on the map.


    Take the thrilling coasters out of the park, and I doubt that they would pull much of a crowd.


    At least CP would have other thrilling and family attractions to offer if their coaster collection disappeared. Imagine SFMM without their coasters! There would be nothing left! Talk about one-dimensional.

  3. One of my friend saw this manikin thing reported on CNN yesterday and he freaked out, and asked if I was going to "Rick my life" and ride it.... I spent two hours trying to convince him it was all a stunt for publicity...he still thinks the ride will kill me if I ride it. And he doesn't understand why a company would post this type of thing about their own product if it want true.


    Your friend sounds like a sissy Tell him to grow a pair.

  4. I just want to say that I spent and hour and a half reading through this thread today! What a great read! It's been done numerous times throughout, but I have to say I'm impressed by the material you have provided all of us Shane. If I had to rate TPR's threads, this would be #1 in my book. (Big Mike, I love yours too!)


    Robb must be so proud to display your work on his site. Keep it up Shane!

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