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  1. ^People used to be all over dirt and land clearing pics, particularly when they built Tatsu and Terminator. Why is everyone shooting them down now?
  2. The website says just "spring," but with SFMM as it has been said that could mean anything from the middle of March to July 4th weekend.
  3. Makes sense for double and triple. Are you sure single is that cheap? I guess the answer is just come prepared with wads of cash in hand.
  4. Last time I've checked: Depends on how many people you want to "dive" with. Single is at least $40+. Triple is either $20 or $25 per person. Double is somewhere in between. Ask around for a generous passholder who won't go on Dive Devil to buy your tickets for you and they can use their buy one ride get one ride free. Two back to back rides are always nice! [Edit]: They had this discount in the 2011 coupon books, they haven't given me my 2012 book yet.
  5. It'll probably be sunny, mild in the high 60's low 70's. Cold in the morning and night (well, California cold which is in the low 50's). Probably no rain, as we've had a very dry rainy season this year.
  6. Even though I want a coaster, and it'll probably be a coaster by SFMM standards, I really would be pleasantly surprised and also very happy if it isn't. But who am I kidding?!
  7. That's good! I've always thought it's kind of stupid having more then one arcade in a park. I know arcades are moneymakers and I see from a business standpoint why they'd have more then one, but I think they're just wastes of space. I was hoping the entrance for LL would entail getting rid or repurposing these buildings. Glad to see the High Sierra Metro station go. That area was one that would contribute to my occaisional rants about the park.
  8. ^^L0ckers at SFMM are not mandatory anymore. Food still sucks though, but I'd factor in what attractions are in both parks before letting the food dictate your decision. [Edit]: Unless said park was Dollywood...
  9. Totally agree with this. I was just pointing out a couple specifics off the top of my head.
  10. No, it's definitely still improving and by no means gotten worse at all. But as you walk around there are still coasters that need new paint, midways and lines that have gum caked in the concrete, and lots of areas with overgrown foliage and untended gardens. Venture into the lines like Riddler's, Revolution, and Ninja's exit path next time you go. I guess what I'm trying to say is that as a park with such a cool landscape, the money they put back into it doesn't do it justice. I don't know if the company has that money to put in though ever since it went through bankruptcy. [Edit]: Rant (hopefully) over!
  11. I'd forfeit years of new coasters for them to hire a painter, gardener, and someone who walks around with a power washer. Don't get me wrong, it's looking a lot better then it was in 2004/2005, but there's still so much potential to do so much more for that place.
  12. ^^I don't know if I'll miss the open, empty, dark hills when I'm riding the coasters at night, or if I'll enjoy the specks of light more. I'll definitely miss the open hills during the day though.
  13. I went last year: with the two ERT sessions, already being in the park when everything else is at the front gate at opening, and all the other stuff that is scheduled during the day, there's not really a point of getting a Flash Pass in my opinion.
  14. That sounds like it would be more like the Riddler themes from Batman Forever? Those play in the Batman station sometimes. Was it a techno song? No, it was more of a slow and ominous song like you would here in a Batman movie. Nerd question: Were the question mark lights on?
  15. That sounds like it would be more like the Riddler themes from Batman Forever? Those play in the Batman station sometimes. Was it a techno song?
  16. So what is the new music like? I'm sure the Riddler's crew is happy about this! Please expound on the Riddler's song! Haven't heard it! Goliath has a new jungle-ish soundtrack that is very nice. Before the station just seemed kind of dead.
  17. Tatsu never consistently goes down to one train. Last season was just unfortunate that the train rehab schedule overlapped each other. That only happens every couple of years. It would be great to see this ride go up to three trains, dual station again. Riddler's should technically never go down to one, but since the third train (rather, train #1) is in New Jersey, they have no choice. Goliath only goes down to one train for the smallest amount of time because their rehabs are very quick. They sometimes run three trains over the peak summer days which is nice. Apocalypse and Batman both only have two trains to begin with, so if one of the two go down for rehab we're screwed. Gold Rusher, Colossus, and Revolution run one train so frequently its hard to tell what's down for rehab and which trains they consistently run. Ninja's train one is permantly shut down -- they use that one for parts. Either train two or three has been cleaned up nicely, and hopefully the other one goes down for a makeover soon, but that would necessitate one train ops since train one is pretty much dead.
  18. It's been open this winter so far. I don't see why they'd close it at this point. Last year it stayed open straight through the off season.
  19. ^^One train operation on Riddler's Revenge is just flat out hysterical. Hope the good train is running!
  20. Even though the line at Superman ends just outside the tunnel on most days, the Flash Pass employee that merges the Flash Pass people with the regular line limits the amount of people that can file into the rows (not assigned seating though). Keeps groups together so there are no empty seats and the line moves considerably faster. About 30 minutes from where the line splits for the two tracks (which is my wait time limit for SFMM rides), 45 minutes on a bad day.
  21. Saturday -- Crowded. Sunday -- Unsure. Probably in between the levels of Sat and Mon. Monday -- Should be pretty uncrowded (school & work next day!). You can tackle Saturday no problem if you had a good ride plan.
  22. What I've experienced the past couple years: The week before Christmas is dead, and in between Christmas and New Years it's "relatively" crowded, like you said a fall Saturday or summer midweek day. Last year I remember it being really bad between Christmas and New Years the days they were open because of the storms that closed the park for a couple consecutive days. I assume everyone must have pushed back their trips. Then the park decided it would be pretty neat to run one train on over half their rides on top of the normal off season closures and shorter hours. I haven't been this year, but it looks like they extended their hours for this week and hopefully are running two trains where they can.
  23. Well that's good and bad. Both trains are running horribly right now, and the single rider line can curb anyone's wait time. Just sucks for the GP!
  24. That works for me on the three first loops, but the batwing and double corkscrew just fling my whole body around.
  25. You're welcome! The likely one train ops won't be an issue since you'll be attending both West Coast Bash days (I'm assuming). Not much you're missing with the Matterhorn in my opinion besides the credit, and I guess the "classicness." Just a roaring stuffed animal and an extremely rough ride (I hope the Disney geeks don't attack me! ).
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