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  1. I'm quite a Blu-ray fan(boy?) now - sorry if someone's already posted this before, but the only real concern I'd have is that I don't believe my Sony BDP-S350 player is multi-region. As I live in England I'm not sure if that would be a real problem (unless I can "hack in" some code via the remote to update my player to play all region discs). (I seem to remember reading that the, now defunct, HD-DVD format was not regionalised but that's rather irrelevant now as I waited for the format war to end this time round!) - I only bought my machine really as it came with four free discs from Blockbuster and 2 mail-in ones which I never managed to apply for successfully online. If the above regional thing is not an issue then I'm all for the new technology; I now have over ten Blu-ray discs and I must say I never thought I'd be that converted. I view them on a 42 inch Panasonic plasma so maybe that might improve things (even Disney discs look great to me, and the extras are quite appealing too in my opinion). Regards Martin (UK)
  2. Hi all- Anyone looking for a ride buddy, I'll be attending this event alone too (unless I drive down with anyone from Knott's Solace the day before - hope I can mention that event). It definitely isn't too much fun in a park alone! Hope to see everyone soon. Martin (UK) PS I was trying to do a roomshare and/or possibly car rental share, however, I reckon I'll need my own car whatever as I have to get from LAX on Thursday March 19. I fly home again on March 27 if anyone's up for any more coaster/Disney/Universal etc action
  3. Wow - must've been a bit psychic today! - I was thinking just when this event's date would be announced for sure. Thanks Robb. Just hope Knott's Winter Solace event is the day before this (Saturday, March 21). Anyone know when/if they set their date in stone? (I've heard they sometimes alter it without much notice) I did both these events a few years ago and loved them, despite the rather cold weather. It's freezing (for a change, actually) in England at the moment, so maybe Spring on the SoCal side will be warmer this year. I hope to attend both these events this year and will probably book a nine day trip to cover two weekends, just in case Knott's move their weekend suddenly. Martin
  4. Hey Craig - I think that's you I remember from the West Coast Bash a couple of years ago at Magic Mountain & Knott's. I'm also really pleased that SFNE have kept the unique Catapult ride as I'd also heard it was due for removal this season. I think we have its only other "sister" here in England at Thorpe Park (called "Slammer" here). I got the mad urge to finally ride it last year; I was always quite terrified just watching it previously so you can imagine the severe apprehension I had to overcome before boarding! I thought it was not really quite as bad as it looks; it was just the backwards motion I found a little discomforting. It sure "slam dunked" me anyhow I reckon. I suppose the ride has a rather complicated working mechanism but I believe it's just so great and unique to behold. Long may they continue to operate. Martin PS I never forget S&S's designer(?) - Mr Checkits(?) waxing lyrically about it on a Top Ten Best Thrill Ride show some years ago when your former "Swat" was located at the now sadly defunct Astroworld.
  5. Thanks for the reply reference airfares and time of travel SharkTums. Incidentally, I seem to have answered my question meantime on where this trip will start from; it said Philadelphia airport in one thread. I guess things will not be cast in stone though until the trip is finalized. Many thanks. Martin
  6. Hi all, Excuse me if I'm being a bit dumb here, but after viewing all the trip info I couldn't seem to see where this trip will originate and end at (ie which airport would I need to land at and fly back from?) I'd love to try and do at least one coaster trip this year, and assuming there are some good ERT sessions this trip looks very appealing, although for an "out of towner" like me I guess August is peak season too sadly. Martin (UK) PS Airfares are normally higher during the main Summer months for us too unfortunately, unless with the current credit meltdown they'll be loads of offers!
  7. Hi all, Looks like a good a place as any to post my upcoming trip from August 23-30. The first weekend (Aug 24-26) I was planning to try to get out to either Six Flags Over Georgia and/or Dollywood (which I've never yet got to). Other than the above, I plan to finally get to Coney Island and ride the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel (if I'm brave enough!) - I tried the Disney's California Adventure incarnation in the swinging carriages and they tend to freak me out somewhat). Any suggestions as to which parks I could maybe get to in my limited timescale? - I'm also open to any possible meet-ups along the way. Martin (UK)
  8. Hi all, Wasn't there a similar incident on Walt Disney World's version at Disney-MGM Stduios a while ago? I suspect this one could be down to another previously undetected heart condition, but it's best not to speculate really at this stage. Another very sad event in the theme park world none the less; let's hope the rest of this season is more positive. Martin
  9. Hi all, As far as I know this attraction will still be operating at USH (Universal Studios Hollywood) - so you can still ride this movie! (I think I also read somewhere that one of their other parks would be retaining it too - Japan maybe??) Martin
  10. If the touted Simpsons attraction is going to replace this classic one, not ever being a real fan of the aforementioned "cartoon", then all I can say is one huge "D'oh" (assuming I've got that correct). Maybe I never gave The Simpsons the time of day, but then I loved South Park and King of the Hill; just thought the Simpsons were a bit crass. It wouldn't be good if we were all the same anyhow, but if I were to give the upcoming Simpsons movie a chance visit then I guess I could be just about the only viewer making a premature exit from the theatre. Just for the record, I thought the Back to the Future attraction was ahead of its time, and a lot more impressive than Disney's Star Tours, but then maybe it was that huge curved screen. Have to admit I suffered a severe back pain after enduring the Florida version once though; it certainly could be rough, and not a very comfortable vehicle inside. Martin (UK)
  11. Hello all, I went to Winter Solace at Knott's & this SFMM event last March, so I'd love to try to go again this year. As I've had to pull out of any other big trips this year due to financial reasons I may well "bite the bullet" and try to seek out a cheap airfare to LAX and spend 6-7 nights around the LA area, maybe going to Vegas too. The only thing was last March's weather was rather on the cold side for me (it actually seemed colder than England when I first arrived!) If I do decide to come over is anyone looking for a room share? - I've checked Days Inn on-line and they had some reasonable rates near Disney too. I've just started a new job so I may not be able to get time off easily just as a warning, however part of me really feels like another trip to LA, and I actually love SFMM's X and would like to get to go on Tatsu this year! Shame Psyclone appears to be closed now though! (has someone got something against Cyclones in the last few years? - Southport's Pleasureland (England, UK) cruelly demolished their near 70 year old woodie classic last November, SF Astroworld the other year and the former classic at Morecambe's Frontierland in England was crushed around 1999/2000). Martin
  12. I drive a (don't laugh now) Chrysler Neon (or Dodge as they're normally branded in the US). Well, my American friend in Colorado laughed when I e-mailed him to say what new car I bought in Jan 2004, but then he agreed it'd look quite cool in the UK as most our cars are very standardized and uninteresting IMHO. Anyway, I really enjoy owning it, and I never thought I'd ever get to buy a brand new one, but a dealer here was kncking out the last of their supplies. (Sadly the Neon Mk3 hasn't been exported here, yet). It would help if the gas consumption was a little better, but then it could be a whole lot worse. The only annoying thing I found recently though was that Chrysler seem to fit their own in-house radio units and it's really difficult to fit add-on units, like my DAB digital radio add-on device. They have different aerial/ antenna plugs to our standard ones. I'm having real trouble obtaining an adaptor plug. Anyone know where to go out there; any websites? - I believe it has to convert to an ISO plug. Martin
  13. Hi all, I won a 7 night vacation to Canada back in April this year on a local radio station in London. Since then I've had real difficulty getting any friends to go with me due to work leave restrictions etc. As a last-minute plea (and to avoid totally wasting the other spare place) I thought I'd appeal to anyone, preferably living in the UK, who'd like to join me. (The flight is from London Gatwick on October 1). THe trip has 4 & 5 star accommodation in Montreal and Quebec City. I was planning to visit La Ronde park whilst there, and maybe Paramount's Canada's Wonderland, and whatever else fits in. After much deliberation, and now trying to book at this rarher late stage, the vacation company can now only offer me October 1 thru 8 to avail myself of my prize. (I hope the weather's not too bad then!) - they did offer me the third week in September but couldn't offer the 4 night's hotel in Montreal. For the record, I like to think I'm still a young-at-heart 45 year old and normally enjoy anyone's company, apart from inane people. (Think "Curb Your Enthusiasm" to get my kind of humour) - currently my favourite show. By the way, there'll be two double beds in the rooms in case anyone's concerned! Please send me a pm/ e-mail if anyone's interested. Otherwise maybe someone would like to meet up with me during my Canadian stay. Bye for now, Martin PS Time is of the essence as I only have a few days to add any additional traveller
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