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  1. Same thing happens at DCA's High School Musical. Also, there was some streamers at the finale of the Princess/Prince show in the Fantasyland theater at DL.


    No confetti at the Jedi Training Academy. Good call on that one. Seeing Darth Vader in a light dusting of confetti would be like seeing Santa Claus in drag.

  2. Thanks for all the great photos! I seriously love this park. It's the perfect park for the WHOLE family (besides DL, of course). There's literally something for everyone to do, no matter what your age. Plenty of thrills but also plenty of opportunity to do things together. I wish more parks had the same feel as this one.


    I'd never take my mom or my four-year-old niece to Magic Mountain. But I certainly would take SFDK. Thanks again.

  3. The whole article is here, but below is the first sentence, which is really all you need since there's not much more in the article.


    "United Arab Emirate-based Al Ahli Group and Marvel Entertainment, Inc. announced today a partnership that will bring Marvel's full library of Super Heroes -- including Spider-Man, Iron Man, The X-Men, Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer -- to Dubai for a major new theme park destination being developed by AAG."


    Sadly, there's no details or concept art, but it sounds like it could be an exciting project.

  4. If I were to give this coaster an RCT rating, I guess (from pics and vids) that it would get a High for excitement (proximity to buildings, theming, and music), a Medium for intensity (nice air, but nothing severe), and a Low for nausea. My RCT peeps would be running to it (and so would I).


    Congrats to USJ for spending the extra cash to make it unique and interesting. LOVE the shooting star effect!

  5. To be honest, I'm all for the re-theming of Tom Sawyer's Island. Yes, yes, there's a certain corporate mentality pushing for the change (see the MiceAge article), but in this case, I like the general idea.


    Opinion 1: People love pirates. Kids, adults, teenagers. There's a certain mystique about them. Treasure hunters and pleasure seekers--the ultimate bad boys. Arrrrrr! And now put that whole thing on an island! Double Arrrrrr!


    Opinion 2: Tom Sawyer Island is one of those places that Disney fans absolutely adore because it begs to be explored, like New Orleans Square or Snow White's Grotto, or the dragon's cave at DLP. A re-theming won't diminish that. (At least, I hope not. If I have to enter or exit through a gift shop somewhere, I'm gonna verbally torch the place. Arrrrr!)


    Opinion 3: It was in need of an update. No denying it. And if more people can enjoy it, then Arrrrrr!


    Opinion 4: I look at it like the new PotC. The Imagineers would probably love to 'plus' this area. The possibilities make me scream, "Arrrrrr!"


    Opinion 5: Not sure exactly how the theming works with the Rivers of America and the Mark Twain. I'd love to see some concept art...

  6. The Boardwalk has been my favorite so far. It had an incredible balcony with views of the Beach and Yacht (partial) and Epcot. Seems like we could have thrown a rock and hit the Eiffel Tower. We really loved walking to Epcot in the morning for breakfast in World Showcase and taking the boat (or path) to the Studios. And with so many other resorts within walking distance (and Epcot), the restaurant choices can't be beat. Location, location, location!


    The only negative with The Broadwalk is that it's always last on the bus route. You gotta hit the Swan, Dolphin, Yacht, and Beach before the final stop. That got a little tiring. Although, if you are staying at The Boardwalk on the south side, just get off at the Swan and walk over the bridge. It'll save you 15 minutes.

  7. Like many others here, I've been impressed with Six Flags for using their website to post current construction pics. It's a great feature. When I saw the first lifthill photo, I did something I've never done before: I called Six Flags and thanked them. (Yeah, I know, I'm like some perverted coaster stalker.) And I actually talked to the nice lady/girl/gal/chick who gets to go out to the site and take the pictures. She seemed very appreciative of the feedback (and I'm hoping we get LOTS and LOTS of updates because she thinks hot coaster studs like me are viewing her marvelous photos. )

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