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  1. I know of no other business/company in the world that invests between 4 and 20 million dollars in a single piece of equipment and then hires less-than-motivated workers at a reduced wage to operate it. Without supervision. And the result of this 'business plan' leads to unhappy guests. Nice. Does that make sense to anyone?


    That's not to say that the coaster community probably expects a little more than your average guest, but still...


    Also, I think there's a fine line between venting and whining. A different day might lead to different results...

  2. Sounds incredibly awesome! Our favorite part of California Adventure is the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. We spent HOURS in there. I love parks that are well-balanced with plenty of things to do for every member of the family. Like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Grab a coaster, grab a show, grab a llama. Uh....not sure that came out right.


    Yeah for Dollywood! One of the awesomest parks anywhere. Thanks for thinking of kids of all ages and not just the zitty pubescent-folk.

  3. I quit talking a long time ago, because nobody listened to me, so you'll all just have to wait until it's announced.

    Mr. jamesdillaman,


    Didn't you read Wes's wonderfully written list on the lifecycle of a coaster installation? It's REQUIRED that we speculate, speculate, speculate, and then build this thing up to be the Second Coming, only to rip it to shreds once the announcement is made? Hell-OOO! You're asking WAY too much for us to be rational and keep our expectations in check.


    (Wes, I couldn't find that list. It seriously needs re-posting in all its glory!)

  4. From MiceAge this morning:


    Fantasmic! to go on Hiatus after Labor Day


    To allow for a major Refurbishment of the Sailing Ship Columbia, Fantasmic! will not be offered after Labor Day, and not expected to return until mid-December. The Remember... Dreams Come True Fireworks event will be offered on weekends in the Fall.


  5. Hey Norman,


    Thanks for creating this! It's incredibly giving of you and your time. I know I appreciate all the answers.


    My question: Do you (or someone else) ever get a chance to advise clients on 'best practices' when designing a coaster? I guess my question stems from some 'interesting' installations that I think weren't thought out completely. Like 'Led Zepplin' at Hard Rock Park. There is simply no reason whatsoever to have a mid-course brake on that thing. (In my opnion, of course.) Even big parks stack trains. If I were a designer, I would have told them NOT to have a MCB. Save the money for something else. Just run two trains. You'll hardly ever need to run three.


    So, basically, I was wondering if the designers make any recommendations to the clients before they sign on the dotted line?

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