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  1. I was on a ride similar to this yesterday at the local carnival. It's called "Stinger" and it was basically a frisbee that inverted, but the only difference was, there are 4 gondolas that hold 4 people each, and at the end of the ride after you flip 3 times, they unlock the gondolas, and they're able to freely flip forward and backwards as it swings from 90* to 90* Here's a video, the ride is intense, so no doubt this will be. can't embed on my phone ):
  2. I've never been on a B&M wing coaster so I wouldn't know, but I love the B&M Flyer restraights, and the Vekoma ones aren't bad either. Something about the tightness makes me feel more secure (even though I'd rather ride with them loose ) but it kind of feels like the ride is giving me a hug and saying "Don't leave me" to which I respond "I wouldn't except rules"
  3. I was just thinking that, it already looks to be decently fast, so if this is just going to go faster. I am so here for it. It looks like a perfect family coaster.
  4. It would have to be a Giga, they have Diamondback, so it wouldn't make sense to get ANOTHER Diamondback, but hey, you never know, because "who woulda thunk" that Canada's Wonderland would have got Levi after Behemoth.
  5. It makes me mad that these parks don't allow visible tattoos and piercings for video shoots. Are people going to sit there and be like "Wow I can't ride this ride because someone with a tattoo rode it?" You won't even notice them in the final video, it's so small and fast. "Having tattoos and piercings is not unprofessional. What’s unprofessional is turning down an aspiring employee due to superficial reasons and not their skill level or experience." - is one of my favorite quotes I've read, just change/delete some words and it'll apply to this situation. /rant Other than that, the ride looks awesome and I wish I could get out there asap to ride it.
  6. I enjoy both, my favorite floater airtime is probably the return hills on Nitro, so much fun. Ejector obviously goes to El Toro.
  7. This expansion looks awesome, good flats, good coasters. The only thing that sucks is that I won't be able to go there for a while
  8. Maybe when Gatekeeper becomes a teenager we can get it roller coaster braces to close the gap I'm so excited to see the testing footage
  9. That hill from the quarry to the tunnel is going to be like El Toro's crossover hill, if not better This ride looks insane, and those over banks on the quarry look awesome.
  10. I don't mind the forceless B&M's, granted I haven't really been on ones considered forceless (that I know of) I've been on all the SFGAdv B&Ms, and Hydra (that was pretty forceless forgot about it), Talon, Diamondback, and Great Bear, I'm sure a few others I can't remember, but Diamondback made me black out in the pre-MCBR helix, and it had really good airtime in the front and back rows.
  11. Lightning Racer is just pure fun, i've only been on like 3 racers Rolling Thunder, Lightning Racer and The Racer at Kings Island
  12. Gatekeeper, it looks nicer, looks well rounded, longer, the list goes on. But YOLOcoaster does seem interesting
  13. Wow, it's so weird to see a 2x2 inline B&M train. I bet this makes the ride experience a lot better. The only thing is a 185cm height restriction, that's 6' 1".... That's not very tall and I'm 6' 1" myself.
  14. Azealia Banks' debut single for her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste is amazing. It's called "YUNG RAPUNXEL" (a nickname she gave herself). It's what you get if hardstyle techno meets rap meets screamo and has a baby. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4X94Zom9wk
  15. This ride got me excited from watching the POV. I need to get on this. I can tell El Toro and Outlaw Run will destroy the other woodies. This just looks so wild and insane.
  16. Oh looks good, it looks like it's a different color from the train we first saw, like more greyish gold. I like. I can't wait to see all 3 trains, and it testing.
  17. Because you touch yourself. Damn it, I knew it was a bad idea.
  18. I want to see this testing backwards.... Why has that not happened yet?
  19. I can't remember which it was, but I always heard that a person, or water dummy, fell off Kingda Ka back in 2005 when it opened and that's why it was closed.
  20. I hardly get sick on rides, I've only ever gotten slightly nauseous from the Zipper and the Gravitron, but I could never give those rides up. They're 2 of my favorites.
  21. For some reason I think Skyrush was like 2mph faster than I305 if I remember correctly...
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