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  1. 18 minutes ago, Canobie Coaster said:

    I'm surprised they wouldn't try running it this weekend considering it will be in the 70s, but at least they let people know.

    Did they really let people know? They ALWAYS ran Toro between Frightfest/HITP and that was the last weekends for it. I was going to go this weekend to pick up my last few rides on it (maybe try for last train of the season) and it's now just randomly closed for the season already with no warning.

  2. I bought tickets today for July 4th. I was greeted with an error saying that the transaction couldn't be completed after it processed for a while. I went to try again and was immediately denied because the first transaction still charged me. I never received a confirmation email and I'm unsure of what to do because there phone lines are only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-3pm and I can't find another way to contact them about it. It was $180 dollars and I don't want to miss out on getting reservations for that day or lose out on $180 bucks.


    I guess I'll wait until Friday to call but it's frustrating when you want it resolved immediately.

  3. Also, even though I've seen those shots posted elsewhere on the net over the past few weeks (they really get spread around on the socials, no?), they are still some breathtaking photos. I still don't understand how those Toro hills lined up that perfectly.


    Yeah. So many people have reposted the Toro hills and Wonder Woman/Batman shots. Some with my permission and I’m sure a ton without. I post them to Reddit, my coaster instagram and here because I genuinely enjoy taking these photos and I like the challenge of getting uncommon or unique angles you don’t see too often.

  4. I was also there on Sunday with my friend. We did a bunch of photo laps and those will be coming soon. It was one of my favorite days I've ever had at the park. Midways were pretty busy but there were no lines at all. We used our diamond skip-a-line pass for Wonder Woman and did the magic seats.


    We also managed 10 rides on Toro without leaving the station (well we left once by choice just to get 5 rides on the other train) and then went back before closing and got 3 more rides. Also got Front row on the first train of the day on Ka, that was cool. Nitro's ops still amaze me, they were dispatching trains as soon as the other train left the lift.

  5. Well they've definitely relaxed their camera policy a ton. I had no issues getting my big ass camera or lens in. They didn't even mention it. I actually asked them about it too and they were like "We don't care about lenses and cameras, just no tripods or selfie sticks"


    Yesterday was probably one of THE BEST if not THE BEST Fright Fest experiences I've ever had. The whole day the midways were crowded but the rides were walk ons. The only rides that garnered lines the whole day were Wonder Woman and Justice League. Toro, Ka, Nitro were walk on.


    We redeemed our free one maze pass and I want a refund because we did Cell Block 6 and there were about 3 scare actors in the whole maze. It's still early for Fright Fest and not peak season but I'm very glad I didn't pay for it because I got scared exactly one time and that's because I turned the corner and the actor was RIGHT there.


    Anyways, here's some photos












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