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  1. ^the "rotten" cushy strap restraints and solid hydraulics that keep the restraint from stapling you?
  2. Does anyone know what caused hulk to stall mid ride a couple days ago? They say it was a technical malfunction. Any update on that?
  3. I think 3 comments here are really spot on. 1. Supports: it is far cleaner and easier to support a drop that has an arch shape. 2. Pull out to drop ratio: the steeper it is, the less time it spends free falling and the longer it spends pulling out. The 80-85 spot gives a really long time of downward curvature which looks more intimidating to gp. 3. Aesthetics, the supports and shaping would look awkward so this ties in with the previous too.
  4. I feel like im the only one who REALLY liked the old color scheme. It was so balanced and pleasant. I wish they repainted it the same scheme.
  5. I think great adventure was looking really rough this year.. Especially the carnival area. Cracked sidewalks and dead flower planters. The entire in park zoo area is closed which was always the nicest part..
  6. Not sure if this has been posted. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. Hypersonic because I can reminisce on how bizarre and intense of a contraption it was. The launch off ride always blows my mind on how fast the train accelerates.
  8. ^^Togo's have some straight up heartlining during their rolls though..
  9. Is ravine flyer aging well enough that it doesn't need new trains/topper-track any time soon?
  10. ^My favorite thing was hearing the lochness sounds walking past the Clydesdales and down towards the river, the rollbacks could be heard far before seeing the ride. And I do remember alpengeist having a fairly loud lift last time I was there. I really don't understand why they trim it so much, it would just be that much better if they didnt.
  11. ^As far as I know neither of those statements are true. It was a marketing stunt basically. Edit: I assumed this was about bizarro forget that
  12. ^^I would expect that this ride will compete with alpengeist/AC for best in the park. Not sure where you got the information that these are average rides..
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