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  1. If any one is up for dinner let me know, otherwise ill just do a Wendy's run
  2. Quick Pre Event Photos, i have never posted photos on here so bear with me Hope to meet some of you soon Henry View from the Front of the Wingate, after little walk. It really is right next to the park main gate View from my Room Now they are taunting us , they have been running it empty for over an hour It is a very pretty coaster, goes right out front, almost over the main road in I seriously cant wait to get the iphone 5, i really need a better camera
  3. nope, planned ahead when driving into Coke Country.. Pepsi Throwback Just checked in, room 425, gonna relax after the 8 hour drive. Pool is a bit cold for myself (lived in FLA for too long), but hot tub is indoors, feel free to stop by and say Hi. Oh, and I have a little bit of beer, will share.
  4. Time to pack the pepsi and beer in the cooler and hit the road, its SFOG or bust!!!
  5. That sounds fine, trying something othet than Applebees would be very cool. We could meet in the lobby and roadtrip as a mini group.
  6. For those who will be staying Friday night at the Wingate, if anyone wants to plan a dinner run, I can fit 3 peeps in my durango. I dont think there is any places to eat at that exit.
  7. Was thinking of around 10 ish, ill see where my budget is after SFOG this weekend.
  8. Ahh damn, the group of early walkers... (vision of group walking across the tarmac in slo motion) " Talk about the wrong stuff
  9. Thanks Robb and SFOG. I dont know when or if i'll get back to sfog, so I want to expierence everything.
  10. What would be a good time to show up? If check in time is 730am, is 7 am too early?
  11. Was thinking about doing "Alone".... What do you think would be a good time to schedule this? Maybe we can get a string of TPR peeps to do it right in a row.
  12. Just got my ticket, though for this one it will be a solo run, hope I can get assimilated into a group for the day . Cant wait to welcome you all to my home park.
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