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  1. Only one I can answer is you can't miss Wildcat. A small, old coaster, but so amazing. Dare I say, better than Millennium
  2. I was iffy about this, but it looks pretty freaking amazing! The trains are gorgeous, and the theming is top notch, especially for a B&M! Man, I gotta get to Europe someday
  3. Looks really well done, especially for being completely custom. Very curious as to how the compact turns ride
  4. It's not a GCI. It's not any coaster brand out there. And I don't use CTRs hardly ever. Just don't feel the need to be. But thanks
  5. Deep in the forest A very rich man takes his pleasures He is a sick, twisted individual He hunts no ordinary prey So run He's hunting you Lightning flashes all around, rain pours like a deathly shower Perhaps it creates a sanctuary from the encrazed hunter Hide among the ruined castle Pray he dare not look through the haze Fly fast mighty feet Fail your master not Old tunnel, offer your protection from this mighty beast Keep me from the clutches of my pursuer's shredding iron Here's hoping time wishes me prosperous It seems to have abandoned previous companions of the hunt How can such beauty exist in so rustic a setting? Is my death to be cruel irony in the end?
  6. I remember watching a documentary on IOA back in the day, and between that and the above pic of the launch, I know it's tires similar to these that they use. The documentary mentioned they are aircraft tires for a commercial jet. Which would make sense, for air-filled, sturdy tires would provide more traction and grip than a solid piece of rubber
  7. Guess What!?! less than 12 hrs until we get all the coasters and Magic Mountain our little (or big) bodies can take!!!!! And then 24 hrs after that, those who're going o Knott's get it again, Knott's style!!! I swear, I'm not excited in the least... I haven't been wearing coaster shirts all week... or bragging to my friends about how big a nerd I get to be!!
  8. Good to see they're being incredibly patient with those new trains Something tells me SOB and other such coaster accidents keep flashing through their minds. These trains are supposed to be next gen for a woodie, but if anything goes wrong, that track won't be as nice to the trains or the riders as a calmer woodie like Wooden Warrior. That just means anyone who hasn't ridden it with the PTCs should head out there this season I got to ride on both the original PTC train, and the Ravage train last summer! So if I get back there with the TLs, I'll have three separate credits on that beast, according to Jeff Johnson
  9. I'm excited! A little sad there's no backstage tour at Magic Mountain, but still going to be an awesome event!
  10. When I went to Vegas in 2008, Speed wasn't reopened yet :/ Guess I'll never get to experience it. As luck would have it, the New York New York coaster happened to go down for rehab the very day I was going to ride it. I know it's a TOGO death trap, but a coaster is a coaster right? At least I got to do the Stratosphere rides, the Adventuredome, and the Blue Man group
  11. Two seemingly random coasters, but I would love to rebuild Flashback and Son Of Beast. I've been told they suck, but I want to ride them so badly still. It's the point that I actually saw them in real life, but couldn't actually go on them for whatever reason. I'm not a credit whore haha
  12. That was a great year We were eating lunch, and then WHAM! What do you know, it's hailing Poor people on Goliath though :/
  13. So, I thought the trains were gorgeous before their decals. Check out the picture below! EDIT-Thanks
  14. Hahahahaha. See, that was at Wonderland, most likely a much smaller park My Grad Nite was at Disneyland. It was so crowded that my group literally got split at the security screening up front. We had to call each other to find out where everybody was. And then didn't see anyone from school the rest of the night. Glad to see Walt Disney World getting rid of it. Hope Disneyland follows this trend
  15. I once rode Venom Drop at SFMM Hurricane Harbor. That was the stupidest, bravest ride I've ever had on a waterslide. And then my group didn't believe me cause they weren't there
  16. EDIT- pillsberry: Those are both definitely great classic woodies My favorite steel coaster, closely followed by Riddler's Revenge My favorite wooden coaster is the Beast, followed extremely closely by the Voyage and Terminator
  17. I recently realized that there's no ERT for Superman. I might have just misread it, but if so, may I ask why not? Or is that top secret
  18. That has got to be one of the pudiest trains I've ever seen. Just so detailed, and it hasn't even got the decals on it If they don't put any on, it'll still blow the competition out of the water. Now the real test, to see if they move like a Cheetah on the track Btw, are these going to be short, 3 car trains like Maverick?
  19. Two things: Anyone notice the first that one of the first, and I've heard possibly greatest B&M invert is of the same name. I wonder if there's any connection And also, I'm extremely curious how those restraints are. I know they have the form fitting kind on the flyers, but their standard loopers all still have those super bulky restraints. I'm curious as to what the restraints are like on this thing.
  20. That view looks absolutely terrifying. If they counted it as an actual credit, it seems it would be the tallest coaster in the world. But then, about how tall is it in the air?
  21. I totally watched that video, and went, 'holy *bleep*! That's goes high!' I've never it seen it go that high, and after seeing this, a little excited to ride Superman
  22. The current tweak looks good. A lot better than the original new one. The bright colors were blinding my eyes The slightly darker colors definitely give the banner a fresh feel, without being *BAM! Goodbye eyes!*
  23. ^^Narwhal: The Ride! I like that. Has a ring to it, and you could definitely keep the apocalyptic theming. Just put a bunch of cut-out nawhals everywhere
  24. B&M designing in house, instead of using Stengel. The quality of their products seemed to turn to mediocre
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