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  1. It sounds like in 2013, the Grad Nites are permanently moving over to DCA. That sounds like a really bad idea :/ Disneyland is packed as it is during those things, and the park hopper idea is pretty great. Completely moving it to DCA would be a disaster.
  2. I love stand-ups and have no problems with Riddler's or my legs on Mantis. It's the headrests that irked me on Mantis. They hurt to "put your head back against the headrest." I have kind of a lumpy head in the back :/
  3. Sounds like it was another awesome year. Went last summer and had a blast, except for the mayflies present at that time too. Why doesn't Cedar Point push back the event a week or two? I've heard mayflies only are around for a very short amount of time
  4. ^^You forgot Mr. Conan O'Brien. Gotta give him his dues as well. If Leno hadn't pulled that stunt with him, he'd be hosting the tour right now
  5. Perhaps you should head up to SFMM, for there is no Goldrusher at Knott's. I believe you might mean Calico Mine Ride though. And the ride was built back in 1960. That's 50 yrs ago. Euro-engineering. Hurlbut's rolling in his grave
  6. I know from working at Knott's, you would generally need between two and (up to) 7 people per coaster. Zoom used only two, a dispatcher and a secondary. Pony had a dispatcher, secondary, and unload, Bullet had a minimum of a dispatcher and 4 checking, 6 on a busy night. Part of the reason for such a ride as Zoom is we had to keep our hand over the e-stop the whole time, just in case. And for all the coasters, you needed a dispatcher in the booth at all times, for the same reason. And then you always had at least one other operator on dock as a secondary, again, so the ride can be e-stopped or dispatched via two people. All kinds of stuff. Looking at Knott's, it seems it's a combo safety thing and efficiency thing. Before you start blasting me, I'm not saying the crews were fast, but with all the requirements to send a train out, the set-up was ideal for maximum efficiency. This could be seen on a busy Haunt night when the crews understood they actually needed to *dare I say it* work their asses off.
  7. According to the trailers for the up coming Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, they filmed some scenes on Goliath at SFMM
  8. Looks really fun. Almost as much as Riddler's. Got a question though. Anyone see the Riddler's train? Did they swap out the restraints and fiberglass? And remove a row?
  9. I went this past Saturday, and Green Lantern is looking great. They're almost done with it, just have the top piece to put on. Also got to see Road Runner. I find it funny that that is still the Mr. Six train oh well, at least it's finally up. Good job Tim Burkhart! haha
  10. I knew we could love coasters, but I believe they are incapable of loving us back
  11. First off, this guy is sick. Purely sick But past that, the coaster looks incredibly boring. If I'm going to have a coaster kill me, I'd want the layout to be fun at least. A super huge drop with a whole bunch of vertical loops, each getting smaller? Meh. Just bring back Geauga Lake's Double Loop. Almost same effect, except you get to walk away from that coaster... with just a massive heache
  12. Look. The new brakes came in! We should probably test 'em out
  13. Great TR! I went back in 2006 for my 16th birthday, and had a blast. Then again, I still have all my old legos! haha And SW is cool, but definitely not for everyone! Some people, like myself, like it for the books more than the movies
  14. I count 6 layers of wood! And this thing is gorgeous! Glad the Timberliners made a most excellent debute as well, for I've heard Wooden Warrior is good in its own right. Nothing like this though!
  15. These are absolutely incredible! I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open the whole time watching these. Just... amazing!
  16. Race hard along the path Looking back will only cost you Survive! Furagida is finally here. It took me a long time to work on, and I am incredibly proud as to how it turned out. It is loosely based off The Beast at King's Island, but only for a few small details. So watch... and enjoy
  17. ^Looks like an Intamin, although not like a Mega-Lite. Maybe a custom layout?
  18. B&M before they started designing in-house. Riddler's Revenge for the win! Although Intamin does have Maverick, which is technically my number #1. But having worked at a park with four faulty Intamins, their innovation is sometimes they're undoing
  19. If anyone could do a good theming of Marvel, Disney can. The thing is, how well will it mesh with the rest of the park? Iron Man might work well in the Innoventions spot though. Only place I can see all his high tech gadgetry blending in
  20. I wondered about the meh factor myself, and even reading Hanno's review, I was just in an awe-d state by how frickin gorgeous the whole coaster looks. I bet if Stengel had his hands on this, man, things would have been as fun as they were beautiful
  21. I haven't even been to Australia, and it seems like they have some good coasters. Not big, but still. Hell, I'm the guy saying Wildcat is better than Millennium Force, and all those coasters looked really fun! I gotta ask though, when did you get the opportunity to check out the new King's Island exhibit?
  22. I saw Bolt completely by myself... wait, that's not a ride. Hmm. Oh, I rode Dominator completely by myself when it was at Geauga Lake during its final season
  23. I got me a souvenir! This is a great idea, although yeah, a buck for a soda? Are we at Holidayworld or something?
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