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  1. Fantastic trip report! I'm definitely more of a "lurker" on tpr but this trip report made me want to log in again to say thanks - really insightful and one of the most enjoyable trip reports I've ever read. Cheers!
  2. Looks like so much fun, Nemesis in the dark is just brilliant! Thanks for trip report, enjoyed it.
  3. Gero and Rainer, Thanks so much. That was one of, if not *the* best trip reports I've ever sen on this site. Cheers for all the insider tips, I really enjoyed it. - Tom
  4. This looks absolutely sick. Fast, intense, low to the ground, just WOW
  5. Wow! I'm so so envious, Bolder Dash ERT AND beer??!! Looks unreal, hope you all have an amazing time.
  6. Wow, Fantastic TR as always. It's so pretty, the Monkey island just looks fantastic, I love how it blends in with the rest of the environment, it looks like the least 'enclosed' animal enclosure I've maybe ever seen - great design. Animal Kingdom surely has to be up there for one of the prettiest parks in the world!
  7. Wowza, how blue is that sky?! Looks like you had a lovely day for it, I enjoyed the report, thanks. I can't wait to see it finished. Wild stab in the dark - red point, errrmm, perhaps where they are going to install a wonderful beer tap?
  8. I love your trip reports and I love monkeys, It been a win/win 10 minutes. Thanks!
  9. It looks really fun, but I reckon I'd personally rather have a few more airtime hills and a few less inversions! I realize they're specifically aiming to cram in a load of inversions, but still...
  10. Great post, thank you. I really like the idea of the constant network of slides - looks like so much fun.
  11. First post virgin. How daunting. I went to Thorpe Park two weeks ago and had a nice time. Unfortunately the place was packed, which depending on your love of 'atmosphere' may or may not be a good thing. In my eyes it wasn't. Colossus' queue was up to 120mins almost all day. Saw never dropped below 90 (although I suppose thats to be expected seeing as its halloween and all...) Oh, and I waited 2 hours just to buy my tickets (had 2for1 vouchers) before even entering the park. I thought that was appalling. Speed it up lads! Bar these issues, the day was good, mazes scared me, and I got four rides in on stealth. Booyah single rider queue. Here is a picture of me having a nice time not in a queue.
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