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  1. I think they should remove Dinosaurs Alive and put a GCI woodie there.


    Why, it appears Cedar Fair is making money with this initiative. I am not connected with their finances personally. However, they must be making money on the up-charge since they are still around their parks (and where added to other parks after the initial try).


    Again, just a logical assumption on my my part. I know my daughter wants in every time we go to a Cedar Fair park and it seems busy and not unattended from what I see people shelling out cash for it.. Why replace a cash machine with a woodie that will only cost the park a bunch of CapEx to build and a bunch OpEx costs to maintain without the yearly return?

  2. Point taken. This was an assumption on my part as it is a highly likely scenario. I was also a Pittsburgh native for 37 years of my life and talking with a few locals today. They are a little closer to the local media and they implied this was the case. I did not however ask for sources since this just seemed like the most plausible scenario. I am glad for my previous home park that this was not an intentional incident since some folks (not here) are quick to blame the park for the somewhat rough area that surrounds it.

  3. I never could figure out why some people think it is a good idea to shot up into the sky like this. Do these people think the bullet just disapears into the sky and does not land somewhere?




    Woman shot at Kennywood Park in 'freak accident'


    A woman was hospitalized after being shot Saturday at Kennywood Park, Allegheny County police said.


    The shooting happened about 10:10 p.m.


    The 26-year-old woman was shot in the upper chest near her shoulder, police Lt. Andrew Schurman said.


    She was taken to a local hospital, where she is listed in stable condition, Schurman said.


    West Mifflin police indicated the victim was shot outside the amusement park, but county police later said the woman was struck in the park.


    No witnesses saw or heard a gunshot, and there is no surveillance video showing gunfire, Schurman said.


    Detectives believe the shot was fired outside the park. County police are investigating the possibility that the gunfire came from a nearby July Fourth celebration, Schurman said.


    Detectives don't believe the victim or anyone around her was targeted, Schurman said.


    “It was a freak accident,” Kennywood spokesman Chris Salerno said. “We wish the victim a speedy recovery.”


  4. Some more authorized food for thought in terms of future attractions besides the proposed coaster is a giant flume that will use the terrain on the hillside and have a stunning drop facing Lake Erie. It should be a neat placement for this kind of ride that has been pretty commonplace in parks.


    Interesting, will it be the same style as Thunder River or a Shoot the Chute style ride. If like Thunder River, then will that be on the chopping block to free space for another attraction?


    Ah, and one last question. Are you demolishing "The Inn at Presque Isle" this year? Just trying to plan my 3 to 4 day trip to the area for this summer.

  5. Ah, thanks for the links. I just looked at the Polin sight very briefly and my bad. I knew about the White Water one for a little while since it was proposed for my home waterpark a year or two back (Wet N Wild Phoenix). However, this place changes ownership so much I think those plans are scraped or on hold for a new attraction.


    I am one that is surprised that ProSlide made a big deal about this. White Water has been installing replica's for awhile now. I believe the Phoenix one is from White Water and it is actually actually called "Tornado".

  6. I just saw the trailer today for the new Star Wars coming out next year. I am a light enthuasist on Star Wars and wondering if any of the members here are heavy on it. I wanted to see other folk’s thoughts on the trailor. I can defiantly see the JJ Abrams impact on the film from it.

  7. Well, this may be a game changer...


    Teen injured in Six Flags brawl was banned from park

    WASHINGTON -- The 15-year-old recovering from brain surgery after a fight at Six Flags America in Maryland was banned from entering any of the amusement chain's parks.


    A source familiar with the investigation told WTOP the teen was banned "indefinitely" from all U.S. Six Flags locations on July 26 of this year.


    It's rare for the park to enact such a ban, says the source, who asked to remain anonymous as they are not authorized to speak publicly on the topic. But there are two possible reasons an individual could be penalized in such a way -- inciting violence or theft.


    The teenager, who was injured in a large fight that broke out at the park in Prince George's County, was trespassing, says the source.


    The teen and his mother signed a trespass notice in July, which stipulates the boy could be subject to arrest and prosecution of criminal trespass if he entered a park location.


    The teenager remains in a coma after recovering from surgery Tuesday morning during which part of his skull was removed to reduce swelling of his brain



  8. It has been many years since I had a gaming system. Actually, the last one I had was a Nintendo Cube. I was looking for advice as I am thinking of getting one for my 8 year old daughter. However, I am also looking to use it also and not sure which brand offers the best of what I like to play. The games I played with my cube where the Star Wars Rogue Squadron and Top Gun. I am very much into military type games that I am flying a plane, tank and in the case of Star Wars a space ship. I am not much into games that I am playing a person running around though like "Call of Duty".


    Any advice on the best type of system or games?

  9. Looks like I am the minority of folks that liked the original better. I lived Pittsburgh for 35 years and never liked Phantoms Revenge. I did like the original Steel Phantom after Lazer Loop got shipped down to Mexico. As others have stated, it was another Arrow that did not age well and needed retired. It was a great concept in the days of Arrow. To me though, the "Revenge" treatment was just a band aid on that. The double up was dropped somewhere in the plan, which is probably a good thing. When I rode it the first time, my thoughts where that they should have just torn it down completely and replaced with something else until the technology was available to actually run the ravine and not need the long prior to to just a few up and down bumps. I am looking at RMC here on this one for future possibilities. However, given current management and what I have heard of the state of my favorite "The Ark". I would be surprised to see Phantom ever painted again.

  10. My guess is that there was no cake for Bart....


    Carowinds Announces Key Changes to its Executive Team

    - New General Manager Named to Lead Multi-Year Expansion


    CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Carowinds, the premier entertainment destination of the Carolinas, is in the midst of a significant multi-year expansion. As previously announced, Cedar Fair will invest more than $50 million at Carowinds for new rides and attractions, new and upgraded food locations and general infrastructure improvements. The cornerstone of these exciting expansion plans will be announced by the park on Thursday, August 21.


    In anticipation of these long-term plans, Carowinds has also announced changes in its executive team. Mike Fehnel has been appointed to the position of Vice President and General Manager of Carowinds and will oversee all aspects of Carowinds operations and its planned expansion. Fehnel replaces Bart Kinzel, who resigned earlier this month. In addition, Gary Chadwick has been promoted to the position of Vice President, Resale. He will report to Fehnel and oversee all aspects of in-park revenue.


    "We've made a strong commitment to the Charlotte market," says Richard Zimmerman, Cedar Fair Chief Operating Officer. "These changes position Carowinds to meet and exceed the expectations that accompany the investment Cedar Fair is making in the park and provide our guests with a 'Best Day of Summer' experience each and every time they visit."


    Fehnel comes to Carowinds with more than 20 years of experience at its sister property, Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he most recently held the position of Vice President and General Manager. Over the years, Fehnel served in a variety of leadership roles throughout Games, Merchandise, and Food and Beverage. Chadwick was promoted to his position after serving for many years as Director of Merchandise and Games at Carowinds.


    Carowinds is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "FUN." In addition to Carowinds, Cedar Fair owns and operates ten other amusement parks, three water parks, one indoor water park, and five hotels. Cedar Fair also operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in California under a management contract.



  11. My work had me looking for a last minute trip to Pittsburgh this week. I am taking off this Wednesday and the rest of the week and going to Erie and spending 3 fun days between the Waldameer and Presque Isle...


    I love the park and 3 days in and out is not enough for me.


    It was was a perfect storm for me on this trip. My mom has my 8 year old daughter back from Phoenix to take up there this weekend for her birthday since she loves Comet, Wacky Shack and Pirates Cove. I am going to surprise her tomorrow by being there with her when she walks in the park...

  12. Just when you thought you have seen it all something like this happens.


    Canobie Lake Park Altercation Ends With Family Of 5 Arrested


    SALEM, NH (CBS) – Screams of delight came from the Canobie Lake Park roller coaster on Tuesday, a sharp contrast to the shouts of profanity from just outside the entry turnstiles a day earlier.


    “This family was hell bent on creating a disturbance,” says Deputy Chief Shawn Patten of the Salem, New Hampshire Police. “And they did just that.”


    He’s talking about the Perry family – father Alan; sons Joshua, Brian, and Damian; and daughter-in-law Ashley — whose trek from northern Vermont to the Canobie Lake ended abruptly at the park’s security checkpoint on Monday afternoon.


    According to police, at least a couple of the Perrys had hunting knives clipped to their belts when they showed up at the park entrance.


    Citing park rules, security asked them to put the knives back in their vehicle. And when they were told such weapons were not allowed inside the park, they allegedly became belligerent.


    “They were asked to put those items in their car if they wanted to come in,” says Canobie Lake’s Chris Nicoli. “They didn’t want to do it, and got unruly pretty quick.”


    Police say Joshua Perry not only declined to stash the knife in his car, he launched into a curse-filled tirade in front of hundreds of parents and children.


    And when two Salem cops working a detail at the amusement park moved in to arrest him, chaos ensued.


    “They were jumping on officers’ backs,” says Deputy Chief Patten. “One officer was kicked in the head. They were punching and scratching. It was a melee.”


    Patten says they even tried unsuccessfully to grab an officer’s gun from its holster before a swarm of backup officers arrived.


    One officer suffered a separated shoulder, while a second suffered cuts and scrapes.


    Joshua Perry was charged with riot, resisting arrest with serious injury, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.


    Allen Perry was charged with riot, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, second degree assault, and criminal trespass.


    Brian Perry, 18, of Lyndonville, Vermont, was charged with riot, simple assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.


    Damian Perry, 18, of Lyndonville, and Ashley Perry, 20, of Sutton, were both charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.


    Joshua, Brian and Allen Perry remain behind bars after a judge boosted their bail to $10,000 cash.


    “No guests were in any danger,” says Nicoli. “This was a contained situation.”


    But the bizarre incident did leave more than a few park-goers puzzled.


    “Pretty crazy,” said one father entering the park with his wife and two young children. “I can’t believe it would happen at a family establishment like this with all these kids around.”


    Police were equally baffled, indicating those arrested didn’t offer an explanation – or an apology.


    “They turned what could have been a perfect day at a family park into a nightmare,” said Deputy Chief Patten shaking his head.


    And to cap it off, police say, the mother in the group faked a seizure as officers hauled off her husband and sons.


    She was examined and released at the scene.





  13. Looks like some of Erie's finest came out of hibernation...


    Man Stabbed At Waldameer Park

    MAY 26, 2014-- A man is in the hospital after he was reportedly stabbed at Waldameer Park. Police were on the scene at Waldameer after a man was reportedly slashed in the neck near the games center. Waldameer Park officials say the victim was inside the park and ran out to the parking lot. They say he was not cooperating with police at the time but was taken to UPMC Hamot for treatment. Shortly after the incident police say a large fight broke out. Police have a few people in custody involving the fight but are not sure if they were involved in the stabbing at this time. Waldameer Park officials say they have security on the property and have not had something like this happen in years, but they are prepared. The park was slowly shut down as part of procedure following the incidents. Police say they are going to the hospital to talk to the victim again. The park says they only host fire works the day before major holidays now in case something happens in large crowds.



  14. When reading this, I never thought about Autopia since I never really pay much attention to it when I am there. However, portions of it are directly on top of the Subs.


    Not to be a "micechat tinfoil hats guy". However, this does bring up a point on why the attraction is closed for the next few months. Maybe they are looking into the foundation on the Subs to do what they want next. Iger never mentioned the fate of Autopia in this...

  15. Sorry, I was catching up late and referencing the ones on the top of page 21.

    Oh! LOL. Those weren't screen shots of RCT4, those were screen shots of other awful theme park games that no one played that look exactly like what they are proposing as RCT4!


    Patrick was just trying to make a point that you can't tell the difference between what they have shown us for RCT4 and all the other garbage that has been released.


    I guess you can say... point taken?


    Thanks Robb, this was a big Homer Simpson "Doh" on my part. That is what I get for trying to go through a couple pages quickly between meetings.


    Although, I may still be ahead of the curve on a few that did not bother at all to read the whole thread from some of their comments...

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