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  1. I find it just fun to get in line over and over again, I've already played 3 times today. lines are around 1 hour right now.
  2. I think it would be great, I am sure there would be no problem fitting it up there. SCBB could finally have a upside-down rollercoaster!
  3. Two and a Half Men Modern Family The Amazing Race
  4. School is a pain in the butt, That's all I have to say.
  5. I think this takes the cake for the best looking GCI to date. I'm not sure how it will ride but it looks amazing!
  6. I loved the Motorola XOOM commercial and how they took a stab at Apple.
  7. ..Gets a iPad Inserts a chocolate bar...
  8. Hands-Down Pixar, their brilliant use of animation combined with excellent story lines make a very good animated movie. Up and Ratatouille I feel were some of their better films, along with the Toy Story trilogy.
  9. ^^ According to S&S's Website, the 96' Model (Which is the only model that has been installed so far) has a width of 195' and depth of 45'. I have no clue to what Hurricane's dimensions are though.
  10. Home park is Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the best coaster is the Giant Dipper.
  11. Couple of options: SCBB - 2.5 Hours away (I consider SCBB as my "local" park). CGA - 3 Hours away. SFDK - 3 Hours away. SFMM - 3.5 Hours away.
  12. Again, it's still "testing" - we have no idea what speed it was launched at, or if the video was 100% representative of the final product. Either wait until we have some clarification from the park, or wait until opening day. --Robb Thanks Robb, I just thought that I would just point that out, I realize it's still testing also.
  13. I was just wondering, did anyone notice that with people on it in the POV that the front of the car barely passed the red on the tower.
  14. There is another video on youtube of S:EFK testing from a more closer/frontward angle, you can see the train which looks to be all blue, and it looks to have the same seating arrangement as TOT2. Also in this video, you can see how far to the top it launches before the brakes.
  15. Superman is looking SWEET with its new trains and paint job, hopefully they might start testing the other side at the same side!
  16. I played a couple minutes ago, I was the one who got the big yellow ball
  17. T-minus 2 minutes and a couple people, hopefully I can grab something worthwhile.
  18. S:EFK really seems to be coming along very nicely, I love the new colors. Thanks for the update Robb.
  19. Man, I was SO close to getting the present in the bag. There goes 8 hours of my life...
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