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  1. So not to take away from or end the (well deserved) Millennium praise, but the following picture of a poster from inside the park was posted to Twitter. The Twitter user who posted it won't respond to questions asking where the poster was but I assume it's in the Cedar Creek Mine Ride area.

    I will most likely be at the park tomorrow and I'll look for the poster. If this is real, it sure sounds like CP has something up their sleeve.


    Unfortunately, I think this is for Canada's Wonderland. Many of the "clues" fit for the new B&M Dive Coaster up there.

  2. We are staying at the Park Inn by Radisson Resort and Conference Center, just outside of the Walt Disney World Resort. We have a mutual friend who has a timeshare there that they are letting us use. We looked into purchasing the line passes at Universal, as we plan on only spending the day there. Are they worth the price? Suggestions for both quick serve and sit down restaurants, within the parks, would be welcomed. Unfortunately we will not have a vehicle there, Uber will be our method of transportation.

  3. Hello everyone! A college friend and I have planed a last minute trip to Orlando for spring break next week. We will be visiting Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot and both Universal parks. Neither of us have been before, so we would love to hear some tips about must see attractions, restaurants and shows. Is there anything that we should not miss? Are there things that we shouldn't waste our time on? Locals always have the best tips, so I would love to hear them!




  4. I know it's very early in the season, and what I witnessed may be an anomaly, but it appears Rougarou may be somewhat of a bust. A one-and-done ride for the visitors those days. Even in mid-afternoon they were sending up trains with empty rows, while most of the other coasters had short but healthy lines.


    I wouldn't call Rougarou a bust at all! I too was at Cedar Point on Wednesday the 13th and know that it was not busy at all! Gatekeeper was a 7 minute wait at 11AM when we rode it, as was Raptor. Rougarou was actually one for the longer lines we waited in - 25 minutes. I think you pretty much summed up how slow the day was with you comment about Millennium Force - 20 minute wait AND it was only running two trains! Is Rougarou the best coaster in the world? No, BUT it is a vast improvement over Mantis and a coaster the GP seems to be loving!


    I do agree with your opinion on the new Maverick restraints! No more defensive ridding!!!!

  5. I just returned home from Cedar Point. I was a bit hesitant to make the trip up there after hearing all of the poor opening weekend reports, but overall it was a GREAT day. The park was clean, ops were enthusiastic & efficient and lines were short. All coasters were operational except for Wicked Twister. As reported above, the WT train was completely on the track with most parts on the train. Hopefully this is a sign that testing will begin soon. Millennium Force was still on two train operation with the yellow train missing from the track. Gemini was also at reduced capacity, only the red side was running. Dragster was up and down all day. Nothing new there.


    I was able to take my first spin on the "new" coaster, Rougarou. Personally, I think that converting Manits into Rougarou was a FANTASTIC choice. Rougarou is quite comfortable, fun and exciting. As others have reported the trim is off, and the ride hauls through the course. The refreshed Wicked Twister midway is also looking nice. All relocated rides were operational and open for guests today.

  6. Looks great. I wonder if Cedar Point is happy with the paint job? The rails look awfully worn already.


    I actually don't think they painted over the worn parts on the rails. If you watch the first Rougarou File they released last fall you notice the painters avoided the worn areas. Here is a link to the clip.


    Look at at the 1:50 mark, they are painting the rails and "worn areas." The paint didn't have as much time to set then it might usually have. Mantis was still in operation every weekend while they painted.


    Possibly. If you look at the 2:05 mark you see the painters clearly avoiding the worn areas. Regardless I don't believe Cedar Point will be upset with the paint job.

  7. Valleyfair is excited to announce the addition of a new family coaster, Northern Lights, and the development of Route 76, an all-new area geared towards families. Looks great!





    Route 76 – New area to include classic rides & all-new family coaster

    Valleyfair is excited to announce the addition of a new family coaster, Northern Lights, and the development of Route 76, an all-new area geared towards families.


    Flying up to 42 feet above Route 76, Northern Lights will have everyone clinging to the handrails for the ultimate family coaster experience. Guests 42” or taller, will rock and roll on over 300 feet of track at speeds of up to 43 mph. At night, Northern Lights’ dancing lights of blues, greens and purples will match the same colorful display of light that illuminate the horizon during this natural phenomenon.


    The new Route 76 area will take guests back into amusement park Americana with the return of three Valleyfair classic rides that made their debut in 1976 when the Park opened. Antique Autos, a treasured favorite, returns with a new roadway in Route 76 featuring brand new Cadillac styled cars. Tilt-a-Whirl and Scrambler will also be relocated to the new area and will receive new theming and LED light packages, bringing guests a perfect mix of classic and new to ensure they get their kicks on Route 76.


    “Route 76 is an exciting new area for Valleyfair,” said Dave Frazier, Valleyfair’s Vice President and General Manager. “Visiting our park is about creating lasting memories with your friends and families. Bringing back classic rides from the past will allow our guests to share their childhood memories with a new generation, while also creating new memories on Northern Lights, our new family coaster. These unique experiences everyone can enjoy together reinforce Valleyfair as the top destination for families.”


    Set to debut in May of 2014, Route 76 will be located by Steel Venom and will include the newly added full service catering facility Picnic Point.





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