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  1. ^^Building on right: add color to the deck/porch part, it's too brown

    Center building: just add trim to the overhang.

    Left: The walls could use some flowerboxes perhaps for depth? And maybe trim around the tower.


    That should do it. Oh, and fix the glitches with the flowers next to the brown fence, they pop through it.

    It's all looking pretty good, just remember elevation changes, even slight ones, are your friend.

  2. Both Phantom and Shooting Star look really good. And your architecture, as always, is fantastic. But, in that first pic with the building that has 4 brown columns and yellow glass, just doesn't look great. Also, add some foliage and different land textures to Shooting Star in between the track. Very good work, sir.

    I agree with this. I get what you are going for with that building, but it needs work.

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