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  1. Hey all!


    Got a chance to check out ElecTRONica last week and it really is cool! Definitely worth checking out. The only "complaint" i have is that the line for drinks moved SO slow! It took us about 30 minutes to get a "Glo-jito". So they need to add more bars or get faster bartenders. Other that that, it's very cool. It's obvious that Disney has invested heavily in it and it shows. Highlt recommended.


    I just kept thinking "Wow... what if the movie bombs?" That would be tragic.


    Everyone agreed that the highlight was "Laserman". I recorded his entire show. Here it is for those of you interested:


  2. Wow. You should have called this TR "Taking Pictures of Random Guests and Making Fun of Them". I know it was meant to be funny, but mostly it was just mean.


    I went to Mickey's Halloween Party 2 weeks ago and definitely thought it was worth the $$$. The candy was awesome (as mentioned) and we got to do Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy with less than a 10 minute wait. Much better than during the day, if you ask me. But Haunted Mansion's line continued to be ridiculous. The Halloween fireworks show was also awesome.

  3. Good review Tyler!


    I completely agree that this year felt like any other instead of being something truly special for the 20th Anniversary. It was a ton of fun but, for me, falls closer to the bottom of all the years I've gone (which is 11 years now! Damn I'm getting old).


    I will respectfully disagree with your opinion of The Hallow'd Past. I loved this house. The warehouse sections were awesome and I loved the "best of" different houses. I can see the complaint of them choosing too many recent houses (I also would have liked to have seen a nod to Dungeon of Terror) but if you look at the ones slected, they all have VERY unique themes and feels. It kept them from blending into one another. I loved the trip down memory lane.


    I also did not care for Catacombs at all. The Plague Doctor costumes were just too silly looking to be scary. Everyone called it the "Spy vs. Spy" house and for good reason. That's exactly what it looked like.


    I just wrote a VERY long review on another board so I don't have the energy to rewrite it here. LOL. But here's how I summed it up:


    "Overall, I think that HHN XX was a solid but not a spectacular year. It was interesting because there were no houses that I thought were really awful (ala Leave it to Cleaver and The Spawning last year) but there were also none that totally rocked my world (like the EPIC triad of Wolfman, Dracula, and Frankenstein- also last year). As always, it was a great event and a lot of fun but it definitely felt more like 'business as usual' than something truly mind-blowing or new for the 20th anniversary. I had a great time but I would put this year somewhere in the lower middle compared to all the years I've been going. Final grade for everything? B"


    Great to read your thoughts. I always like hearing people's reactions to the event.

  4. I was there two Sundays ago and did all 8 houses, all scarezones, and Bill & Ted with no Express pass and still had 90 minutes to spare. You can do it. The secret is to get there early, have a plan, and keep moving. But, because it is later in the month, it is getting more crowded. Make sure you do The Orfanage early. Once Bill & Ted starts dumping, then you're looking at a 90 minute wait for the rest of the night and, frankly, the house just isn't worth that long a line.


    As for Asphodel- I think everyone has done a pretty good job explaining the value of HHN Orlando. I still truly believe that it is the best Halloween event in the country. Is it truly the "scariest"? That's up for debate. As others have mentioned, the conga line can easily decrease the scariness in the houses. So can timing. Nothing compares to going through a house in a small group of four having every scare targeted at you. But, because of the size of the event, that's just not feasible for USO. Also- smaller haunts can take bigger risks with scares (actors invading your personal space, etc.) that a big company like Universal just won't attempt. They're far too focused on safety. One more thing is that I also don't feel this year was the best representative of the best of the event. It was a very SOLID year but far from the best ever (IMO). I'd actually call this one of the weaker years and I've been going for 11 years now.


    However, in terms of number of houses, quality of theming, performances of scareactors, make-up, and scope of the event, you just cannot top Halloween Horror Nights Orlando. I go every year and it's worth every penny!


    HHN definitely concentrates more on the theatrical side of a scare than most of your run-of-the-mill haunted houses. As a result, it is really important to go through these houses multiple times to truly appreaciate them. A lot of the scares rely on that right timing for the guest to experience it as it was meant to be presented. I was only able to do Wolfman once last year and I think I missed every single gag/scare. Therefore, I came away with a low opinion of the house, but that doesn't mean it sucked. Just bad timing for me.


    This just makes me sad. The Wolfman house was AMAZING last year! Sorry you missed a lot of it.

  5. Just got back from a great HHN event. Average lines were 30-45 minutes for the houses, 10-15 for the rides. Bill & Ted was a bit weaker this year than last, but as stated before, they had less quality material to work with. Also saw the Malice show with Brian Brushwood; the nail trick got a good reaction out of the audience and my friends. Only did 4 of the houses, though, but it was nice just to be a little more relaxed and walk around instead of, "Okay, we have to hit this house NOW, then this one, etc." Favorite of the bunch was probably Zombiegeddon, where I also managed to (very) briefly talk with another TPR member who recognized my awesome shirt (Gambit).


    What up, Dan?!?!? Great running into you at Zombiegeddon!


    Yeah. It was a great night. We got 5 houses done in the first 90 minutes which really took the pressure off of rushing around trying to hit everything in time. So it was nice to take a more leisurely pace with the Scarezones and the remaining houses. Took LOTs of great pictures! I am happy to report that we did all 8 houses, Bill & Ted (which I actually wish I had skipped this year. It was that weak. Give Hollywood the point on this one this year), and spent a lot of time in the SZ's and we left an hour early (my friends don't have the stamina that I do... sigh). We did all of this without the Express pass! I'm sorry. I know TPR swears by it but I'm still morally opposed to Universal bilking more $$$ out of us after charging $75 just to walk through the gate.


    As for the event itself, I thought it was neither an unqualified success OR huge failure. It definitely wasn't a revolutionary step forward from the past but it was still a solid overall event. I have to commend the creative team for always looking to do something new and innovative. The problem with taking such risks is that sometimes it's a hit (like, say, the Hades house this year) and sometimes it's a miss (like The Catacombs, IMO). I felt that there were no truly "bad" houses this year like there have been in the past (People Under the Stairs: Under Construction in 2006 or The Spawning last year) but there also weren't any mind-blowingly awesome ones either (like last year's Wolfman/Dracula/Frankenstein trio). So it was consistently good but far from the best ever. I'd give the entire event a B overall but I still think it's the best Halloween event in the country.

  6. Crazy! I've only been to the HHN in Hollywood but Orlando's looks insane!


    As someone who has gone to the event on both coasts for many years, I can say this:


    HHN Hollywood is extremely well-done and tons of fun.


    HHN Orlando sets the bar and really is the best Halloween event in the nation. It's the best of the best!!! I couldn't recommend it more. Go. Now.


    Reed- thanks for the review. It's always helpful to know which houses are worth waiting for, if you have to make some tough decisions. I was in no way excited about the premise of Havoc and it sounds like the house is just as disappointing.


    I'll be there one week from today!

  7. Thanks for the TR! I really have a difficult time "getting" howl-o-scream. When USF down the road has completely new houses each year, using the same houses over and over again does not make me want to go back to your event. Once every 5 or 6 years makes it feel like a new event for me!


    I agree 100%. As someone who used to live in Orlando, I hit HOS once every 4 years or so and that was just fine for me. Plus, even after 3-4 years, half the mazes were still the same! But Knott's does the same thing out here.


    Maximo37- thanks for the update! I'd love to read a spoiler review of 'Alone' as I will not be hitting HOS when I'm in Orlando next week.


    Thanks all!


    BTW- is it just me, or is the rock band theme really random? Not scary... just odd.

  8. Maybe the California crowd will understand Bill and Ted someday.


    I hope the californian crowd is happy they can take photos and videos of their version, while those of us on the east coast vising Orlando can't.


    I think I'll record it for posterity on Saturday


    For the record, I really enjoyed the show this year. This is one of the first times I remember it having a story that made sense (not that that's really the point of the show).

  9. Just wanted to chime in. I went on Saturday and did not need the Gate A pass to get everything done. I got there late and left early but could have easily done it all if I had stayed. I think Friday was packed because it was opening night. I'll be going again next Saturday, so we'll see how crazy that is.


    Interesting note that California still doesn't quite "get" the Bill & Ted show. I noticed that the first time I came on this coast in 2007. They just weren't thrilled with it where the audience in FL eats it up! So odd. I can't figure out if it's because people out here live and breathe pop culture, so those jokes are already old by the time the show rolls around? Or maybe they're just getting used to it. The audience this year seemed way more enthusiastic that in 07 or 08. Perhaps they're finally coming around? Of course, there's one major factor that people seem to be forgetting. They sell no alcohol at the event here in Hollywood. Hmmmmmm.

  10. ^ I hope not... I just posted a TR. Does anyone know how big the Jurassic park overflow que is? I have heard rumors that that area will be a new house location next year, which is good seeing as it seemed there was room for another house somewhere.


    Where's your TR. Looking forward to seeing it. I got quite a few pics myself.


    And I've heard the same thing about the JP queue. Apparently someone asked Murdy about that on Twitter and his response was "I would have used it this year for a house but we're using it for Kong". So at least he's continuing to think about expanding

  11. Great review and great photos! Thanks for sharing.


    I'm a lot like you. I'm totally not into the franchise at all but I'm still looking forward to the land (in 2 weeks). Sounds like it's still fun for us "Snuggies".


    I realize I'm going to have to get Butterbeer, frozen Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice, AND Hogsgead Brew. Sheesh! I hope the bathrooms have bigger capacity than the shops.


    One more thing- you wish Disney and Lucas would do something like this at Studios? AMEN! I agree 110%! Word!

  12. I have always been fascinated by the extreme houses and would love to see that presentation!


    Isn't it odd how they kept attempting the extreme houses at HHN and it kept getting cancelled. Then JM Roddy left universal, went to Busch Gardens, and this year they have the very first extreme house. Hmmmmm.


    BTW- so jealous of all you who get to be there for opening weekend! Cannot wait until 10/7!

  13. Reading the HHN website, it lists the Terror Tram & King Kong 360 3-D seperately (understandably). However the King Kong description specifically states,
    Take the first-ever roundtrip express tram directly to King Kong 360 3-D
    So I'm wondering are they going to have the Terror Tram, & then another tram specifically for King Kong? Or am I just completely overthinking it?


    I think you are correct. Sounds like there will be 2 tram experiences: The Terror Tram and Kong. Which is great, because I love Kong but hate investing the full 45-60 minutes for the whole tour. Don't get me wrong, it's a great tour. But after 100 times, I gets a little old...

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