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  1. If someone starts attacking me because I'm giving them crap about cutting in line, I'm going to take matters into my own hands as in "self defense." Obviously this woman couldn't. As soon as things calm down and Disney says they're not calling the police, I am. For some reason, this woman couldn't get around to doing that either. Both the victim and the attacker look like real classy people . I hope the attacker gets the cell as long as possible, there's no reason for attacking someone over a dispute as bologna as "cutting in line" in a theme park filled with kids. Don't care what the argument is, I think its unacceptable on all accounts.
  2. Precisely. It has to do with the refurbishment of the trains, not the paint. You could feel when you rode the wheel gap was much tighter and the bogie's weren't tugging. It really helps when the wheels aren't slamming between the rails like an older, worn-in train would be. ^The metro as far as I know has been around from day 1, it's old and doesn't meet the required codes to be operational. The park doesn't want to invest in it because they say there's no way to market it, and the profit to debit margin really isn't profitable. But like they said at WCB, they have a 5 year plan, hopefully down the road a transport ride will come into the picture. It would really make the park a nicer place to visit for everyone.
  3. The ride is smoother, not sure it has anything to do with the paint. The front is pretty intense, the back IMO provides the best ride. I really think the park needs to add a transportation ride or refurbish the one they already have if they decide to be successful in the family market. No parents want to drag their kids up and down hills and across acres of land for 8 hours. Its not like the park is flat, and even Disney which is flat and wouldn't typically need a transport ride with its size has one to cater to people with kids. Saying it doesn't bring any profit is not really true, because when parents know they can come to Magic Mountain and enjoy themselves for a majority of the time (other than just get exausted walking) they're more likely to come back. Yes its not as quick as a coaster, but you can still market it. There's no better way to relax at the park and avoid tiring yourself (and your family) out like sitting on a metro or train, and getting new views of the park in the beautiful landscape of the mountain.
  4. ^Well, in my opinion they're slacking lately. I'm not saying they're being unsafe or that it has anything to do with these buses, but Disney is just not the same as it used to be. It just too big.
  5. I think expecting to have the ride up and running by July is cutting it close. This is a Vekoma GIB coaster remember. The things are a b*tch! Looks like the pieces at Silverwood are the original colors. Yes it'd be nice if they painted it different colors, but it'd also have an odd feeling if they kept the colors the same. Deja Vu is intense enough as it is, imagine how its going to be once its rebuilt. Wowzah!
  6. Too bad I wasn't able to make it out for the Guitar Hero competition. I'm best at One by MetallicA on hard. Good to hear Deja Vu is open, I'm ready for another ride on that puppy, it's been months!
  7. You're too good at making these kind of jokes. Honestly, its gotta be a sin. Buses are buses, one reason I don't ride them. Cerritos on the 91, that's like...exactly where I live. 91 and Orangethorpe is where I'm at, it's basically 1 exit away. Surprised I didn't hear about this till now.
  8. No, it definitely is scary. Hopefully this is a US design, imagine having a million of these things surrounding an entire continent strapped with grenade launchers or bazookas. Holey Crap, Welcome to the future.
  9. ^It's not really a bad decision per se, atleast they're trying to think up ways to interact with the guests throughout the park. I'm sure they'll just be walking around the park and they'll have certain destinations where they stop and do a set, kind of like a show out on the midways. The success of this idea really depends on a couple things. First the show needs to be top notch. There needs to be a large group of them, perhaps 12 cheerleaders at 1 spot, they need to be loud, proud of the moves they're doing (because it will show) and really good with the choreography. There should be good, new music (I'm thinking a family friendly song, along the lines of Paramore's crushcrushcrush) that needs to be queued correctly, and it needs to be loud and clear. Nobody wants to act like they're excited or cheer for a show that's boring. A good example of this was the Ride The Mountain stunt shows they had in The Movie District and Colossus County Fair the past summer. The shows were okay, but the crowd never seemed too impressed because nothing was going on that people hadn't seen before (the stunts weren't that great). They'd ask people to cheer and they'd all be like "Why??" Second, there needs to be a Thrilleader in charge, or a person in the group that is good at reading crowds and can really make the guests excited during the show. When there's just someone out there telling the crowd they need to clap louder to do a stunt that the crowd doesn't care about, its lame. Third, the show needs to be unique, hearing that the choreographer from the Bring it On cheerleading movies is good, because I'm sure he has experience with exactly that. Being unique gives the cheerleaders pride, and the cheerleaders being proud of the show they're doing really has an effect on how well the guests will react. When everyone can tell that the cheerleaders are not having a good time, its like a domino effect. The guests don't enjoy the show and don't have a good time either. So I'm gonna have to eat my words with my first reaction to this, because now that I think about it, this shouldn't be too bad. Unless of course its obvious that very little time or money was spent to get this done right. This is one of those things that you get out of it what you put into it. Anything to get more chicks in skirts walking around the park, cleaning bathrooms or not, I'm all for.
  10. There's snow on the ground and this thing is still HAULING through the course, wait till summer those trims are going to come in handy. That turnaround looks like its going to be a lot of fun, and that helix looks like it'll pull some G's. This looks like it may now be one of the better B&M hypers out there.
  11. There are a lot of people that claim to know ALL the songs in X's queue line, but I don't think I've ever seen a correct complete list of every song. And for some reason New Order's Confusion is always left out, or is mixed up with some Crystal Method song. The problem is that many of the songs are edited, mixed and weaved into each other. I will confirm that New Order's Confusion is definitely one of the songs (although the vocals are edited).
  12. Thanks for the photos! I would rather blast my face off with a shotgun than ever touch anything that remotely resembles that park. Where the hells my drink?!?!
  13. Holy cow thanks for posting all those pictures they were all very cool. I had never ridden High Roller, but I have been on the shot ride while high roller was operational (it just didn't look worth paying the money). I can't imagine what it'd be like inspecting that ride 1,000 feet above the ground, or taking it down (see the old photos, those "sandpaper" sheets between the supports for the rail and the spine, that's for mechanics to walk on to inspect the track). It's gotta be one of the most terrifying jobs around, and after looking at the pictures, I really wish I would have gone on the ride before it was cut into 3 foot pieces. I guess the ride really sucked? Oh well, live you learn.
  14. This almost reminds me of the shots that were taken of Six Flags New Orleans right after the flooding. Everything was gone, except all the coasters. Which really makes you realize how well they're all built, and how unless you disassemble them, they are not going to be coming down. I'm guessing if this doesn't happen too often, its not a problem, but that's a lot of water passing through the park! My favorite clip of the video:
  15. ^Things get moved around and are put in places that, to a guest, may not make sense sometimes. And although it might not look like nothings happening to it right then, its most likely getting refurbished or re-done. It's pretty much a rule that during park operating hours, maintenence is supposed to be out of sight from guests, not working on or re-locating things around the park. Also there are a lot of "maintenence paths" throughout the park and some of them you can't even see, so sometimes although it might not seem to make sense for things to be in certain places, it just so happens to be a convenient spot for the mechanics at that time. I cannot remember the last time Viper had 3 trains running, nor can I remember the last time the line was so long that 3 trains were necessary. However I do remember that when it was one of the more popular rides and they had 3 trains running, they NEVER stacked them. A train would unlock restraints, replace guests, check restraints and be dispatched in almost under 45 seconds, every time. I'd love to see that happen at ANY ride today.
  16. My buddy just called from Minnesota to tell me he got on Spongebob today, and he said it's badass. He just happened to be going out there for his grandpa's funeral and I told him that they just opened NU a week ago. He said the highlight is the zero g roll, and that overall it's a really fun compact ride. I'll probably never get on it.
  17. This is horrible. They can't possibly be serious. How about instead of staffing 15 cheerleaders to roam the park and cheer like idiots, they hire 15 cheerleaders to stand at the restroom entrances all day to make sure the bathrooms stay clean (If they want to, they're more than welcome to cheer like idiots there). Cheerleaders cleaning bathrooms, I don't see how anyone could complain about that.
  18. ^Take a close look at almost every B&M out there. They're all basically the same elements put together in different orders with different layouts. It's nothing new. As for the trees and shade, I'm sorry, I just don't think this park is cutting it. There's not even a place for them to add trees, it's all concrete! They couldn't have put a huge tree or even a fountain at the center of that huge black circle? No trees here either, during the summer when temperatures rise and there's direct sun, this is not going to be fun. Again, no trees. I know somebody said that they'll eventually fill out, but how can they fill out if there's none to be found?
  19. Thank you for the on-ride video. I really like how this ride looks and rides, and its compact design I'm sure helps with the intensity factor. It would be really awesome if MM took a look and decided to get one of these puppies, either with a cable lift or with a hydraulic launch. Looks like it even blows Maverick out of the water, I always thought the ride seemed a little too spread out and tame.
  20. When I get my more fuel efficient vehicle running I will make it back out to the park. Right now my cars giving me 10 miles to the gallon which requires a $50 round trip to MM, money I refuse to spend just on gas to get there. But its great to see how much is going on around the park! Thanks for the updates! 2 Questions: Is Valencia Falls up and running like they told us it would be? I'm really looking forward to seeing the entire falls running like it used to with Tatsu flying above (I don't think this has happened since its opening). One thing I noticed during my ride on Viper at WCB is that they were running 2 trains, with one on the transfer clearly visible, and ANOTHER train covered by a tarp. I was wondering if anyone else had seen this? My guess is its an Arrow train from another looping coaster in the chain? Not sure if it's been refurbished to look like our Vipers trains, or if its just going to sit there for pieces for a year or so. Did anyone else see this?
  21. ^I don't think its that. I think he's just got a case of straight up BEAN-R. "C'mon look at the drop man like, like if you're facing down you're just like skydiving man you're just like freefalling."
  22. ^^I definitely agree. The "open air" design looks awesome, and the angles of the trains and their placement over the track I really think will set this a bar over the old B&M sitting coaster cars. Some very nice photos being posted, I was anxious to see the trains so thanks!
  23. ^That's a great video, it actually was the first video I ever saw that explained the "X rail" technique so vividly, because like you said, the man himself Tim Burkhart is awesome at explaining those types of things. That video was on the Discovery Channel right when X came out, I had it recorded on tape then my brother recorded over it...damn! Couple things to notice... Awesome X rail carrier footage (while the ride is circuiting) 1st generation pickle forks (they're the original purple) No covering over the Transfer Shed Racing Superman The Escape footage
  24. This is a good question, both of the parks seem good in their own ways. Although some of the rides at St Louis like Ninja look downright painful, I think Mr. Freeze would be fun, and its a good thing Evil Knievel isn't open otherwise it'd be an even harder decision. Just looking at the coasters and from reputation of peoples reactions, also being it a closer drive I think going to SFGAm would be were I went.
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