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  1. ^I think he was just mentioning, in case people wanted more info... Okay, now, WHY couldn't one of these be placed back where Psyclone was at Magic Mountain? Looks like a family coaster to me...and a lot of fun.
  2. I'm actually a big fan of Vipers first drop, its one of my favorite parts of the ride. I prefer its sharp dive angle element over the "make a u-turn and drop" design any day of the week. There's actually a couple drawings up in Guest Relations, from what I remember they had Flashback, Viper, Batman and maybe Psyclone. I know they were taken down on one trip, and then put back up on my next. It was really weird!
  3. It's a bit far fetched to think the ride will be open for us next weekend (less than a week away). I was thinking the same thing for the weeks leading up to the testing too, and yes I would love to be proven wrong, but I don't think the park would give us the opportunity to get on a ride that isn't opening for another 3 months. One thing to think about, however (just to keep some of you dreaming), is that Superman was open to season pass holders in the Fall of 1996, months before Superman was open publicly (after delayed opening b/c of problems) in March of 1997. Interesting cause it's similar to the time frame we're in now, 3 months away. But I think the purpose of testing the train on the track is to make sure there aren't any major problems before the other 2 are shipped. There's more work to be done on the ride and even though the train is testing 3 months before opening, I wouldn't make any more it than that. But hey, if they ask me if I wanna get on X2, I ain't sayin no!
  4. I can't believe the amount of progress that has gone on in the past 20 years in that area. The size and scope of all of the projects look enormous, and it makes me wonder a couple things. Where is the money coming from for all of this? And whoever is investing their money, what is making them think that this amount of expansion will benefit them in the future? Are there that many millions of people that want to live and work in Dubai? Why? Is the weather THAT great? What is so awesome there that requires these huge man made marinas and this huge city skyline? I just don't get how the size of such a city in the middle of nowhere can grow so fast unless there's a huge flux of people immigrating to the area with pockets full of cash. I've just recently learned about the area as I'm sure a lot of people if you ask go "where's that?" I guess I just don't get the attraction. But based on what it will be in 10 years, this sounds like an awesome move for Six Flags. And they don't even have to be much a part of it, they can just have their name over there and bring in the dough. Thank you big business!
  5. It will be interesting to see how they organize all of that stuff to be on display most efficiently. Looks like they got a TON of old stuff up there! I can't believe they don't know the trolls were Bloop and Bleep, what kind of "research" is necessary? It only takes a 5 second search on Google to figure it out...
  6. Great TR thanks for all the photos. Looks like it was a turdy day, but atleast it didn't rain! Maybe I'll be at the park one day when they have Rockin Scream, they playing any Rage out there?
  7. One thing I've always wanted to do: Get on my skates and ride them down the Samurai Summit hill. Looks like that might have been possible if you worked for park services.
  8. ^Mountain Express I'm sure they could put a coaster wherever they wanted to, but I think the size of space back by where Psyclone was is underestimated. Its a pretty serious plot of land where basically anything could be put (or started) back there. In my opinion, their best bet building out there if they were going to make a ride might be an out and back, the station being where Psyclones was and the rest of the ride stretching across the back of the park to where Dive Devil or the Go Carts are and coming back. That space still allows room for helixs and whatnot. They could even make a new "area" much like they did with Riddlers, if they built the station against that east side of the park allowing for more room in that corner. But because of its size there's just so much room for any type of expansion anywhere in the park.
  9. ^Go back one page, and the links for the video of testing is right at the top. That photo's old news. Dang this ride looks like so much fun, and that sign is badass, definitly better than I thought. Thanks for linking us to the testing videos, I was really curious to see how those 1 car trains were going to ride through the circuit. My favorite part I think is that zero-g cause it hits it so slow, or the little air hill after the loop. Very cool.
  10. I'd have to agree about the color scheme. Just from looking at those photos the ride's new colors (trains and track) still look bad ass. I wonder what color the lift lights will be or if they'll change them? If they were red or black or a combination of both all the way up that'd be sweet.
  11. ^Haha I didn't even think about that they look just like lightning rods. This is kind of off the subject of X2, and I got this picture from the SFOT TR that was done by sfotkid, but I'm guessing this is the basketball game that is going to be installed by where Circus Wheel was. 3 Point Challenge According to sfotkid the game cost ten bucks! Screw that!
  12. I'm sorry, and maybe its just me but I can't help mentioning, putting the word "Canada" before anything, let alone "biggest, tallest and fastest rollercoaster" just makes the whole damn thing sound completely insignificant.
  13. Wonder if maintenence is already taking rides? Hope things are going smoothly, I bet they'll be testing all night.
  14. That's incorrect. The Persian Gulf has natural reefs on its own, the ecosystem has most notably been disturbed by its heavy industrialization, pollution from surrounding countries (especially during conflict) and its large source of crude oil. Not because its "too salty." But hopefully this will make the environment around it a little bit better, as well as providing the quality entertainment BEC's known for.
  15. ^I need to make a trip to those parks, they look nice, I've always been interested in them, and they're only 4 hours or so away. Since California has earthquakes we all know it can't be a wood coaster! Intamin Hyper! Intamin Hyper!
  16. Excellent, just what I wanted to hear, thanks for the clarification. This sounds much more like something up BEC's alley. My only irk is that creating man-made habitats doesn't always bring solutions to problems i.e. the loss of marine habitat-especially one that will attract the GP. Generally leaving the area alone (no fishing, polluting, protecting the area and allowing it to fix itself) is what best regenerates a low activity or damaged environment, especially when it comes to oceans. Obviously the animals will be looked after, I just think the idea of having a whale shaped island with theme parks (which I'm guessing means rides?) off the coast of Dubai is very extraneous. Looks like this will be a very interesting project on both sides of the spectrum.
  17. ^No. Its a company, bottom line. I'll believe how well the parks maintained to keeping the surrounding ocean clean when I see it. It doesn't matter how "green" BEC is, being out on the coast like that with big groups of people (especially the size to keep a park like this profitable) is not easy to keep clean. Regardless of which animals live in the Persian Gulf, when you plop large man made islands off the coast, you're destroying some sort of habitat, polar bears or not. It's just ironic that Seaworld happens to be that company doing it this time.
  18. There's a couple things I don't get about this project. 1. Someone said this earlier but I wanted to repeat how I don't understand the point of holding animals captive, making a man-made island on the habitat in which the animals live formally, and then having them on that island where they'd be anyway, except now they're an attraction. 2. So is the parking going to be in that section of "palm leafs" that jet out to the sides? Again, if they're doing this, i don't get it. All the crap from the cars (fluids, oil, human trash) is going to be going right into the ocean! 3. It just doesn't make sense that a company that means well for the sea animals would build an island destroying the very habitat many of them live in for profit. I think it's a great idea, very different from anything else out there, I just see it being a problem with how the parks are way off the coast like that. To me its like one of those "just cause you can doesn't mean you should" kinda ideas.
  19. ^I don't know why they couldn't turn the bottom section into something that's very similar to the top, I don't think the staffing matters, all that's in that bottom section are emergency spotlights in case the park blacks out. I believe it was closed down due to people throwing stuff out, there's a couple open grates up there where you can even poke your head out and look straight down. It's very cool being on that bottom section though, just because at 400 feet, you get to feel the wind and all that. Thanks for clearing up all the traffic bologna up, that must really blow! In my opinion, the best way to get to the park if you're going Northbound (when the traffic is bad) would be to exit East on McBean, take it to MM parkway, and head West from there.
  20. ^^Ahhh, I gotcha. These pieces. I don't understand why they're keeping that gear exposed. Seems like it would cause problems, but whatever, they know what they're doing.
  21. I actually would prefer they took the time to invest in some of their own dining instead of providing whats available to the public once they drive out of the park and a mile down the road. This would make it unique to just MM, or just SF, and when people can't get things unless they're at the actual park, it makes the experience that much better. Disney, for example, with the Mickey shaped pretzels. When you start associating tastes with destinations, (something like awesome fries or Freshers Lemonade) I think it really helps with the overall image of the park. I don't eat food in the park that I can get any day for half the price once I leave.
  22. This isn't a good thing. The Newton show stunk, I hope they up the ante for the CSI show. After 5 minutes of that Newtons show I had to walk out, I was just too embarrassed for myself and the guy on stage. I couldn't take it anymore.
  23. ^That's a very good point. I'm just hoping for more than that, it just doesn't seem like MM's type. Earthquake factors have NOTHING to do with what kind of coaster MM will be putting in. Some of you forget there are huge buildings in LA (The USA Bank Tower at over 300 meters) only 25 miles south of MM, you're telling me they're worried about installing a 100 foot wood coaster because of Earthquakes? Makes no sense.
  24. ^Based on your post you have some maturity and self esteem issues to deal with. Ride ops don't care if you're dumb and hurt yourself on a ride, because then they win. Has anyone actually dislocated their shoulder on the launch of any of these rides? I've heard that over and over, but for some reason I just don't see it happening.
  25. I call Intamin Hyper. ^^It's Magic Mountain. When you wait 3 years for a coaster, its usually not a "dumbed down" version of anything. Wood's gonna have to wait.
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