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  1. I was at the park yesterday and invited my friend whois on vacation from Ohio. She is a huge Cedar Point fangirl and swears that it is the best park "evar!!!".


    So, while driving down the freeway and she noticed Superman and Sky Tower over the hill and said to me "I didn't know that this city had tall buildings like LA, too?"

    Me: Those aren't Buildings, those are the rides.

    Her: DAYUM!! Is that bigger than Top Thrill???

    Me: They are both the same size as it.

    Her: Oh snap.


    I drove into the little parkway before you get to the parking lot and she took major note of X2.


    Her: oh...my...god! Is that thing legal??? Wow you fall straight down with the seats MOVING!? Oh lord!!

    Me: Nope its illegal. Just kidding.... maybe.


    Then we entered the park. She immediately complimented how beautiful Tatsu looked with "The white loop" (Revolution) and the Flags and the fountain.



    1) Viper

    2) Revolution

    3) X2

    4) De Ja Vu

    5) Ninja

    6) Showed her how Superman looks from the launch and saw a sign. Got me all giddy, can't wait for it to come back.

    7) Riddlers Revenge (She said it was waaay better than Mantis)

    8) Gold Rusher

    9) Colossus

    10) Goliath

    11) Scream!

    12) Batman: The Ride (Short line, so we rode it twice)

    13) To cap the day off, Tatsu.



    I think we got lucky, since Terminator wasn't open and the park was somewhat crowded. The barbeque food is great since it didn't make me nauseas on the rides . We bought some souvenirs, won a bugs bunny prize, and played the 3 Point challenge when it was temporarily closed


    On the drive back to my house she told me "You know what... this place was way better than Cedar Point."


    i was like, aww


    But apparently I and others here are "f***ing retarded" for engaging in a conversation about a completely unconfirmed rumor and not reading one post out of over a thousand pages in this topic that would clue in the ignorant masses about the parks plans. Not the classiest post I've seen from a moderator...


    What? People can't use there imagination and intelligent minds anymore without being considered a retard on this forum?? This place is like Nazi Germany.


    I swear, it seems like it is MORE acceptable to talk about the air conditoning at Studio 6f than to talk about physics and possiblities of the refurbishment. This place disgusts me.

  3. X2 at Magic Mountain is without a doubt the best ride ever. Yet it hardly gets mentioned.


    Hardly gets mentioned? I don't think so. I hear this ride mentioned more that any other ride there. By a long shot.


    I would actually place X2 at the far opposite end of the spectrum, in the 'Overrated Coasters' category.


    Anyway, I think in a general sense, B&M stand-ups are underrated. Also Vekoma Giant Boomerangs (Deja Vu).


    I agree that Giant boomerangs are underrated, but X2 will have to be lucky to receive a top 15 spot. Millennium force, Kingda Ka, TTD, heck even Bizarro; are all overrated to me. And yes, I have ridden them. X2 provides a unique experience from the second u stand in the line to the minute you get off.

  4. I don't think this means much, but I am at the park right now and earlier, (behind superman's tower) there were these two guys talking. One had a nice, white suit on and the other had orangey clothes with jeans and a hard hat in his hand. The other hand had a walky talky. I overheard him say something like "Pinion Rag" or "Rack" and "When and where do you need them?"


    I don't know if it had to do WITH the ride, but they were facing the ride.

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