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  1. Most of you have probably already seen this, but check out the Haunt construction pictures on CGA's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/album.php?aid=225524&id=28442453154 Also, CGA now has a YouTube page with some Haunt videos, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/user/CAGreatAmericaTV Anybody going to the Haunt on opening day/weekend?
  2. That's good to know! It would be interesting to see where some of those classic rides have resurfaced today.
  3. If this new coaster rumor is true, it's good to see that the Boardwalk isn't resting on their laurels after building the New Haunted Castle. The one thing that bothers me though is that whenever they put in a new ride, one usually has to go, due to the relatively small size of the park. Chaos for Fireball, Typhoon for the swings, etc. I'd hate to see the Hurricane go, it was my first steel coaster. I also agree that a Wild Mouse would be perfect, it would fill the void left by the original one.
  4. Because it's fun to speculate: In the mystery GCI picture, that gravel road off to the side sure looks a lot like the old train path. I hope the official announcement is soon, so my hopes can be crushed yet again.
  5. Does anybody know when the mystery will be revealed? ....Could it be the resurgence of the Santa Clara Stampede? Likely not.
  6. I'm sure the neighbors have complained about the noise that the Star Tower makes (or lack thereof). The two loudest sounds in the park have to be the Demon's lift hill, and FireFall's brakes (which have become noticeably louder recently). I can hear them no matter where I'm standing. I bet the neighbors love it.
  7. Don't think this has been posted yet, but Screamscape.com posted a rumor a few months back about a new coaster:
  8. My expectations are low for next year. If you look at CGA's recent history, new rides/attractions are added every other year (excluding additions in Boomerang Bay): Survivor in 2006, FireFall in 2008, and Planet Snoopy was this season. I'm expecting something to replace Spongebob in the Action Theater next season. Honestly, I could live without the theater, half of it is closed, and it's taking up valuable space for another flat ride or two in my opinion. But it does attract a lot of visitors. A step in the right direction would be for CGA to take care of the coasters that they already have. Vortex and Invertigo are practically white from fading. I think new paint jobs/color schemes are in order.
  9. Thanks BobMan for the response! It makes sense to have only one car closed, rather than have the entire ride closed while waiting for spare parts. Here's to hoping all six cars are running next season!
  10. ^Just went to the park on Wednesday, and you were right, I did notice the fireworks setup while going up Flight Deck's lift. Interestingly, the Drop Tower was running five cabins on Wednesday, yet they were only letting people ride on four of them. Cabin #1 was going up with the rest of them, but it had the "Please choose another seat" sign on it. That cabin was working last week, although it was really slow going up, and coming down. I've also been wondering what the deal is with Cabin #4. I've never seen it running. After doing some Youtube research (you could say I'm obsessed), I found a video from 2006 with that cabin running, yet videos from 2007-on it is always closed. I've seen people try to get on it, but the ride operator always says "That cabin is out of order." Well, that's my random Drop Tower report of the day. lol
  11. Thanks for the clarification! I could totally see an Intimidator clone fitting in that little dirt patch. haha. But you're right, it was likely for landscaping purposes.
  12. Great update Justice--Kudos for conquering those long lines. Saturday is always the busiest day of the week. I shudder to think how long the Invertigo line was. It seems that Corn Stalkers is moving to a new location this year, I noticed on the Haunt website that it will be located "adjacent to Psycho Mouse." Perhaps it will be in the picnic area? It also seems that Barney Oldfield's Speedway will also be open for the rest of the season with this relocation. It makes sense, that ride always attracts a lot of families. Lastly, has anyone noticed the bulldozer parked next to the Flight Deck swamp area? A few weeks back there were also some cars parked in the dirt area. hmm...land clearing for something? or am I just getting my hopes up? Yeah, likely the latter...
  13. CGA isn't completely devoid of dark-ride goodness. The Demon could be classified as a dark ride of sorts. It's got the creepy (well, at least it's trying to be) voice in the first tunnel, and the "demon face" last tunnel. The waterfall at the end used to be colored blood red (bring it back for the Haunt!). But yeah, they desperately need a true dark ride, especially since the Boardwalk built their new one. That Pictorium building has so much potential...They need to make it a permanent dark ride, rather than just use it for Club Blood. Now I have the Ghost Blasters theme song stuck in my head...
  14. I don't think that Logger's Run will be closed for the rest of the season. Last year it was open even with all the Haunt decorations (including the mysterious plywood tunnel, which didn't look all that intimidating in the daylight). It could've been just regular maintenance happening yesterday. It's hard to judge what the lines will be, but Friday should be fine. Check the calendar on CGA's website to make sure that there are no special events happening that day.
  15. Hey everyone, new user here, although I've been following this thread for awhile. I'm at CGA about every week, and I noticed a couple (Haunt-related) things when I went yesterday: It seems that Club Blood construction has begun, the walls are scattered in the old Pictorium line. Logger's Run was closed all day, the mechanics were working on the logs inside the shed near the station. Also, a crew was armed with dusting poles in the station. Preparing for Black Widow Cavern? (but wouldn't it make more sense to have authentic spider webs?) Last year, I went the day before Labor Day, and it was PACKED. I only rode around 10 rides during a six-hour visit. This Sunday will probably be busy too, since school is starting soon for Santa Clara kids (I think), and everyone likely will try to get one last visit to the park before summer ends. But that's just my thoughts.
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