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  1. Based on the description it sounds like a Sea Storm type of ride so I wonder if Peanuts Pirates will be relocated from Carowinds to make room for their new Camp Snoopy.
  2. Surprised it's not a frisbee style ride but these are pretty decent flat rides.
  3. A very solid addition for next year. It's the last area of the park that needed to be upgraded.
  4. It would be a long shot but a Mack Big Dipper like Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland would fit the floor less category and be compact enough to fit.
  5. Best memory of SOB for me was sitting in my money seat (6-2) as it was a non-wheel seat watching all the people in front me bounce around on the course and also hearing screams of pain by the riders sitting in the back row behind me.
  6. I noticed on FB that Fantasy Island posted they are having an Oktoberfest and Halloween event, which I thought was a bit bold of them given that the park is more geared towards the family and I immediately had the same thoughts. I do like Darien Lake but haven't felt compelled to take the four hour drive due to lack of anything new in the ride department. The addition of Rolling Thunder was the last time I was there. I always kind of thought Fantasy Island was already beating Darien Lake due to the consistent investment the park was receiving as Martin's. While the additions haven't been earth shattering they at least had been adding new rides. I've been to Fantasy Island twice (still under Martin's) and if Apex starts to make more improvements to the park then I might just skip Corfu for Grand Island.
  7. According to the news a lawsuit has already been filed so who's more at fault in this tragedy - the State of Ohio inspectors or Amusement of America, the owner of the ride? Are both parties equally guilty? There's been a lot of local news stories about ride safety since the accident as a lot of communities are having their Home Days and the county fair is about to start up in about a week or so. At least for the county fair they are afraid this may hurt them this year.
  8. FAVORITES 1. Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Absolutely deserving of the most beautiful park Golden Ticket, this is a park that you can just walk around, taking in the atmosphere, and still have an awesome day. I love the theming and extra details the park puts in to take the experience a little bit higher. Good collection of coasters and, of course, the excellence of DaVinci's Cradle, their sweet Flying Carpet ride. 2. Hersheypark: For being a corporate park it sure didn't feel like one during my visit in 2005 but I fell in love with the place. The entry, Tudor Square, sort of has a Busch Gardens Williamsburg vibe and that's before you even get into the park. From what I remember the park seemed quite laid back. Storm Runner is my favorite ride there but I've been wanting to get back to ride Skyrush. 3. Six Flags Great America: Probably the most diverse Six Flags I've been to with a solid collection of coasters and flat rides. I'm in the very small minority when I say that Raging Bull is my favorite steel coaster. Last visit was in 2012. 4. Kings Island: I'm lucky to be only 3.5 to 4 hours from this awesome park that just continues to get better. Diamondback, Beast, Banshee - 'nuff said. 5. Six Flags Over Georgia: Beautiful park and another solid collection of coasters. Plus they have Acrophobia, my favorite drop tower. WISH LIST 1. Six Flags Over Texas/Fiesta Texas: I've been wanting to check out the Texas parks and thanks to thrillrider's recent trip reports these two are really calling out to me. 2. PortAventura: The first time I saw a POV of Dragon Khan I've wanted to ride it and now that it has Shambhala It makes the park more appealing to me. 3. Europa Park: A park that is highly praised from everyone that's been there, it looks stunning in all the photos I've seen of it. Plus I'm intrigued with Blue Fire. 4. Phantasialand: I just want to see the magnificent theming in person, plus there's Taron, Chiapas, Black Mamba to check out too. 5. Alton Towers: Nemesis is so highly regarded as an old school invert I'd like to check it out plus it seems to have a unique set of rides due to the height restrictions there. HONORABLE MENTION Six Flags Magic Mountain: Not sure if this should count since I was there in 2001 but X2 has been at the top of my bucket list.
  9. The closest you'll find for a Monster type ride are Polyps and there are a few manufacturers that make different versions of the ride. If you've ridden East River Crawler at SFGAm (if it's still called that after being moved for Joker) then you've ridden a Polyp.
  10. Those loopscrews look a bit messed up - the corkscrews look like Arrow design and the vertical loops look like Togo design. On those suspended wild mouse coasters do the cars have any swing to them as they make the turns or are they more rigid like an inverted coaster?
  11. Thanks for the TR. I applaud you for driving from Michigan to Texas as I don't think I could handle a long drive like that. At least you got some new credits along the way. X Coaster looks quite intriguing but not really worth going out of the way for. The Texas parks have been on my radar for quite some time and Fiesta Texas, just by your photos, seems to have a different vibe compared to the other parks in the chain. Glad you had a safe trip and look forward to the rest of your report.
  12. Thanks for the TR. Doesn't surprise me that Phantom was only running one train. Maybe the crowds weren't big enough to warrant two on your visit but it's always been one of my pet peeves with the operations of the coaster that they'll start the day with one train and then later on add the second train knowing well enough that it's the park's signature and most popular attraction. I am surprised, though, that Garfield has lasted as long as it has. I thought they were planning on redoing the Old Mill a few years ago. I'd love to see what Kennywood looks like lit up at night as well as ride Phantom in the dark but with the neighborhood a bit on the sketchy side and a 2.5 hour drive home at night just doesn't sound appealing to me.
  13. We seem to have a lot in common. I, too, don't get the love for Apollo either and think it's the weakest of the coasters at BGW (need to get back there to ride Tempesto). I don't recall getting the airtime that Diamondback gives on Apollo despite having a few good drops in the layout.
  14. Great America is more well-rounded. Where are the flat rides at MM and GAdv?
  15. I agree with this totally however don't you think it wouldn't hurt to put in a big new attraction every once in a while to help increase season pass and one day ticket sales? Sure the numbers would probably go up for a season or two and then drop back to where they have been prior to said addition but IMO SFStL needs to keep up with its competition, even if it may not have any direct consequences right away. You hear more about what Holiday World and SDC have done than you do SFStL. Isn't it time for SFStL to do something that would draw more attention to the park?
  16. Despite my feelings about CP (I'm not a fan of it) I should consider myself blessed to have that park only an hour away from me that I don't have to stay in any of the hotels in and around Sandusky. The way you described your hotel it sounds like it should be in a Twilight Zone episode. I never understood how a park of Cedar Point's stature can have so many low-end cheap hotels near it. I think of that every time I drive into Sandusky on Route 6. I'm sure some of them are probably decent, well kept places (and I use that term loosely) but it seems most of the ones I read in trip reports are those that haven't been updated in decades and are of questionable quality. I experienced a Magnumcreep myself on Maverick back in May. While I do like to talk about parks and coasters I usually keep it to a minimum. I wonder if the guy you encountered was the same guy I ran into.
  17. For most coasters I don't have an issue of where the grouper puts me - I just want to get on the ride. Thankfully the Beast doesn't have assigned seating because if I don't wait for the front seat I always have to sit in a non-wheel seat elsewhere on the train.
  18. Well if the grouper tells me a specific row I go there. I don't make a fuss asking for a special seat however I do understand what you're saying as I hate that at Diamondback. First ride was in the middle as the grouper told me which line to go in but the second time the grouper just let me in and I made a mad dash to the back seat (the only place to ride D-back). As for the Banshee situation the line was going all the way back towards the ride entrance but they never opened up the queues as it wasn't a very crowded day at all. With no grouper at the top of the stairs I did go for my second front seat ride ever. I wasn't complaining about the lack of a grouper just that it was odd not to have one there when all the other coasters I rode had one. BTW I forgot about Evel Knievel/American Thunder as being one of the GCI's I've ridden. That and Lightning Racer are probably my two favorites from them.
  19. Nice TR. Haven't been to Kennywood in a few years but your mention and description of Bayern Kurve is enough to get me back there (oh and that great steel monster Phantom's Revenge, too). You didn't ride Swing Shot? I think it's far better than Skyhawk at CP.
  20. I wouldn't be surprised that five years from now people will be screaming for an RMC makeover due to the condition of the ride by then. My GCI experience has only been the ride formerly known as Roar at SFMW/SFDK and the two at Hersheypark so I'm a bit limited in their designs. I really wanted to like MT more than I do.
  21. I finally got to visit Kings Island today and am I the only one who thinks Mystic Timber is just "okay"? I rode it twice (row 5 and row 2) and both times I got off the ride I wasn't in any hurry to get back on again. They also need to make the shed a little darker to make the effects look better. Also where was the line control person at the top of the stairs on Banshee? On my one and only ride there was no one there to direct guests so it was basically a free-for-all.
  22. In no particular order: Phantom's Revenge - KW Vortex - KI Avalanche - KD Loch Ness Monster - BGW Screamin' Eagle - SFStL Mr. Freeze - SFStL Mindbender - SFOG Viper -SFGAm Twister - Knoebel's Phoenix = Knoebel's
  23. Even though you were kidding a Mad House would still be a great addition for BGW. There aren't too many things that can be 315 feet tall that have not already been added to its competition in Doswell. A giga coaster would tick off the Kingsmill neighbors unless they put sand in the track and supports (imagine how expensive that would be let alone the ride towering in the horizon). They already have a drop tower (BTW how has Mach Tower been running this year?) A Star Flyer would also be a great addition but I don't think the location over by Festa is the place to put it for the best views.
  24. Great to see the park acknowledge Viper's anniversary. It's a landmark for the park and rightfully deserves the attention. Hope it has a long life still ahead for it given the fact that quite a few Arrows have bit the dust in the last ten years. If there is some credibility to the rumors for 2018 my guess would be it's from Gerstlauer but not sure of the make. It could either be a Eurofighter/Infinity or spinning.
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