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  1. Carowinds released their 2018 Spring Map and I don't see the Flying Scooters anywhere. Weren't they going to move them to another part of the park? https://cdn-cloudfront.cfauthx.com/binaries/content/assets/ca-en-us/forms/2018carowindsparkmap_spring.pdf
  2. How well did Fantasy Island do last October since Darien Lake had issues in the past with doing a Halloween event thus killing their event altogether?
  3. Just went through my photos from past trips and picked a few random rides. Canyon River Rapids Hersheypark 2005 Flying Falcon Hersheypark 2005 Roller Soaker Hersheypark 2005 Batman and Robin Chiller SFGAdv 2005 GASM SFGAdv 2005 Looping Starship SFGAdv 2005 Freefall SFGAdv 2005 Rolling Thunder Lift Hill SFGAdv 2005. Note Viper demolition on the right. Lazer Dorney Park 2005 Hang Time Dorney Park 2005 Le Mans Raceway BGW White Water Landing CP Chaos CP The centerpiece of CP's former Schwqbinchen dressed up in the ride graveyard during Halloweekends 2004-ish. Thunder Road Carowinds 2011. Top of Whitewater Falls in lower right.
  4. As Kings Island has already been mentioned, my pick is Carowinds. It has drastically changed since I first went there in 2011. They've added Fury, new flats in a newly relocated County Fair section that originally was a dead area, a very much needed overhaul of the water park to become Carolina Harbor despite the loss of Thunder Road, the addition of Harmony Hall that was once a large vacant spot of land, and now a remodeled Camp Snoopy and relocated Carousel. That's a lot in a short time. Makes me want to go back down there soon.
  5. Saw the name on their Facebook feed this afternoon and people were complaining that it isn't a "family name" and that it "promotes drinking". Give me a break! I like the name. It's original and not another lame superhero themed ride. I would have screamed if they decided to call it "Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth".
  6. Those seem to be the hot colors right now. Looks like a slightly brighter shade of DC Rivals' colors.
  7. Wow! I like the look and color of those cars. Very sharp! Sad to hear about Endeavor. I like Looping Starships and they are somewhat rare flats since there are not many in the U.S.
  8. I only got to ride Hypersonic once and from what I remember it had a very good, forceful launch. I am most intrigued with those S&S launched coasters at the Happy Valley parks in China and I wonder how well they ride and if they experience a lot of down time.
  9. With that kind of thinking Kings Island should have never built Banshee since CP has Raptor. Also consider the length of time between gigas. Millennium Force was 2000 and if Kings island gets one it won't be until at least 2020/2021. More than likely it will be a B&M so it would be a much different experience ride wise. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/tickets-passes/daily-tickets Scroll down and you will see that Kings Island offers a reasonably priced combo ticket that includes both Kings Island and Cedar Point so if no one is interested in a season pass they have the option of still getting a ticket to Cedar Point. I'm sure it's also offered in Sandusky.
  10. I wouldn't count out a giga at Kings Island...just yet. I still think its in the park's future as it is one of the better performing parks in the chain. I agree that the other parks are in need of a new thrilling coaster but CF doesn't seem to be in a hurry to give WoF or Valleyfair anything noteworthy and it's been awhile since either park got new coasters. It looks like Dorney may finally be in the running for something with the removal of Stinger. I consider Intimidator and Diamondback to be very close though I do think Diamondback is better due to the layout having more turns in it than the straightforward layout at Carowinds.
  11. I love reading about these somewhat obscure parks making big additions like this and it seems Walibi Rhone Alpes is on a roll, pardon the pun, first with Timber last year and now this new ride for 2019. This is one of the parks I've been intrigued with because there isn't much known about it and seems to be a decent mid-sized park that is finally getting some love.
  12. This is definitely exciting to hear that the Steeplechase will be reborn. Updating more old Arrow products would be something I would like to see S&S Sansei look into like the "traditional" swinging suspended coasters.
  13. I only had the chance to ride the flume once and I thought it was rather decent. Sad to see another park staple going away but I'm not surprised that it's being removed given how many times it was posted in this thread that it was down this past season. I don't get the complaining about the new coaster being a Eurofighter. I've only been on one (Dare Devil Dive at SFOG) and I think this will be a good fit for Darien Lake. Let's hope for lap bars on this one.
  14. I can't just choose one area from one park as there is at least one area that I consider my favorite at some of the parks I've been to. First let's just say the entire old country theme of Busch Gardens Williamsburg is my favorite but out of them all I would have to say Oktoberfest is my most favorite as it seems more lively than the others. At Kings Island my favorite areas are International Street and Coney Mall. Just love the atmosphere in both sections. I like the entire theme of SFGAm but Hometown Square and Southwest Territory are my favorites there. I agree since it is different from most Gotham City areas. Only downside is that steep hill that takes you to it by Dare Devil Dive. I went to SFGAdv in 2005 when the area was brand new (and after Kingda Ka had that major breakdown so I never got to ride it) and I thought it was very well done. Six Flags can do a pretty good job with theming as along as they can keep it up.
  15. I'm happy that a new ride has been hinted for the park and I wouldn't have a problem with it being a Star Flyer but then again would it be something new? How long has Fantasy Island had Flight, their Zamperla Vertical Swing?
  16. If they could just move the Bat's entrance/exit to the right of Invertigo and behind Congo Falls that would eliminate that long walk to and from the ride. It's not like Timberwolf is extremely popular or anything to prevent that. I actually liked the long, serene walk back to White Water Canyon but I'm happy they shortened it by relocating the ride entrance to make way for Mystic Timbers. Great views of Diamondback in that general area too. Other than Nitro at Adlabs Imagica, Hair Raiser at Ocean Park Hong Kong and the two stand up conversions it seems ground up floorless coasters seem to be a thing of the past, just like the stand-up models, which I find surprising that B&M still have them offered on their website. I would think a wing coaster is out of the question with Kings Island located between Holiday World and Cedar Point. Personally I would love to see MACK do something special for Kings Island.
  17. I just devoured both parts of your SFGAm report and absolutely loved it. Haven't been since 2012 when X Flight was new so now your report has me thinking about possibly making it there next year. Despite having Steel Vengeance close to home I need to check out Goliath. Personally I think X Flight is better than Gatekeeper. For some reason the coaster's smaller, more compact layout seems to have a better flow to it than drawn out elements on GK (though I do like GK's turnaround after the keyholes). I don't know why I was surprised but I was happy that you loved Raging Bull. I don't understand the hate for it either. It's still my number one steel even though there have been a few coasters that almost dethroned it. After a long day at the park I would marathon that ride for the last hour or so before park closing. Was Dark Knight running without brakes? I remember the first time I rode it I couldn't believe how wicked that ride was as it wasn't heavily braked at all like most mouse coasters I've been on.
  18. Glad you had a great visit to Six Flags St. Louis. It definitely feels more laid back than other parks in the chain and that was something that I really liked when I visited back in 2010. Good to hear that Screamin' Eagle seemed to be running well - that was my favorite coaster there followed by American Thunder and Mr. Freeze.
  19. I look at Kings Dominion as an "improved" version of Kings Island. I love KD's International Street over KI's because of the trees, the "parkitecture" and having a more majestic Royal Fountain running down the middle of it. I'm glad that Cedar Fair, best known for ripping down trees for the next big thing, hasn't touched the forest feel of the park (Well Paramount killed the Grizzly area when they built Hurler. Loved how secluded that ride was back in the day). Before Diamondback and Mystic Timbers, heck even before Tomb Raider the Rivertown area was a much more shaded area but also lacked a lot attractions. It was basically Beast, the train, White Water Canyon and the two log flumes. A part of me sort of misses that as I've gotten older. Diamondback is/was a fantastic and much needed ride but it also took away some of the ambiance of the area when they created the wide open plaza in front of it. But I will not argue the fact the Kings Island is a much better park now than it was under Paramount, even under Dick Kinzel's Cedar Fair. They at least took the pop music out of International Street and replaced it with instrumental music that fits the area better.
  20. Has anyone been to Oktoberfest at Fantasy Island? Started last weekend and runs the next two weekends and was wondering how they pulled it off.
  21. From my last drive through the area back in June the slides were still standing on site. Not sure if they are still there or not. Hard to believe it's been ten years this week since the ride side closed.
  22. Um, no, because Viper is one of the better wood coasters. It runs a lot better then Georgia's did. Glad to see flat rides being invested in. I highly agree with the giant Frisbee at SFMM but doesn't SFNE already have a Frisbee type ride? Also glad to see ABC Ride's Tourbillon coming to North America. The WTF addition is SFGAm's Super Loop. The Skywarp should have went there instead. SFGAm's crazy sized crowds will make this a nightmare to wait for.
  23. My comment was from a general observation that applies to all parks. It just so happens that it was posted in the Darien Lake thread because every year you read about the same issues that seem to affect the park. I am a fan of DL, much more so than the peninsula that's only an hour from me, and I understand that DL doesn't have a major corporation handling the reins like it used to. It was said that one of the reasons ROS hasn't been painted is because you can't see it from inside the park. ROS is basically your Gatekeeper sitting next to Route 77. If anything they could at least paint the part of the ride that greets guests as they drive by. Maybe it's still a bit early to jump to conclusions as we haven't really seen what this new version of Premier Parks will do with the park but I will say that in the short time that Herschend ran things we probably were expecting the momentum they started to still be going today.
  24. One would expect that with each new season you go in expecting improvements that should or could be addressed as far as in operations and aesthetics but yet again seems to have taken a turn in the wrong direction. Lack of new paint and cracked pavement may just seem cosmetic to some but to others it conveys an image of the owners not taking care of the park. Nothing quite like seeing rust develop on coaster track. Sad to hear the operations have continued to be lackluster this year. It doesn't help that the park has been run by at least three different operators in a ten year span. I take the new owners are just as tight with the wallet at CNL was.
  25. This looks so bad a$$! Congrats to SDC for building such a unique "spin" on the spinning coaster concept.
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