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  1. I wonder if Morgan Freeman ever stands in front of a mirror and says things just to hear what they sound like when he says them.
  2. I'm really uncultured in roller coasters compared to most on here but King's Dominion's Dominator first drop in the rightmost front seat is a BLAST.
  3. Shockwave at King's Dominion. Not only a looper, but a TOGO stand-up "ballcrusher" too! 2-for-1 deal
  4. My only TOGO is Shockwave at KD. I'm on the taller side so I didn't get a terrible ballbuster experience with the restraints. The only time it got really rough was the last turn before the brake run. I died a little inside on that one. But it was my first looper, so it's got a special place in my heart. Not so much my lower areas.
  5. You guys are talking about the queue sign, right? I know that last year or the year before Grizzly's queue sign was taken down for a little while so essentially it was an "unmarked" coaster, but it got a new sign and/or put back.
  6. I was there yesterday. The sign is still there as of July 31.
  7. Does anyone know or has it been confirmed if she did land on a safety pad? At least two of the other SCAD tower accidents (in Florida and California, I believe) the injured had their falls broken by safety pads on the ground. Also, hi.
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