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  1. Ah! I was in the Tucson area a couple summers ago and I did indeed wonder what I was doing there, before visiting the BioSphere! My friend and I had a good laugh about it at the time, about how interesting a project it was that was just sitting there, largely (apparently) purposeless. Great TR, I found it really interesting (architecturally and engineeringly) and I enjoyed reliving it a bit. But not reliving Tucson. Definitely don't want to do that.

  2. Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while but I have a fun update. I was in Hong Kong last week and a helicopter ride took us right over Ocean Park. I didn't (unfortunately) have a chance to visit, but I did get some photos from the air of the park and specifically the new B&M, Hair Raiser. It looks to be coming along smashingly!




    Here's one.




    Courtesy of my brother (the guy who's hogging the left half of the frame on the first two).

  3. I'm going to go ahead and say I like the tagline, but I don't like how it's presented. I think the font is rather plain and something just bothers me about the quotes around it... it reminds me of some local ad on TV. "Serving your area with a smile since 1955!"


    My inner graphic designer will shut up about the Gadzoox font, it's a classic.

  4. ^Considering the level of coasters mainland China has been getting, it seems like they could have done better.


    Though I agree it's the only Stand-up in all of China, so at least it's unique for the region and country, and Hong Kong isn't exactly China's Roller Coast.


    Correct me if I'm wrong here but China hasn't appeared to have installed any floorless coasters yet.


    You're wrong here.


    In unrelated news, might anyone know if this beautiful piece of B&M will be open by April?

  5. ^ The best thing you can do is just write down synopses and a few lines, but somewhere like an idea journal or something, just to have them. It's not *too* much of an accomplishment, and it lets you throw all of your ideas in one place for good organization!


    My rant: Now that I'm into college, I would totally not mind another Snowpocalypse/Snowmaggedon/Snowmyf&%$inggod, whatever you wish to call it, to cut down on me sitting around for a few more months. So I can sit around at home.

  6. That is one hell of a coaster he's got going on there. I could see something like this going into Tokyo due to the massive space issue they have there, and the fact that Japan as a whole is into amusement parks, idiosyncrasies and bizarre architecture. They're also the guys who thought up these two things. Other than there, perhaps China. It's a good bet anything might end up in China, the way their amusement park economy is surging right now. By any means, it will now show up in the US anytime soon (or ever).

  7. ^There was a polling test for a newspaper that was a "Pepsi vs. Coke" poll. They had people first vote on what they liked best (about 67% were for Coke, 33% were for Pepsi), and then they were lead into a blind taste test. In the taste test, 64% voted that Pepsi tasted better, while 36% voted that Coke was better. Kind-of funny how brand-names affect the psychology of consumers.


    It's called the Pepsi Challenge, and it's misguiding! Read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, great book and it talks about the challenge.


    Anyways! I'm always up for throwback, retro packaging and labeling. Taco flavored Doritos actually sound really good, even though I'm not a Dorito fan at all really. Who's up for some throwback C3POs?

  8. For my money, if this gets thrown into the Intamin production mix any time in the next few years, it's going to China. I would be thoroughly surprised if it didn't. That aside, I like the layout, but I imagine that the portion from after the loop to before the barrel rolls - the corkscrews - would be pretty uncomfortable and headbangy if it wasn't silky smooth. I do like the Mega-Lite-esque drop and turn and the first two inversions, though. Very different.

  9. Rather than arguing over whether more people have fond memories of Eagle's Fortress or Big Bad Wolf, or memories at all, because that's purely subjective due to popularity and size, a better group to poll here would be people who have memories of BOTH, which is much smaller. Saying people weren't upset when Eagle's Fortress was removed is ignorant and stupid - who knows, there might be a South Korean coaster enthusiast group discussing the removal of Eagle's Fortress and remarking about the lack of fondness for that "other" doomed Suspended, Big Bad Wolf.

  10. Robb, you'll be hard-pressed to change the mind of the people whose memories rule their opinions on Big Bad Wolf. I think Jay20016 and Wes summed it up nicely-


    Nostalgia is one tough son of a bitch.


    Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.


    That said, like I mentioned before, I am a member of the nostalgia group on this issue. Not nearly as strong as some, but one nevertheless. Why is all of this outpouring of emotion coming after the fact? Brace yourselves, I'm pulling out a cliché here: "You don't realize what you have until it's gone." I am firmly in the belief that that is exactly the phenomena we have going on here. It was important to many, a decent, rare, interesting type of ride that existed at a well-known park. Though it was upstaged by Nessie, Apollo, Alpengeist and even Griffon and Drachen Fire for much of the time it was still around, it was always hanging around (ha!) in Oktoberfest.


    Why do you think commercials and sweepstakes use the term "While supplies last!"? Because it implies rarity and scarcity, and if something is scarce, it must be all the more valuable. As soon as it was announced that BBW wouldn't be seeing out the decade, every ride became one while supplies lasted. Basic supply and demand. In this case, roller coasters.

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